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Nikki Roessler
Muppet Babies (2018) rocks! I still love other kinds of shows and games too. :)
Muppet Babies (2018) rocks! I still love other kinds of shows and games too. :)

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Here is an epic photo gallery that I put together of Daroach and the Squeak Squad because I'm so hyped for Wave 2 of Kirby Star Allies coming out!!! ^-^
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I do a reaction video but this time I am reacting to Daroach and the Squeak Squad being shown off on a video in a Kirby_JP Twitter profile status! ^-^

I hope you enjoy!!!

I tag: +Dark MetaKnight, +Spinni of the Squeak Squad and +Doc Of The Squeaks

(Spinni and Doc, if you come to this video in the comments, please tag Storo and Daroach in here too! Thanks! Dark Meta Knight, even if you have been watching my videos before, I have tagged some of the Squeak Squad to come see this too. So if they come to the comments, you might get to see the Squeak Squad in person :D)

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Part 2

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Part 1

Hello there! I decided to do a fandub of +JO ThumbsUpMaster's Subliminal Isle Act 1 YouTube video onto a Google+ collection and it will be separated into parts. I hope you enjoy! :D

Once again, this is a Banjo-Kazooie Machinima
King Jingaling
The Narrator
and Grunty, as Gruntilda the Witch

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Here's another Adeleine and Ribbon reaction video that I did quickly.... this time it shows a move where Adeleine does a painting and then uses it in battle.

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Kirby Right Back at Ya, more like Daroach Right Back at Ya! HA LOL I'm just kidding ;)
But in all seriousness though, wouldn't it be neat if Daroach was in the anime? Well, sit back and enjoy this random voice acting video that I made about this anyway. XD

Thanks to: +Koopa The Gamer for writing the first half of the script.

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This morning, I made a third part of me talking about Kirby Star Allies and this time I go into full detail about all three of the Wave 2 Dream Friends who are Adeleine and Ribbon, Dark Meta Knight and Daroach. While I'm at it, I don't only check the Japanese Kirby Twitter profile but I also go on the Japanese Kirby Star Allies website.

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Daroach is not alone in Kirby Star Allies because he's brought his other Squeak Squad members as well! Spinni, Doc and Storo are confirmed to appear with Daroach.. oh and then the big blue treasure chest came back too! Run, Kirby! They're coming for you after the treasure... haha, just like many years ago! XD
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