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Come on people... this really DOES have to stop. 

I can't imagine how down and depressed Ash was in order to have taken this final step in his life, but my heart weeps for him and the four other trans kids who have met the same fate this year because their family, friends and school weren't supportive of them. 

Remember, what's between someone's legs is irrelevant in the wold. Who they are, and how they interact with the world around them, is paramount. 

Don't let your prejudice and fear ruin someone else's life. 

Coming out is tough... whatever the coming out is. Love and support, not hate and shame. 

I had hoped when I started to come out of the closet back in '99 and '00 that things would have changed by now. Yet here we are, 15 years later, still dealing with the same shit. The same fear. The same anger. 

A beautiful life is no more. Let's make sure no more are sacrificed. 

#hisnamewasash   #Transgender   #Transgenderlives   #Supportourkids  
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Well, of course that is a generelization, but I know from experience that many teenagers see some problems as being bigger than they are, and they have little or no clue of what to really expect from adult life. But of course not every teenager is like that. And I'm not blaming the teenager for their problem, just for choosing the wrong solution. Is that harsh? Not as harsh as actually killing yourself, that's for sure.
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My plan is coming together!

At some point in the not-too-distant future, my entire Transport Evolved studio will be packed up and shipped a third of the way around the world. I will be left just with my Laptop and phone to work from, plus a couple of large capacity HDDs. 

In addition, my wonderful family will have to deal with life without their own computers. My wife, like I, has her own professional laptop. Our kids have home-made hackintoshes. 

And I happened to have a $100 gift voucher for the Apple Store... 

So I purchased a LaCie 1TB drive with Firewire and USB3. Now I'm scanning it for errors, and preparing it for the voyage of its life. 

In addition, I'm temporarily 'borrowing' a studio MacBook Pro from 2006 which a listener donated to the show. 

My plan? Use the old mac as an entertainment hub for the kids for the eight weeks or so that our stuff will be in transit. 

That should work, right? 
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The United States is polarized politically.  Politics can get ugly.
I don't know how bad it is in the U. K.
I hope you only have to deal with politics if it's your wish to do so.

Obamacare is insurance reform, not health care reform.
I wish we had a single payer national health system.
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This just saved my bootloader

I've been playing with windows and OS X on my hackintosh. This restored an EFI partition I screwed up.
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You see, I'm just too sarcastic. I'd just say "You'd die"

This guy? This guy is brilliant, and calmly (with humor) describes what would happen if you did indeed try to fly too high.

Day one of pilot school: Avoid Disastrous Results. ;) 
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Lots of people ask why I'm leaving...

And this article couldn't sum it up more perfectly. 

My wife came here in 2004 on the highly skilled migrant program. The UK government changed their rules multiple times during those early years, meaning we spent far more keeping her here than we initially thought. They then changed the requirements for residency and even ended the program she came over on. 

Luckily, Kate was just ahead of the wave. But only just. 

She's lived here eleven years. I reckon collaboratively, we've contributed well over £100,000 in taxes to the British economy in that time. 

She's been out of work just four weeks in that time, and never claimed any benefit.

But like so many non EU migrants, life here is becoming a joke. Which is why we're off to Portland. 

Thanks, Mr. Cameron. 
Rising immigration to the U.K. has led to a tightening on visas for non-EU citizens - and caught one Japanese academic in a bureaucratic trap.
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There's a lot of pressure on UK politicians to reduce net immigration. They can't reduce eu immigration without leaving so they target those from outside the eu. I don't see this changing without leaving the eu. 
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I can honestly say when Tesla Motors UK asked me if I wanted to drive a Model S back from Oslo to the UK there were a handful of people I decided I'd ask on the list. 

And +Robert Llewellyn   was the perfect choice. 

He's already done his video because he's all professional. Mine will come... shortly... 
Oslo, Norway to London, England in a Tesla Model S
In February this year I drove from Oslo to London in a Model S P85. 
I say it cost €5 which in terms of fuel is 100% accurate, but obviously we spent a bit on food, hotels and the Eurotunnel. 
With Tesla in Europe and America, the carefully manufactured lie of 'range anxiety' simply doesn't apply.
An ever expanding supercharger network, huge battery capacity and high speed recharging results in all the nonsense of electric cars  'simply don't have the range' is kicked into the long grass.
The longer I drive electric cars, the more strident I realise I'm becoming about the 'range anxiety' myth. 
The term was created by a PR company working for General Motors when they withdrew the EV1 and introduced the civilian Hummer to the Californian market. 
I think we occasionally need a reminder at how hard, brutal and dirty  vested interests that are at odds with electric car development will descend to.
I suggest they are beginning to fail now, but boy it's been unpleasant.
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So I recorded some audio yesterday... and some wonderful 4k video. 

Except the audio recording from my lovely lav mic failed, and all I have is the windy 4k video audio. 

Who wants to help me eliminate as much of the wind noise as possible? I'll be your friend... :)
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Disclaimer: I've never tried to remove background noise.  What I suggest may not work.

I would do an Internet search.  I tried the following Google search:
how to edit audio to remove background noise

From the google search, I learned the free, GNU application, audacity, claims to be able to remove background noise.

I would make a backup of the original before letting any application, be it audacity or any other, edit something.

I have no idea if audacity will do a good job or a bad job removing background noise.

If you try to use audacity, or another application for that matter, it might be interesting to learn how well the application did.
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Have her in circles
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 Tesla losses widen, but less than analysts predicted. As a consequence, shares rise and everyone is happy. 

There's also some good news from Tesla on those wall batteries, the Model X and more.
As many analysts had predicted, the just-published Q1 2015 shareholder letter for Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] shows the Californian company posted increasing losses during the first quarter of this year, but managed to beat analyst predictions on how large those losses would be, prompting a healthy after-hours trading rally. Yet it also managed to hit and pass …
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So that Tesla Energy event... and those gauges...

Wanna find out how they came to be? Sure you do.
Last Thursday evening, Californian automaker Tesla Motors officially unveiled its foray into the electrical storage market with the debut of Tesla Energy and its modular Tesla PowerWall and Tesla PowerPack backup batteries. Designed to help the world move away from fossil fuels and onto power generated through renewable energy sources — day or night — …
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Well, after a little fighting with my computer, this week's show is up. And I think I learned more about pre-production than I'd ever learned before. So yeah, next time will be easier. ;) 
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Moments ago, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] concluded a live presentation at a special gala event at its Hawthorne design studio in Hawthorne, California at which it unveiled a new range of storage products designed to help the world switch to renewable energy. The first is a domestic-grade lithium-ion battery pack called the Tesla PowerWall, measuring six inches by …
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and don't forget MP3 players had been around for ages before the iPod but the whole iTunes / iPod ecosystem made the market.
Go for it Tesla.
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Forget the Tesla Roadster

This car used to sit on my driveway for a while. I rode in it when my friend +Katherine Walton-Elliott picked it up. 

I saw when it got tragically flooded after a river burst its banks. 

And I helped +CARPERVERT  load it onto the trailer when it went to start a new life with him. 

I never thought it would turn into this. 
Long before the Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF or even GM EV1, automakers worried by the various oil crises of late 1960s and 1970s begun working on electric vehicles. Most were small, with unusual, futuristic designs and limited range, powered by banks of heavy lead acid batteries. Ford and GM both produced their own versions …
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Even economy 1970's electric cars are fun to race!
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Have her in circles
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