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Come on people... this really DOES have to stop. 

I can't imagine how down and depressed Ash was in order to have taken this final step in his life, but my heart weeps for him and the four other trans kids who have met the same fate this year because their family, friends and school weren't supportive of them. 

Remember, what's between someone's legs is irrelevant in the wold. Who they are, and how they interact with the world around them, is paramount. 

Don't let your prejudice and fear ruin someone else's life. 

Coming out is tough... whatever the coming out is. Love and support, not hate and shame. 

I had hoped when I started to come out of the closet back in '99 and '00 that things would have changed by now. Yet here we are, 15 years later, still dealing with the same shit. The same fear. The same anger. 

A beautiful life is no more. Let's make sure no more are sacrificed. 

#hisnamewasash   #Transgender   #Transgenderlives   #Supportourkids  
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In my eyes two things have to change
- People shouldn't bully someone for who they are, that seems obvious. Being gay or trans gender isn't really a choice as for as I understand it.
- Teenagers should realise that sometimes things in life seem insurmountable but if you soldier on you will find your own place in life. Taking your own life is never the right solution, especially not when you're this young.
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So it's only available in Europe and Japan right now (it's been available in Japan for a while ) but I do hope the 7-seat e-NV200 makes it big in Europe and eventually the U.S. (which has yet to even get the 5-seat). 

Who wants one? I'd quite like one. 
Nearly a year after it first came off the production line in Barcelona, Spain, Nissan’s all-electric e-NV200 minivan will soon be available to order in Europe with 7-seats. Announced this morning by Nissan Motors Europe at the start of the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, the all-electric vehicle — previously available in Europe as a commercial …
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Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

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So the fantastic +Ben Nelson was on the show yesterday talking about his 'cheap' Vectrix MaxiScooter. Purchased as a non-runner, he's been working hard to get it running. 

And guess what? After the show yesterday, that's exactly what he did. 

Congrats, Ben. 
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Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

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My Editing Procedure

So lots of people who watch +Transport Evolved Future Car News have said "hey, why don't you just use Google Hangouts?"

My setup, as I've explained a gazillion times, is far more complicated. 

I bring each guest in individually on a Skype call. I provide each guest with their own sub mix (so they don't hear themselves echoing back). I record each and every guest independently using Logic Pro X. 

I bring each video feed in independently. I mix down the video on the fly, piping a stream out to YouTube and simultaneously recording it to disk. 

It might seem like overkill. But sometimes it plays dividends. 

Take yesterday's show for example, with +Ben Nelson and +Marc Geller. (Who were super patient, btw)

We had a camera failure after 15 minutes. I had to literally stop the show, twiddle around with my studio, substitute another camera, reset-shots, and then resume the show. 

I also managed to fling my mouse half-way across the studio at one point, resulting in no way to control things. And I had to use the fold back functionality to talk to the guests while they were speaking to let them know what was going on. 

(The mix that you, the audience got, didn't have that in.)

Despite all of this, and my chronic coughing all through the show (I have a bad cold) I ended up at the end of the show with. 

1) A crap live-stream recording. (complete with coughing, tech problems etc.)

2) A multi-tracked Logic Pro X recording of the show, with each person on a separate channel, allowing me to tweak levels, apply compression, remove extraneous noises and yes, my hellish coughing fits. 

3) Locally-recorded video at a fairly high frame rate of the show, including the first part with camera 1 and the second part with the stand in camera. And because I had the sense to 'go back' to a part of the show which I knew was okay, I was able to splice everything in as it if were one show. 

Today? Today we have a completed podcast, a completed YouTube video, and the majority of our audience none the wiser. 

(Except I just told you)

So folks, yeah, G+ and Google hangouts are great. But when things go south, I don't think they can let me pull silk purses out of what I had to deal with last night. 

Thank you, processing. Thank you logic. Thank you FCPX.

Enjoy the final Result...
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FYI. I have been experimenting at work with a  new teleconferencing solution called zoom. It is superior to Skype. It is freemiumware, so is crippled to 40 minute sessions at the free level, but is super cheap at the pro and business levels.

It's probably worth experimenting with to see if it can replace Skype. It has a recording option built in. 
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So here's a thing. What if everyone put hashtag (no spaces ) U K I P in their G+ shares. Would that drive the nutters mad? 
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Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

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Got to love those wonderful Swedes. 
Swedish automaker Volvo has a lofty goal: by 2020, ensure that nobody is seriously injured or killed in an accident involving a brand-new Volvo. In order to achieve that goal — which Volvo calls its Vision 2020 promise — the safety-obsessed automaker is simultaneously developing a whole suite of new technologies that help Volvo cars of …
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It's kind of fun to see them drive around all by themselves, parking and leaving and whatnot.
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Best Easter Egg Ever...

This is a Tesla Model S. But it's also James Bond's underwater Lotus Esprit. Brilliant. 
As Ernie Cline’s excellent retro-themed Ready Player One reminds us, Easter eggs — intentional inside jokes or hidden messages hidden inside a work of art, a computer program or perhaps a book — are just as enjoyable as those made from cocoa, sugar, butter and milk. Sometimes, they’re found shortly after creation as was the case with Warren …
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I was kind of miffed when Andy Palmer left Nissan for Aston Martin. Maybe this was the real reason? 
Back in August 2014, we were offered an exclusive interview with Nissan’s then Executive Vice President Andy Palmer. One of the most vocal supporters of electric cars, Palmer had worked at the Japanese automaker for nearly 25 years, and our interview would have covered Nissan’s electric car policy, its foray into self-driving technology, and the …
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It is only because price is irrelevant in the segment that I have revived my old Javelina concept for +Tellurian Motors:
Several months before Musk decided to "unveil the D" I proposed pretty much what +John A. Tamplin describes above, seeing at the time that the Javelina's proportions matched the project, but unready to revisit its particular brand of outrageousness.
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Wow. I just got trolled big time. The image is NSFW, so you may want to not view it. 

Don't worry, I'll be reporting +alan elliot to the correct authorities. 
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+alan elliot​ you're not helping anyone. You're causing pain and suffering and making yourself look like an idiot. Just for a moment, calm down and have a think. 
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Kudos to the wonderful +chelsea sexton and +Robert Llewellyn for this fun road trip from LA to Las Vegas in a Cadillac ELR range extended coupe. 

Both have been guests on Transport Evolved, and I count them both as friends. And frankly, getting the two of them together in a car is wonderful. :) 

Sadly, I haven't had the pleasure of road-tripping with Chelsea, but I did just finish one with Robert last week. The video for that one however won't be the same as this, because we both filmed one video each ;) 

But since I'm moving to the U.S. (hopefully) fairly soon, I'm hoping I can drag Chelsea on one at some point. 

Whaddya say, chels? I'm thinking I'll need someone to show me round LA some time... :) 
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So I appear to have attracted a little swarm of #UKIP  peeps in my Google + stream. 

Some even appear horrified I'm gay -- and have a double-barrelled family name. 



Don't worry guys, I'm leaving the UK pretty soon ;) 
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I do wonder what they think their comments are achieving. It would be like a vegetarian sitting down at your table in Nandos and berating you for eating chicken. Do they really search for people with views or lifestyles they don't approve of so they can tell them off?
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Well I never. Renault could be considering a re-entry into the North American marketplace... with its smallest, lowest-speed Twizy EV. It would be sold in North America as an NEV. What do you think? Would you buy one? 
It’s been more than a quarter of a century since French automaker Renault has been seen in North America. In fact, the last time Renault sold cars in either the U.S. or Canada was 1989, just two year after it sold its share in American Motors (AMC) to Chrysler. In the intervening time, Renault has undergone several …
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I'd fight the temptation. :-D
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