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I've been trying out all the different ways to read digital comics since I got use of an iPad from work. My local library system/OverDrive is full of sparkly Harlequin manga (for iBooks).

A few other recent digital manga/app reviews:
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I am jealous and bitter you got an iPad from work.

I only get post-it notes.
The college gave all the freshmen iPads to keep. I'm the TA so I get one on loan for the semester. :P And then back it goes...
((I like how G+ recognizes their faces. You can tag the characters if you wanted! XD ))
Which one would you liked tagged as you? ;)
Your thrilling bio reads "Dylan Barrows: After the death of the CEO of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, it was discovered that Dylan was the CEO's son and he inherited an enormous fortune."
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