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Hangouts, phone calls and Google Voice

Thanks for all of your feedback on last week's Hangouts launch. I wanted to quickly talk about 1) making/receiving phone calls in Gmail, and 2) Google Voice support more generally.

1) Today's version of Hangouts doesn't yet support outbound calls on the web and in the Chrome extension, but we do support inbound calls to your Google Voice number. We're working hard on supporting both, and outbound/inbound calls will soon be available. In the meantime, you can continue using Google Talk in Gmail.

2) Hangouts is designed to be the future of Google Voice, and making/receiving phone calls is just the beginning. Future versions of Hangouts will integrate Google Voice more seamlessly.
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Shilpa J
Woohoo! Way to go Google :-D
Any plans for Hangouts to display a list of currently online people?

At least you're bringing Gmail calling. But seriously - you shouldn't have scared us like that! I know it's a beta product, but you should have made this clear before. As it stands, the brand of Hangouts has probably been damaged a bit.
Sounds good. However, are we looking at getting Google Voice in any other countries? The UK wants Google Voice, please!
+Bhagwad Park The idea is to get away from the thought of people being online/offline and just think that everyone is connected. Just send someone a message no matter what. You don't see if someone has their phone next to them before sending an SMS message, right?
+Bhagwad Park I don't think list of online people is on the cards. If you look at other mobile messaging apps like whatsapp etc, you'll find the same thing. I don't know if it's a protocol thing (as in the underlying architecture doesn't really support it) or it's just some design guideline that all these apps follow. It boils down to the fact that this isn't IM anymore, at least not as we know it. Which is why no more support for XMPP/Jabber either.
+Kyle Salewski +Shilpa J  We should be trying to make the phone world more like the online world, not make the online world more like the phone! There's something nice about knowing when not to disturb a person if they have a red light next to them. Or knowing they're away. It's a good feeling to switch on your device and see a green light next to a person you want to talk to. By saying "you don't know before sending an SMS whether a person is online", you're saying we should revert to an earlier time when that data was simply unavailable! Why should we do that? Not being able to see if a person is online, is inferior to having that data. And it's not that Hangouts doesn't have that information in the first place. It's just that they're not giving you the ability to sort by that status. That's just very poor thinking.
sweet, would love to see this on a /testing channel in the play store, would love to beta test newer Google+ revisions
if the plan is to merge Google Voice into Hangouts, please keep all Google Voice Functionality and add even more to its existing infrustricture, google voice is a great application by itself, would hate to see limited functionality <-- been with Voice since it was called Grand Central
I really hope the ability to forward calls to whatever end-point (my landline, my cell phone, Google Hangouts, etc) will continue to be supported and updated. Also, having a separate phone number to "wrap" my other numbers is very important.
+Shilpa J That's unfortunate.  I don't want an SMS client on the PC, in fact I've been jonesing for Talk on iOS forever, settling for a 3rd party app here and there, none really measuring up to Talk on Android.  Now that Hangouts is here, I was initially ecstatic (as in, I felt giddy all day) about finally getting an official Google chat client on the iPhone.

Without online status and a persistent contact list, I'm unlikely to use Hangouts nearly as much as Talk.  I like being able to see who's online, who's available to talk, and who went idle (at work, this is a good indication someone's away from their desk).  Indeed, we used Talk quite a bit at work.  I assume Google has played out the pros and cons in development, and perhaps the workplace isn't their target audience, but we already have people rumbling about Microsoft Lync and even raising their old AOL IM / Yahoo accounts from the dead.  It...hasn't been a good day for Hangouts so far. :)
+Keith Jones You can still see if someone is online, they are either grayed/not grayed in the app, and on the PC they have a green line underneath them if they are online. Not as easy as before, but the functionality is still there. 
Thanks! Maybe you can also restore online busy etc status for contacts?!
+Nikhyl Singhal Will it integrate SMS/GV/Hangouts into one seamless experience? Similar to Apple's iMessage? I need the ability to send and receive MMS messages from all types of users. Thank you.
+Chip Oie I think you should have your iOS friends install Hangouts, then you can group message with them all you want ;)
+Keith Jones Google is trying to re-invent chat for a modern world. Why should it behave exactly like old chat apps (going back to the mid-90s)?

It literally does not matter if someone is online or not when you send them a message. Why do you need a "contacts list"? Why not just send a message to who you want and be done with it?

This is part of Google's effort to get the technology and software out of your way. No contacts list and no offline status (and thus no "busy", "away", "invisible") is part of the software getting out of your way.

It's a mesaging app. Send a message to whoever you want. Done. No bells. No whistles.

Another point is that hangouts are meant to be persistent. You're presented with a list of hangouts you're in, along with potential people to start a hangout with. They don't need to be online for you to start a hangout just like they don't need to be online for you to resurrect a hangout. Why should an "online" list get in the way of the interface, which is a bunch of persistent hangouts?

It's not supposed to behave like legacy chat. That's the point.
That would have been great if it hadn't screwed up my inbound calls on my Sprint phone.  I ended up disabling hangouts on my laptop because all my calls were going there for 3-5 rings and THEN going out to my phone....  NOT good.  You should have waited to release Hangouts once this was all integrated....
+Kellan Stec I agree BUT following this path what's the difference between #hangout and a "simple" mail? Sometime I need to talk/chat with someone now IF he's online/available, otherwise I send him a mail, right? 
If all you meet are promising, Hangouts definitely mark a before and after in instant messaging
+Nikhyl Singhal In the past, although I have credits to make calls from Gmail, since Google Voice is US-only, I cannot download the app outside US to make Voice calls from my phone. Hopefully this will change with the next release of Hangouts, so that we can make calls with the Hangouts app even outside US.
+Nikhyl Singhal It would be really great if we could get an official word on what the actual technical reasons for not using XMPP were. Also a statement on what your plans for the server-side-problems that resulted from the move (external users can see everyone with Hangouts as online but can't really contact them) are, would be useful.

There is a lot of Google bashing going on right now because of all this, and a clarification would really help in preventing this from developing into the next big Google-hate-fest. (which could severely hurt the public recognition of "Hangouts")
+Nikhyl Singhal please Add status (like busy, idle, available), invisible mode & contact list(I have 100's Email id's) and its really difficult to find my own chat contacts.
Please add send files,  and in android version when you click contact icon, option to call/sms (like it was on talk
+Nikhyl Singhal My beef is that you changed the extension without any intervention on my part. I do not use chat in gmail, because I use several gmail clients/devices. Instead, I was using the chrome plugin as a standalone application. You can imagine my outrage to discover that google is the new "Apple" by forcing things on me without asking. Now I've lost the functionality I was quite happy with and have no easy way to get it back, even by logging into chat in gmail. Very, very not cool.  I used to be a big google fan boy, but not anymore.  This is unacceptable.  
You should have NEVER changed an existing extension, but should have made a new one that gave me the choice to install. This is unforgivable in my opinion.  Now what makes you different than Apple?
+Nikhyl Singhal - Since the Google Hangouts app won't work on my iPhone 3GS (requires a front-facing camera), please don't break functionality of the existing Google Voice app.
+Nikhyl Singhal 
To be honest, Hangout is a confusing and hard to pronounce name for non-english speakers.  Using US slang for a global product name... I don't know. What's next, Google homerun?
Have you guys even read the recent reviews for the hangouts chrome extension? Ouch. Innovation is great, but when you completely change the functionality of a product people know and have come to use on a daily basis for years, there's going to be backlash. Personally I liked the old functionality, and hangouts has simply cut out the parts I loved, and replaced it with parts I never wanted to begin with. I'll be looking for another alternative to hangouts. Sorry.
1. Add SMS sending and receiving possibility.
2. Ordinary SMS and online texting SHOULD BE IN THE SAME THREAD of the contact (NO multiple threads (like in Facebook Messenger with enabled SMS sending/receiving which seperates Facebook messages and SMS messages to seperate threads)).
3. Add SMS sending and receiving possibility through Hangouts desktop client when phone is online and has Hangouts installed (it would be great alternative to MightyText app to send SMS's through PC).
4. Ordinary SMS and online texting should sync to the cloud for the possibility to read a history of the conversations years before even when you reset or change your phone.
5. Add dark theme - it's easier on a battery.
6. Bring back online status indicator (like it was in Google Talk).

Now this app is pretty much useless. On Desktop i use Skype and Facebook to text, on phone i use GO SMS Pro for ordinary SMS and free online texting, but i would love to exchange GO SMS Pro to Google Hangouts, because i prefer Google design and i want to be free of ads and offers from GO. Additionaly, Hangouts should offer dark theme - many people like dark themes, plus it's easier on battery.
You just made my day.  Thank You!
Put those Grand Central and gizmo5 purchases to good use. I've been a Google Voice user since GC was in beta and it's become my primary voice service. Keep the features and integration coming! 
I hope this includes +Google Voice integration on android? Meaning I can place voice calls over hangouts? 
+Nikhyl Singhal where can we send feedback about the Chrome app on Windows? I tried to switch to it today (our company uses Google Talk internally, using the ancient Windows app) and I had to switch back within 5 mins because it's somehow worse than the old Windows app :-\ Would be a shame not to send feedback somewhere; I'd rather we continued to use Google (since we use it for docs/email etc) than switch :-( 
If Google Voice is actually being developed, what is the chance we'll ever see it in the UK? :-\ 
Wow!!! Exactly what I was waiting to hear! Great news! ::P
+Nikhyl Singhal I'm concerned that merging Hangouts & Google Voice is going to mess up my current set up, if you will. I don't use GV as a replacement to my cell number, text from it or use it as a visual voicemail. I use it as it's own entirely separate number instead, my "work" number in fact. It has it's own number, texting and own voice mail. And I want them separate for obvious reasons.

Are these changes going to jeopardize that? Is there anything I can do to prepare for the merging? (like get a second gmail address for my work number and just associate my GV number to that?)
Why would you want to 'hangout' with someone who is sleeping or not there? (ie not available to hang out).  I understand this persistent world we live in Bbt perhaps this is a badly branded communication tool, as Hanging out, to me involves participation now (online and available) as opposed to get to it when you can - email/sms.
+Kellan Stec Because lots of times it's worth sending a message only when you know you'll get a response. What's point of having hundreds of "what's up" messages in your chat list? The online world has given us the capability to see whether a person is available or not. Not to make use of that is pretty inefficient.

Redesigning chat for the "modern age" is all well and good. But that doesn't mean you revert back to old school SMS and phone system when you didn't know whether a person was online or not. That's going back what...15 years?
+Kellan Stec I understand your argument but do not agree with it.  Online statuses are valuable in deciding whether or not it's appropriate or possible to contact someone.  To remove it from an IM application diminishes its value quite a bit, reducing it to SMS messaging.  Online statuses also passively broadcast whether you're present and available or busy, missing, or as I said before, around but not actively using your device or computer.  It tells the other party things about you without you sending them a thing.  
Now that I like! Google Voice has so much potential. Also, please don't forget your phone's native SMS/Text Messaging integration. It would be awesome to receive your phone's text messages on your desktop.
Sending a message through regular SMS, you have no idea where they are. It's the same concept. 

I personally wouldn't want an "R" for read receipt either. 
when will Google Voice be available to the rest of the world? Europe?
+Lee Jarratt Thanks for the heads up this morning. I was in meetings all day. This is truly awesome. Hangouts are the future of Google Voice. I can' t wait.
would prefer the "list" to prioritize based on who actually has google/hangouts, rather than who i contacted last. I dont want the person who has only hotmail to be on top of list if they dont even use hangouts.
Please could you add option to send the following inside the chat Hangouts apps:
+Julio Lagara Except that we want to make the SMS world more like the online world, and not the other way around! SMS users can't know whether the other person is online or not and we've gotten used to that restriction. But when that information is available, it's absolutely absurd not to make use of it.

I like Google as much as the next guy but I feel that fanboism is getting a little out of hand here. Google messed up. We should tell them that so they can do a better job - both for us as well as for them.
+Bhagwad Park This move feels like something out of the Windows 8 playbook.  For the record, I use Windows 8, however I've removed all apps from the Start menu which I rarely see anyway and use it as an alternative to the Quick Launch for webpages, shortcuts...otherwise it works just fine and is just like 7.  Perhaps someone will create a chat plugin that solves the problem until Hangouts 1.1 brings back online statuses :P
As an aside:

I just assume when I see a "News about [google product]" story that the "news" is that google is dumping it. In fact, a nontrivial amount of my time is spent thinking up workarounds for each google product I currently use. Before 13 March, I spent no time on such things.

Thanks, Google, from a loyal user (until you blow up the products I use).
well that's good to hear :)
Also, is it no longer possible to chat with AOL IM contacts?  I had  a number in my Talk contact list which allowed me to communicate with people at work who had AIM accounts.
On the future I would like to see a "play with me" kind of share where, while talking with your friends, you can send an invite to play a game (that uses google play games as a backend) together.
The next big step would be an in-game chat using Hangout (to continue the conversation when the game as started). Also, in-game videochat, just because Google is sooooo cool!
Dan Jones
Please just don't remove any of the existing features. Lately, Google has had the habit of creating new services to replace old ones, but stripping away many useful features in the process. Google Hangouts already is missing a lot of the features of Google Talk, so please don't do the same when you integrate Voice into it.
+Bhagwad Park We don't need to know when they are online or not. We never know if our friends are near their phones when we text them but we still message them anyways. I like they way Hangout is because now I just open a chat window and continue the conversation. No "Hey, What's Up?" like I'm starting a conversation over again with people. It just keeps going. Sometimes they are online and they respond back right away.

My only suggestion is would be the option to only display people from G+ who have circled us back. Since people who circle us back will automatically appear on our friends list, it's kind of cluttered to have everyone show up.
I'm glad to hear this, I just left feedback yesterday about how I couldn't make calls in Gmail with the new Hangout and just how often I use that feature, then I promptly switched back to the old chat, I don't care what's new, if I can't make calls, then it's near worthless to me.
Dear hangouts team, I'm sure you guys have a lot on your plate right now. Thank you for making this product free and for having the patience to listen to all the complaints :)

No one's mentioned status messages yet. I liked having the option to update my status via Talk that only a select group of people were privy to. I care about the 50 people on my Talk than I do about the 300 odd on Facebook. Ability to update my status message in hangouts, please? :)
+Zachary Detton As I've said before, we need to make the phone system more like the online world and not the other way around! The technology doesn't exist for SMS users or regular phone users to know whether the other person is available. That's a limitation that we've sucked up and gotten used to. It's not something to be celebrated.

If I see a friend online whom I haven't talked to in a while, I'm more likely to message them and say "what's up". If they're offline, I won't even think about them in the first place.

When you open up a chat application you don't always know whom you want to talk to. You talk to whoever is available.
This is fantastic news, thank you!
Please, please, please let this not be a joke!! Waiting for Voice integration.
"Future versions of Hangouts will integrate Google Voice more seamlessly."
I don't think that necessarily means join the two services, just let's GV work well with hangouts.
We'll have to hurry up and wait to see. 
Thanks for the official update! Looking forward to a seamless Hangout experience integrating Google Voice. Hopefully a year from now Google Voice will be indistinguishable from Hangouts. "What's GV? I make/receive all calls and send/receive all txts via Hangouts."

Re: +JR Raphael
+Nikhyl Singhal +Kate Cushing +Vic Gundotra +Ben Eidelson +Randall Sarafa +Bradley Horowitz
Google you have done good but you can do better. 
Here are the features I need the most. 
with this features Hangouts will be more successful.

1) Ping Feature is a must. No Excuse.
2) Need Status Info
3) Who is online info
4) Only Voice Call Feature
5) Better way to stat new hangouts. please remove checklist selection and those big contact pics those are embarrassing.
6) HD video hangout
7) Animated Gifs support
8) Voice and video memo
9) share location
10) share any file
11) share contacts
12) very less people are on g+ so better way to find friends is needed like use gmail ID or phone number to find friends
13) feature to search people who are near 10 KM area and chat with them
14) should integrate with people's app
15) info showing if friends are online on g+ , gmail, mobile or chrome
16) reply from notification
17) quick popup reply like chat heads
18) web link should show preview of webpage in app itself
19) YouTube link should show preview of video in app
20) should be able to send messages to players in multiplayer game using new play games services
21) better emojis 

I don't care for SMS integration.
Let's make hangouts the best communication app.
Common Google Do it !!!
+Zachary Detton it's like showing up at someone's house and knocking on their door when you don't know if they're there.
I hope you will let us preserve our GV numbers through the transition.
Please make sure that Google Voice forwarding rules work for Hangout clients.  I had to stop using Hangout because I was getting spammed by Unknown calls to my Google Voice that are normally filtered to go straight to VM in my GV settings.
+Mayur Bhatia That's never stopped us from texting each other. Being dependent on the "Online" & "Offline" status of keeps us glued to the technology that's supposed to allow us to be more free. Getting used to not knowing if they are online is a shift in the paradigm so that instead of being glued to the technology, it blends the technology into our day-to-day lives.
+Zachary Detton How often have we messaged someone we never would have spoken to just because they happened to be online at the moment? If I want to talk to someone and I don't know they're online, I will send a "what's up" message. Then again tomorrow. And the day after. The other person will then have three "what's up" messages waiting for them! If I could have seen their online status in the first place I would never have messaged them where they offline.

But this is moot. Hangouts clearly lets us know when a person is online and when they''re not. They're not doing away with the paradigm. They've just foolishly not provided the functionality to sort people by status.

As of now, the contacts list is alphabetical. As if I have a greater interest in those people who's name starts with "A"!
+Nikhyl Singhal Love the new hangouts.  Look forward to continued integrations with sms/mms/google voice.  Personally I would kill google voice as a stand alone product and integrate all of its features into hangouts and allow users to turn on/off those features.  

Additionally have you gotten any feedback on the removal of status indicators?  It seems like some users are really frustrated with the new paradigm of always on msging vs 'available, away, dnd' statuses.
+Nikhyl Singhal I wish you could say more about international support.  The inability to send or receive international SMS messages is a big deal for folks who live international lives.  It becomes a deal breaker.  Since hangouts work across borders, can we suppose SMS for Google Voice will too?
+Piyush Bardekar If you need all those, you're on the wrong messaging service. Go to Yahoo or MSN. They have all those retarded features. Google is trying to redefine messaging and how it's involved in our lives.
For the life of me I never understood why they couldn't make it such that I could use my tablet or laptop (with front facing camera and mic) to place/receive a call that way. Why must it use my phone as a go-between? 

It'd just be so convenient (and very Googlish) to be able to use my tablet as my phone (via Google Voice) when I've left my phone in the kitchen for the evening and am somewhere else in the house with just my tablet.

Don't you all agree?
+Bhagwad Park and +Keith Jones - it's nice to see other people talking sense. +Nikhyl Singhal - this new Hangouts interface is the scariest thing Google has ever done. Killing iGoogle, Knol, all that other stuff was good and dandy - progress needed to be made. New Pinterest UI on Google+ - it looks awesome. But wait a sec, are we just getting rid of a system that's been tried and proved to be awesome just because it's old? +Nikhyl Singhal - it's not just me and it's not just people who hate change. There is a large group of us here on Google+ (and frankly a lot of people in the real world where Gmail is widely used and G+ isn't) that desperately want our old system back and don't want Google to give it the axe. I can't tell you how depressing it is not to have chat statuses anymore - so much social interaction used to occur as a result from those. And you guys want to decide for me what is a better way to interact online? That strikes me as a little evil. I'm glad you responded to people's complaints about Voice, but seriously, we all knew Hangouts were headed in that direction. But will you respond to our complaints? Or will you just ignore us and throw us under the bus, sweep us under the rug? If you're going to kill one of our most favorite products, do it with the decency to respond to us and tell us. I don't see why the two paradigms have to be mutually exclusive. I could see Hangouts having a toggle where you could switch between ordering of contacts from the old system to the new and back.
I hope they just finally bring mms messaging as a new feature but one could hope
As I said before, without contacts being ordered by who's online, the list of contacts is now sorted alphabetically. That's right! I have a greater interest in those friends whose names start with "A"! And let's not compare online chat to SMS. Just because we didn't have the capacity to determine online status with regular phones and SMS doesn't mean that it's the pinnacle of design. It sucks but we got used to it. Then online chat came along and it was better. 
Still wish I had a better desktop version than the Chrome extension.  It takes up so much screen space.  I quite miss tabbed conversation windows from Pidgin.
I like the idea of just sending a message to someone without worrying if they are online or not etc. For people worrying about disturbing others, Hangouts has a snooze feature, so you won't disturb someone that doesn't want to be disturbed.

PS. I can't wait for SMS/GV integration. One messaging app to rule them all. ;)
Can someone please explain this:  "but we do support inbound calls to your Google Voice number".  Does this mean that 1) If someone calls my GV number, the browser will "ring" and I can answer with a headset still?  and 2) If I click a phone number in Chrome, it will ask, "which number do you want to call" and Google Talk was one of the options and it will ring the browser?  Will either of these work? +Nikhyl Singhal 
+Greg Clarke A lot of times when you open up chat you don't know who you want to talk to. Then you see someone online and you think "Hey....long time no see!" Using a phone and online chat are two entirely different use case scenarios.
The bottom line with Google Hangouts is...if your name starts with "Z", you'll never be visible even if you're online. If your name start with "A", you get top of the line treatment. All your friends can see you even if you haven't used your phone in a year. That's progress. Seriously though Google. What the hell are you doing?
+Jonathan Ray Walther +Bhagwad Park  I have friends that are sharing in the same complaint/s as yourself.  I've pondered this myself (it doesn't bother me at all) as to how best it translate in the new interface and as it stands the list is ordered on latest interaction..

If you want to msg someone and they aren't at the top of the list the its a simple matter of searching for their name and starting a new hangout which then opens up the last hangout with said person.  Hope this is helpful.
How do you disable sound notifications on Google Hangouts within gmail? Someone please help me with this issue!
I agree +Bhagwad Park that these changes will make you change your behavior a bit with how you approach communication but I don't think it's for the worse. Just as how you adapted to your current behavior when online/offline was introduced, you can do so again. Also, Hangouts in Gmail and the Chrome extension shows a green line under someone that is not idle/away. I reckon they will add this to the mobile version for ppl you previously hungout with on mobile.
+Greg Clarke I don't think the ability to adapt to an inferior system with fewer features and less usability is very heartening. Sure, I may get used to it, but it was better before!
So just dont upgrade if you want to make calls still out of gmail I guess. 
Whew I was concerned that lack of Voice integration meant you were gonna kill another of my favorite products!
+Nikhyl Singhal Your team has removed the ability for users to receive full unused Google Voice balances (or you've removed the page allowing people to do so). The contact link here leads to a dead page

All inbound calls don't work
Whilst having the new version of Hangouts activated in Gmail a user is unable to receive inbound calls initiated from the Google Voice web interface. You have stated, "we do support inbound calls to your Google Voice number" but that is simply untrue in this case.

UI Asks for Phone Number
Support may be coming soon but the current iteration of Hangouts in Gmail instructs the user to input a "name, email, number." Why was this left in if it's non-functioning. It's confusing. Screenshot:
I hope the integration goes better than the integration with gtalk- at the moment I'm just back to plain old SMS. Without XMPP I can't use another desktop client, I don't understand why you support only Chrome- I am not going to drop firefox "just because", there's no audio call, there's no anything basically. My N7 was "updated" to hangouts while my Gnote still has talk- hangouts is completely non-functional. Trying to drive me into a proprietary and non-functional system is going to fail- it's why I don't use Apple or MS Windows phones. If you are going to be as evil as they they why should I use anything google? The Hangouts movement, combined with the google+ drive is going to be the undoing of Google- it's just all bad. 
What about MMS support in google voice/hangouts?  That's what everybody is waiting for!
What does the future of the Google Talk desktop client look like?  I love it and I don't want to see it go away.  I don't like being bound to Gmail to use the instant messenger.. the deskop application is perfect for me.  But it seems right now that its life may be limited.
I am very much looking forward to voice integration in Hangouts.  I know the people that don't like change are always the loudest, so I will just say I love the new G+ and Hangouts interface.  I find it very easy to use.  I never cared out online status though.
+Nikhyl Singhal Happy to learn that there's still room for improvement for hangouts. Will the Google Voice integration allow us to receive/send SMS outside of the US? Currently there is no GV in Europe, as far as I know.
Would really appreciate it if people not in my circles/Gmail contacts don't show up on my Hangouts app in either Gmail or the Android App. If I want to talk to a random user, I will add them to my contacts or circles before talking to them. 
I have hangouts enabled in gmail and the gtalk chrome extension. so when viewing my gmail page i get the best of both words - simple...
Incoming GV calls don't appear to match with names in Google Contacts, it's not displaying name when call is being offered.
But, its early...
Really have my fingers crossed, that GV doesn't take a giant leap backwards.
Bring back online status indicator (like it was in Google Talk).
At least we need an error msg when someone attempts to send an mms to google voice number
Thanks, can't wait for full integration to become possible!
I don't like to use Gmail inside a Chrome "tab" for my calls. Is there anyway to get GTalk Chrome extension back, or the stand alone app? I really HATE that I was NOT even asked if I want to upgrade.
+Nikhyl Singhal I think people just want SMS at least in the next update. That can drive adoption of Hangouts through the roof! We already have our numbers linked to the hangouts so if we send a message to someone but they don't have hangouts yet it'll be converted to sms and there should be a indication that it's a sms message not a hangout message within the hangouts app. I can sort of understand why you guys didn't release the SMS send and receive feature in hangouts. But if you guys want to get great adoption and exposure for the app and especially compete with the likes of facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and so on. SMS should have been released with the app from the jump. Like you guys stated there are over 900Million android activations!. You guys are already pushing it to every device so you got to show people hey we have a great app to use not a half baked one. But hopefully in 4.3 coming out in the next week or two the reason why you guys held it off is because you want to make it the only messaging app on android and get rid of the stock sms app that's installed on Stock Android Devices. 
+Peter Pavlovic I see that green line in Hangouts Extension for Google Chrome just under the photo of contact, but i don't see any green line in Hangouts Android app (it's updated)
Why would I use hangout when I have unlimited texting, maybe attached users could benefit from this app. But it can only Tanner pics, but my regular text can Tanner mp3, video messages, voice texts, ext... So until hangout incorporates MMS in the way that "I messenger" does it'll be useless to me.
FYI - you might have unlimited but not ever person and/or country have that so think outside the box for a bit. Unlimited international communication is also a plus for people that need said service rather than paying 50 cents each!
Adding my 2 cents here, the lack of a proper contact list with online/away/busy status is a huge oversight at best. The comparison with mobile SMS infrastructure is pretty ridiculous. We should be moving forward, not backwards.
As you mentioned moving forward and that as of now indicates ALWAYS connected and therefore "online/offline" is yesterday's way of doing business... that's 1998 man, days of dialup when you'd sign ON.

Now there's no need to sign on as you are ALWAYS online unless you turn your phone off which you would promptly get a message as soon as you turned it back on.
I don't like the new hangout feature,,,,,,,,,,,      as much Google won't like this but Facebook Messenger is better as I CAN SEE who is online.... and even those who are OFF line see their messages when they log in.. HERE  People do not SHOW up as online. and I don't want to see little blue heads of those in my gmail contact list who are not even  Gmail users......
+Lucius Nite
There is an interview with +Bradley Horowitz  on +The Verge where he mentions the problems of consolidating G+ profiles for multiple google accounts. He said that they are aware that this is an issue and that they've been working on it. I'm also very interested in how Google Voice integrating into Google Hangouts handles this issue. I have a different google voice number for my personal e-mail and work e-mail, but have not created a Google+ profile for my work account...because it's dumb to have to two accounts on here. Looks like I'll be forced to create a Google+ hangout for my work out if I want to keep my voice calling through Google Voice capabilities...unless they fix the multiple account consolidation by that point too.
This is a mess. If you use Google Voice for outbound calls, don't switch yet!  If you have the new Hangouts & want to get outgoing GV calls BACK, click "Revert to old chat" from your status icon drop-down. 
Any chance on being able to use Google Voice in Europe yet?
i consider it like this: it should be called: Hangouts Beta like gmail beta
+Nikhyl Singhal The iOSapp requires a front facing camera? WTF? Seriously? Limiting your audience just to avoid checking a flag before enabling video? So much for replacing Whatsapp...
Someone said they typed in phone #s to call within the new hangout in Gmail so as a test, I just went back to the new Hangout app in Gmail and refreshed, then typed in my sister's number and got "No results matching xxx-xxx-xxxx" (phone number)
I honestly use the google calling functionality from my inbox at least a dozen times a day. I find the experience of being able to put on my headset, and call while embedded in a program I have open all day (ie - no need to open a separate program) an absolute lifesaver. I actually wish it was MORE embedded, specifically with my calendar. I would love to have been able to click a conference number in an invite.
NOW, I won't be upgrading to the new hangouts, until the google voice piece is resolved, but I really hope that I don't have a separate thing open to make a voice call. It dilutes the value, and I might as well use skype or some other program.
+Joel Rothman, interesting. I would rather have Click-to-call work from within Gmail and Google Calendar. I find it much easier to use a regular phone, so I wish clicking on a phone number from within Gmail brought up the click-to-call dialog that the Google Voice Chrome extension used so I could place the call with whichever phone is nearest to me.

If that dialog added "Google Hangout" to the list, I could then choose to also place the call within Hangout, once outbound calls are possible, which would provide the same functionality you like (albeit with an extra click).
Please also work on solving the echo/feedback challenges of Google Voice.  Not always but often when receiving a call I hear an echo of my own voice when speaking.  Not sure how this is solved by other voip options like Ooma but hope Google can make calls echo free and crystal clear in the future.  I love Google Voice except for that echo issue.  I have cable internet at 50mbps down and 5mbps up.
+Nikhyl Singhal I assume Google Voice SMS will be integrated into Hangouts then correct? If so, are there plans to have carrier SMS integrated as well? It would really be a shame if only Google Voice SMS was integrated as not everyone has a Voice number, and porting a number to Voice is a bit convoluted and can be pretty expensive if you have to cancel your existing service and pay an ETF, then the $20 port fee to Google. Please integrate all SMS into Hangouts, it would then be a true unifying messaging app.
+Tanner Shamrock in Hangouts on Chrome, a GV call will be received and Answer/Decline buttons shown. For the question about calling from Hangouts, you can still do it by starting a Hangout (with yourself if need be) and inviting someone by "Telephone". Any USA number can be called and if you have credit on a GV account linked to the same email as G+ Hangout, you can also call overseas. This is what this looks like:
Tim S
If a user has a bunch of international contacts, his sms bill could run up assuming its not included in his plan. That person might like the online/offline

The web version online has a green bar underneath. Not available in mobile.

I personally liked the voice only calling, there are times, for example in public, you dont want video on speaker...
Agree. Firing up a video for an audio only call seems like complete overkill.
I hope there is an easy way to distinguish if I'm texting a contact vs. contacting them via their Hangout.  If the person I am messaging only uses SMS/Texting to interact with me, I don't want them to miss my communications.
Just PLEASE bring MMS so that I can finally port to GV and be done with carrier/pre-paid carriers forever! :)  Thank you!
If this was done, you would see hundreds of thousands flock to GV for this feature alone.  There's no reason not to!!!
Thanks for providing a response to the feedback.  It would be very unfortunate for me and so very many others if Google Voice features were removed from Gmail.  But glad to hear the current version is very limited and will be much different soon.
bottom line for me:

I see myself using FB Messanger & Email more often and only using hangouts when I want to do video hangouts.

I hope they fix the sorting issue, but the reason I would use fb messanger is that I can see the person is online.

The reason I would use email -- the person is not on FB Messanger.

When I could see online/offline status in gtalk I would just message them through gtalk, because I knew it would pop in their gmail account if they were offline.

Now, I have already seen a change in my behavior simply because I have times to "just talk to whoever is online" and there is no simple way for me to see that in the new hangout.
+Nikhyl Singhal, when this Voice-esque (whether still 'Voice' branded or not) ability rolls out, will it be available outside the US and Canada? Particular interest is the UK. Cheers!
+Nikhyl Singhal This would be absolutely perfect with MMS.  Considering you can already send pictures in Hangouts to your contacts it's essentially a drop-in replacement for sms/mms, but only so long as mms legacy support is maintained.

Without it Google Voice and now Hangouts will continue to be missing this one, major, important feature.  It will be as much of a letdown as the original iPhone was (remember?  It didn't have MMS either.  People were SAD)

GVoice has a lot of loyalists, and what we NEED from you is MMS and native mms/sms support in the Android app.  They're the major missing flaws from your system and should be near-critical priority.

"As a user I want MMS so that I can view and send pictures from/to my friends."
Will Google Hangouts incorporate MMS message sending?  That was one serious thing Google Voice lacked.  I could receive, but not send out pics.
Chat software has filled a gap between email and phone.  Email is not immediate, can sit in an inbox until the user wants to check it, and you don't know if the person is available. Phone is very immediate (not counting voice mail) and either makes a connection to the person or doesn't.

Chat was a good bridge between the two. You could see if the person was available (almost like making a phone call) and then make a text connection, which the other person could ignore for a while or not. But you knew they had a good chance of seeing it.

The lack of status basically reverts the chat to a form closer to short form email. The status is preferable to know if possible.

An example:  I do business with a company and have three of their sales reps in my chat list. When I have a short question, it is nice to be able to see who is available and send that message to him first. That usually get's a faster response than sending an email to someone randomly, or a chat without status, and sometimes waiting 2-3 hours for a response if that rep was out of the office for some reason.

It is also better than sending three emails to all three reps and causing all three reps to type up an answer.
...  to add to my previous comment, the name "Hangouts" sort of implies that you want someone to be available to hang out with.  If I'm bored at this very moment, I don't want to start a hangout with someone wondering if I'll be sitting around for 30 minutes waiting for them to show up?  I might have something else to do 30 minutes from now. Knowing when someone is available before I start a hangout is beneficial.
+Jeff Jones In the Chrome app there is a little green bar under the avatar of people that are online.  I don't know about the mobile app.
In my opinion, Hangouts is useless without the online status indicator. I would prefer to send an email or share a message using Google+ instead of using Hangouts. I will keep using Google Talk in Gmail while I can use it.
I want SMS so it's like apple's iMessages, that is all I care about
+Luiz Fernando The version embedded in Google+ also has this indicator.  The only place I haven't seen it yet is the mobile app
Suggestion: Instead of replacing the Android Talk app with Hangouts, why not keep the Talk app available and let users choose one (or both)? In the desktop browser you've given us this choice for now (Talk or Hangout) which is great!
+Navarr Barnier, but you have no way to know if the person is busy/away. When I don't know if the person is available, I prefer to send an email. I don't see a reason to use Hangouts instead of using email in this situation.
The mobile app shows when they are online in the app as well
Suggestion: Since online/offline status is included in Hangouts, why not let the user filter so they only see contacts with online status, if they choose?

Suggestion: Since we have Contact Groups in GMail contacts and Circles in G+, why not let users also filter if they only want to see certain groups/circles in Hangouts?

The information is all there, and you are just letting users choose how they want to see their world.
+Jason Newman Yes, but I have 1100 contacts. I'd like to just see when members of certain groups are online.
+Bhagwad Park Apparently some people don't read the "Tutorial" that comes with new Google products/service.. But if you had read you would have notice the part about the user with a "Green line" under their photo... meaning they are available to accept incoming message (ie: they are sitting at their computer) and if there is no green line they will be notified on their Android or iOS device...
As far as I can tell that green line only shows up after you start a hangout. Not for the stand alone contact.
+Bhagwad Park Not being able to see online is precisely the reason why I refuse to "update" Google Talk on my phone. Hangouts is utterly a useless replacement for Talk.
+Jeff Jones Well I have 3 People on my list with Green Lines under their photo's... None of which I have started a 'Hangout' with. Two of them I'm communicating through Skype with (they have chrome open with gmail pinned) and the other is sitting next to me; she has gmail open as well.

Don't think its based on who you are "communicating" with at the moment.. it says in the tutorial if they are available to accept you message right away (assuming have Google Hangouts Open, or at the computer) they will have a green line under their photo.

When the one beside me walks away from her computer for more than 5min, the green line goes away... until she wakes her computer up. +Adam Hsieh 
+Marshall Baer The point is not whether the user is shown as online or not. That's an obvious visual cue. The point is that online contacts are not shown first. Why would you want to start a chat with a person who isn't online?
+Jay Sibel It more than likely a choice at the moment for the browser because they have not implemented everything that was once possible from the old chat style (ie outbound calling) so they are giving the user the option to switch between if they still require the use of outbound calling; pretty sure once they implement whats needed they will remove the option to switch and force everyone to Hangouts...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Hangouts App. Want to know who is online or offline - Swipe over to the contacts and look at the photos... ONLINE = Picture lit up | OFFLINE = Photo Greyed Out.
+Navarr Barnier And that's the problem. We've moved on from SMS. SMS is old technology where we simply couldn't know whether or not a person was available. It's all very well to send an SMS to someone who might be available. But if you knew for sure that the person's phone was separated from them, you wouldn't send an SMS would you? Knowing full well that a person is not available, how can you send a message or an SMS to them?

We should be making SMS like online chat. Not the other way around!
+Bhagwad Park It seems you are missing the point... Most people are complaining about no "online/offline" cue... Googles point is... It matters not if a user is offline, online, picking their nose, wiping there butt or whatever THEY WILL GET YOUR MESSAGE whether if be on Android, iOS, the computer, or in space (well maybe not in space).
+Marshall Baer I think YOU are missing the point. If I wanted a company to tell me "what I want" and "how I'm suppose to use it", I'd be using an iPhone.
+Marshall Baer And what if you don't want to send a message to a person who's offline? I send a "what's up" message today. Tomorrow I send another. Then one more. Three days later if the person comes online they will see three "what's up" messages! That just doesn't make logistical sense. If I'd known they were offline I would never have sent even the first "what's up" message. Stop trying to view online chat in the same way that we view SMS. The world has moved on. We should care whether a person is busy, available, idle, or offline. It's just bad manners to message someone if they're busy.
It seems there are people that much complain about every little thing; even though there is no issue (that I can see)... GOOGLE Great Job on Google Hangouts. It works great, effective,  and efficient.. Once SMS/Voice is implements it will be better than sliced bread.... now if I could only get all my people to use it I could ditch my TEXT Message services and go straight to Google Hangouts... Keep up the Good work guys!
In the new Hangout Chrome App or in Gmail I'm seeing a seriously reduced list of names compared to what I saw in Google Talk. My assumption is that those names are people I recently chatted with on Google Talk.  Plus you can't get access to the other names until you create a new hangout.  That seems to me like you are only seeing the status of people in an existing hangout.
I love Google as much as the next guy. I really do. But we must call bullshit when we see it. Blind subservience is not healthy either for us, or for Google. I detect just the slightest hint of uber fanboism here. Lack of sorting by online availability is a step backwards. There's no two ways about it. Google has removed functionality and it has no business telling us how we should be using chat. We've used it all these years with no problems thank you very much. Please Google - don't confuse online chat with SMS and the phone system. One is old school. The other is the child of the Internet. Don't regress.
+Jeff Jones Indeed.  Google has decided that it doesn't need the concept of a "your friends are online" instead opting towards being a "communicate with your friends anywhere, anytime."  

It's a lot like returning to email, and SMS, which some people like +Bhagwad Park are pointing out.  But this might not necessarily be a bad thing.

The tech elite are approaching an "always-on" state of being, which means that there's no purpose to online, offline, busy, idle etc.  There's more purpose to just sending a message.

Whether or not this is good in the long run is a risk Google is taking and wants to see.
I totally disagree with you. The app is fine. And the direction it's heading doesn't need that. It's going to be a primary communication app. There is no need to have it sorted like that for communicating. You can still see who is online
+Navarr Barnier Merely hoping that people will be "always on" won't make it so :). We're far far away from a world where we're always on. People in developing countries with spotty or non existent mobile access for starters. This is...incredibly wishful thinking. And the notion that Google "has decided that we don't need the concept of online" is absurd.
+Bhagwad Park Google's Target Audience is Europe/America, especially for programs such as Hangouts/Google+.  These are the people they're catering too, and that audience is IN an "always-on" world.
+Navarr Barnier Nope, Google's target is the world. And millions upon millions of its users are in the developing world. Google ignores Asia at its own peril. And they're not that stupid.
+Bhagwad Park Fanboism or not (which I am a die hard Google User) the Hangouts just works. I don't recall the possibility to sorta users by online or offline through the Gmail Gtalk Chat. You can't sort your Phone Contacts  whether they are online or offline. With Google Hangouts its technically not possible to go "Offline" ... if you have an Android Phone with Google Hangouts installed; you are connected. If you have iOS device with Hangouts installed you are connected. There is no "go offline" option (other than logout completely.) SMS is not a thing of the Past. Many people still use it; at least 85% of the people I know do. Not everyone uses a messenger service either (ie skype, gtalk, yahoo, etc.)
+Marshall Baer Of course people use SMS. But the fact remains that it's yesterday's technology. There's no presence information and though we've gotten used to that limitation, let's not dramatize it and hail it as a paragon of design. We put up with it because we have no choice. We simply can't see who's online and who isn't with SMS. I don't have to suffer the same limitations with online chat. So why on earth should I?
+Bhagwad Park Google Does not IGNORE ASIA... ASIA BANS GOOGLE. Places like China restricting people accessing google search engines.. How is that Google avoid its own peril. And where is the Danger anyways?

Why focus on a place that is going to prevent its users from taking full advantage of its services?
+Navarr Barnier Also consider that people's batteries die, they go to sleep and are unavailable (and not everyone is going to remember to hit "snooze"!). With online chat, these problems are solved elegantly. I'm not going to disturb someone who's asleep by saying "What's up?". I just don't - it's not good manners. Online status availability makes everyone's life easier.
+Nikhyl Singhal Does this indicate this is how Voice will support MMS? I'm tired of missing group SMS messages from my iPhone wielding friends. 
Not everyone wants to deal with changing their status all the time. The app is fine. It's still in early stages. Having to deal with online status would be a pain for the direction this app is going
+Bhagwad Park Dude, really? People's batteries may die, they sleep, etc... but they WILL GET THE MESSAGE Eventually. Just like SMS, and EVERY OTHER CHAT/MESSAGE SERVICE... don't sent a message at 4 in the morning knowing someone's sleep (common sense)... GOOGLE HANGOUTS HAS ONLINE STATUS.. GREEN LINE = AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Android App = Photo NOT Grey = AVAILABLE!!!!!!!! Give it a rest already.
+Marshall Baer Right. Because I always want to be disturbed during my afternoon nap with a nice little beep telling me that some jobless person has randomly decided to ping me. Not because they're inconsiderate, but simply because they didn't know I was "idle".

And can people stop comparing online chat to SMS already? It's embarrassing.
+Jason Newman But status's change automatically. Not using the phone for a while? Idle. Signed out? Offline. No effort required. Can people stop defending this move by Google and admit it's a step backwards. I love Google. That doesn't mean I have to praise everything they do.
No one is blindly defending them. You quit presenting your OPINION as facts. Not everyone agrees with you. Google can't make everyone happy. The app is in it's infancy. I'm sure the end product will be amazing
+Marshall Baer Let me draw your attention to another difference between online chat and SMS. With SMS, you always know whom you want to message. It's very targeted. SMSs are not free and so people are careful. With online chat, people open up the app, and say "Hey - This guy's online! Haven't spoken to him in years. Let's see what he's upto!" Tell me you haven't done this. Which is why I want a list of people who are online. Online chat is serendipitous. You don't always know who you'll talk to before you actually do.
+Jason Newman That's great to know the end product will be amazing. You can help speed up that process by calling it as it is and giving Google feedback. My criticism of Hangouts stems from my love of Google as a company. I want to ensure that the end product is great. And for that I have to tell them when something is bullshit.
To an engineer, this might not seem like a big deal because combining services doesn't really create any additional utility.  However, from a business and marketing perspective, this could have been a really big announcement and a massive bullet point at the end of the hangout section of the keynote.  This is another good example of the marketing problem Google has.  Huge press release, audience of millions: Google announces changes to messaging service that drops XMPP standard, no SMS integration, and is viewed as just another walled garden messaging service (though a  good one).  One week later, a single employee posts on Google+ that Google plans for it to include all features and BECOME the new Google Voice,  creating one fully integrated, cloud-based voice, video, and text messaging service.     There are plenty of services that do one aspect of this well, but nothing CLOSE to including all the features of Voice AND all the features of Hangouts.  With enough momentum and marketing, combining these products into one free conglomerate service has the capability of destroying all competing services in this market.    I understand that Google might be months, or even a years away from combining these services.  However, if you planned on announcing it this early anyway, why not announce this at that event you had JUST LAST WEEK.  This is the kind of future feature addition that will get people excited about your product, look past its current short comings, and bring more people to try it now.   You were just in front of a massive, Earth-sized microphone last week.  Don't walk off stage muttering ".....oh yeah.... ummm.. were going to make it 4000% more functional and feature rich than any of it's competitors on the market and we already have the infrastructure and mechanisms in place to do it"  I pick Google over Apple every single day of the week, but there is SO MUCH that Google could learn from Apple when it comes to marketing a product.
Not to sound dumb or anything, but this is getting increasingly difficult.  Whatever happened to simplicity?  It might help if Google waited to roll some of these things out until they are truly complete and not just works in progress.  I love all things Google, but I'm becoming confused when it comes to keeping it all straight, especially where chat/hangouts/GVoice calls are concerned.  
The new hangout is wonderful, pls make Google Voice available internationally so that we can add voice to our hangouts.
Please give us ONE integrated software that does voice and video chat and inbound/outbound calling! We should not have to deal with Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Voice, etc.....
+Cyrian Cyrn I hope you get to experience Google Voice soon, wherever you are.  I've been using it from the beginning and it's so cool.  The interface looks just like Gmail and one carrier here in the U.S. (Sprint-Nextel) has seamless integration if you choose.  It's great for SMS's, too.  It's terrific and well worth your wait!
+Nikhyl Singhal
Any chance we'll get the opportunity to transfer a google voice account from a gmail account onto a apps account? I was forced to use gmail account when I made the transition from GrandCentral to Google Voice. Later when it became available for apps account I tried but failed to transition then. Ever since, I've used this apps account for everything except voice. I'm now worried that the awkwardness will only get worse with this upcoming change unless I get this opportunity to finally get everything under my primary Google Apps account.

I just want sms support with cloud sync. How about Google confirm that
+Scott Sims Google Voice already does that. I have not used my "real" phone number in years. 
You forget that Google Voice is US only. Useless here. SMS support and cloud sync are needed in addition to Google Voice. 
Does this mean that Google voice is slowly going to get taken over by Hangouts? It is silly enough that we cannot make outbound calls from the Gvoice interface... and that it was tied to Gmail, but I have my fingers crossed that things get implemented more seamlessly in voice when hangouts finally works. Until then, there is no point in using hangouts in Gmail when outbound calls are disabled.
Great, when do we get Google Voice in the UK?
SMS is not antiquated and won't go away, nor voice phone calls. It's a standard which any cellphone can understand. Hangouts chat is limited to those who use the app or google web service. That's what makes GV more powerful than any Internet communication. Almost everyone has a phone but not everyone has Internet just yet. 
Will Hangouts after the GV integration have MMS between carriers?
want the possibility to change our status to busy/invisible AND custom text like gtalk... the online status of contacts on android app is not very clear. gtalk was best for that and we dont know if people is on pc or phone
+Nikhyl Singhal Thanks for the update.  Any word on bringing back the 4-color statuses? (available-busy-away-offline)
+Matthew Sherman take a close look at this article.  Especially since we have adopted Google Voice.  MMS will still be a hangup it looks like but Hangout will certainly add to the functionality. 
We need the options all available, and the option to disable each option that we don't need. Let us decide what we feel is useful. 
Jeez, you'd think they would wait until it actually works with voice before launching it, but thats just me
+Mike Maniaci I'm guessing they wanted to get it out during the I/O conference even though it wasn't complete - they had the basics complete and polished :enough: 

I am surprised they didn't at least slap a beta tag on it
I can make outbound calls from the Web client. If I start a video call, I can add a telephone number to the video call, and call it. Is this not right?
please remove Google+ message from Android ASAP.
+Daniel Hakimi How do start a video call without inviting anyone else? I saw ways to start with a specific circle or person, but that's as close as I got.

Either way, it is a work around, and I think to call someone's phone you have to manually type the number, rather than being able to just enter the person's name in your contacts and "call phone."  Possible, but not as easy as it used to be.
+Kellan Stec Contact list offers me one-touch starting for chat (in the 'Talk' app).

Contact list helps me get people who don't realize they have Google Talk (android phone users) using it instead of SMS. I sometimes leave people alone if their away message indicates that they're busy working on something.

Usually, if their indicator says 'available', they have their phone screen turned on (you KNOW they're there, using their phone, unless they left their phone awake on the charger) if they left their Talk settings alone.

This new Hangouts app turns it into an SMS-like app. This assumes some things that aren't necessarily true.

1 - People have enough G+ contacts (or few enough, in some cases) to make it effective or efficient to scroll through the list (or search the list) of contacts to start a conversation. If you don't know who's already using/not using hangouts (by who is on your buddy list), you have no idea if the people you're messaging will heed your message!

2 - People are willing to make several extra touches on the screen to start chatting (I am not). I want to touch my buddy's name, type my message, and hit send.

Some of the new features are fantastic, there's no doubt. But why ON EARTH can't I see which contacts of mine are at least online (away, idle, available, or none of the above -- just online!) in the app?

I've reverted to Talk, with no plan to upgrade, as a result

-a long-time Talk user (and one who has gotten literally dozens of his friends using it instead of SMS)
+Dann Michelson -- I guess I just use the video call button from within GTalk for Gmail. But this does take me to the new Hangouts, right? Hmmm... I suppose I could be using the old G+Messenger "hangouts," in reality... hmmm...
+Nikhyl Singhal Thanks for the info. I have been using GV part time for a couple years and really want to use it full time as my primary number. Just haven't pulled the pin yet. I currently use  a "hybrid" system, where people call my regular cell number, then if I don't answer that or am out of cell range, the call is transferred to Chat and my tablet, GV on phone, or computer rings. This has been a lifesaver! I was able to make calls and send/ receive SMS during my wife's surgery when cell coverage was absent.  Keep up the great work! But please support MMS, and keep free calling in the US!
Actually, Brian, what I read is that the new hangouts code breaks some of the ability to use google's chat service in some third party apps too.
+Nikhyl Singhal Thanks for all the work your team has been doing.  I've been using GV since the very moment it went live, and I can't imagine it going away.  The integration with #hangouts , and whatever the natural progression moving forward, will be wonderful, I'm sure.  As #mobile  evolves, so will voice/text/video, so expecting +Google to stay ahead on this front is evident, as opposed to what many commenters are inferring.  I'm looking forward to the ride.
Please don't abandon XMPP support which is an open standard.  Some of us like the ability to use custom chat clients.  Why would you cut off support for something that is used by so many.
I couldn't agree more. Also, FYI snrb labs says they are working to support SMS within GrooveIP this summer
After I upgraded to Hangouts in Gmail yesterday, GVoice inbound calls worked for me, but today Hangouts in Gmail is not receiving GVoice inbound calls. Anyone else having this issue?
What I see here is group-A wants to use Hangouts in the way IM used to be, and group-B is Ok with using Hangouts in the same direction Google is going with it.  What attracted me to Google Products to begin with is that Google has made things that tends to satisfy Group A and Group B, by making things customizable.  I don't believe there's only one way to go about using a product, or even one way of efficiency.  I think what we all have to do is be diligent with our feedback - and be patient for this inevitable  "option" to use Hangouts in the way that best suits us all.  

With that being said, there shouldn't be anything wrong with voicing to a company how I (or anyone) want to use a product.  At the end of the day, we are the consumer and the reasons for why we will use one product over another is that XYZ product provides us with functionality we deem to be "useful".

While I agree, that when a product changes, and we lose functionality, there are bound to be people who want those functions back, because sometimes, there IS a thin line between wanting something back because you fear change or wanting something back because it was more "useful".  So, for those of you who embrace the change have to be wary of "... this is how it is, so get use to it." sort of argument... in my mind, that's taking further steps backwards than actually wanting some old functionality back.

In the end, there has to be a happy middle, where we find functionality, usefulness, and innovation - all while embracing change.  At the risk of sounding "fanboy-ish" myself... I'm confident that with our constructive feedback and the large programming communities Google has, this happy "middle" will be found. I'm anxious to see where it all will go.
Another big problem - if Gmail window is opened in the browser on PC  the inbound GVoice call is routed there even though in Google Voice settings the chat routing is marked OFF. I have the only option enabled to route to the phone and this phone never rings since I updated to Hangouts.
I understand +Google has to move forward but the new update is a huge huge mess. Give me my talk back with users sorted by their online status. There is a reason we love our messenger (Google Talk) and there's a reason we love our text. No point combining the two. This is a failed concept and a needless experiment. Do they even think before rolling out a major enhancement on the usability? 
+Bhagwad Park it is amazing the ignorance of some people.  Hangouts has all the features you speak of, for example if i am busy and don't want to be bothered i will simply set the option to snooze notifications for a certain amount of time till i am not busy, then i can resume to find all the messages i have gotten while i was busy... in your world there would be no messages waiting for me.
+Luis Amador That's right. Because when taking a quick nap in the afternoon you totally think of setting the snooze button. Believe it or not, not everyone's life revolves around their status messages. We expect the program to take care of itself and show the idle status when the person is not actively using the device.
+Bhagwad Park you see what you make me do, now I have to call you an idiot too, when someone is idle you will not see the green status mark under their picture.  as for snoozing notifications that was simply me stating the new way of going busy.. i hope i have enlightened you and all the others that +1'd your comments. 
+Luis Amador Sure sure. "Idle" is the new offline? Who knew! I suppose you don't think there's any difference between not being connected and simply being "away". Hmm...there's a thought. As for the so called "new way of going busy", it's just an extra step right? Who cares! Screw it, let's just add an extra step when it wasn't necessary. It's not as if we mind...
+Bhagwad Park no idle is not the new offline idle means idle... the new offline means they are grayed out!  and what in the hell are you smoking bro!  an extra step!??? since when did you not have to press the red BUSY button anyways when it was gtalk??  and in some cases some people forgot to take that busy red status off, so they were always red till they noticed vice versa for invisible status.. that is why Hangouts has the snooze function!   i have a feeling you will be enlightened now.
+Google+ i have single-handedly slayed all the naysayers, but i have to admit the boss +Bhagwad Park and his minions were definitely difficult to take down. logic will always prevail and now we can relax and enjoy hangouts.. :)
If I have learned anything in the past year or so it is to stop trusting Gooe products. Enjoy them while they are there but do not make them an integral part of your life. I am sure we will see a day where Google Voice is shut down, chat no longer exists, and Gmail is so integrated with G+ that it loses all its value. This whole experience has made me daydream of going back to a Nokia brick and only using a computer when absolutely necessary. Some people say that it is better to love someone and lose that person then to never love in the first place but Google has broken my heart repeatedly over the past year and I am not sure why I even give them that power in the first place. 
+Luis Amador If you've been actually following the conversation, you would know that the issue at stake here is not online/not online, but the absence of a sorted list of online contacts. But of course you probably must have read one or two posts and decided to be a hero.

Sheesh - you take fanboism to a new level. It's people like you who hurt Google's products since they don't get the requisite feedback they should.
Please make the  Google Hangouts APP available to Kindle Fire 8.9.   I love google voice and have been using it forever and a day.   Look forward to all the improvements .  
+Bhagwad Park seems like someone has revived your stubborn ass from the dead... to be brief to the point here with your concern... why not just type the name of the person you want to speak to?  why do you need a sorted list?  JUST SEND A MESSAGE DAMNIT@@!!!! and you shall receive!  hangouts is perfect,, you just dont like to progress.
+Luis Amador Or as we call it in the civilized world...waking up from sleep :). Seriously can we be mature about this? And to answer your question...sigh...I would have to ask you to read previous conversations up above. In short, you don't always know who you want to talk to with online chat. SMS is different. Online chat is serendipitous in nature. SMS is targeted.
+Bhagwad Park maybe i am getting carried away, but i can only see the enevitable point that we will arrive at and that is that i am right and google has hangouts the way it is to support me... on topic,, cant you see how integrated Google+ and the hangouts is now? well see your Google+ networks as your huge contact list.. once you understand where google is going with this you will understand why it is better this way.. for example if i am in a community of music, hiking, cars....etc i will simply start chatting with someone there by clicking their hangout button..  very simple bud/
+Luis Amador We've all experienced the "aha" moment when we suddenly see someone online whom we haven't spoken to in years. Even if their name starts with W, or Z, they'll show up on top because they're online. And we'll say "Wow - long time no see! What's up?". If the chat application doesn't surface a list of online people, that will never happen. People just log into their chat application and say "Hmm..let me see who's online. Who can I talk to?" No one does that with SMS. SMS is old technology and we shouldn't be celebrating a return to it.
+Bhagwad Park +Luis Amador you guys clearly won't ever agree. I am personally with Bhagwad here, Talk was great and wasn't broken, but Luis also has a point from Google's perspective. Remember, their motivations are not the same as ours. 
I did away with my landline phone for my office and switched to Gtalk. I used it for all outgoing and incoming calls. My letterhead, websites, etc. shows my Google phone number which has been a significant investment for me. Now - what do I do? My incoming calls ring to my cell which is nice but chews up hours of minutes of AT&T cell calls each day plus I cannot make an outgoing call. Very frustrating and I have no alternative except to go with Skype for my outgoing calls and burden the expense (for as long as it works) for my incoming calls. Poorly handled Google.
I can I get my contacts sorted online first? This is really a headache.
Hurry up, Google.  I used this for business.
Does replacing Google Voice with Hangouts carry any noticeable impact to Google Voice SIP users? Will my OBi100 VoIP device stop  working when Google takes Hangouts to the next step?

I really hope it will not. Just as much I hope that third-party XMPP clients will still work regardless of how far Hangouts advances as a product.
Looks like you can make outbound calls when inviting people to a hangout, but I'm not seeing the voice-only option for contacts. I miss my dialer.
+Nikhyl Singhal
A couple of points that I doubt anyone will care about...
1. Hangouts is a poor choice of a name. It doesn't represent the intended function.  Someone should have googled the meaning of the world. ;)
2. The Android phone version is so laggy that is it painful to use.
3. I used to easily switch between google ID's.  This serves the purpose of allowing me to look at the contacts that I want, when I want, not when you think I should.  For example, separating business contacts from personal contacts.  Why make me sign out of one to see the other.  Gtalk was vastly superior in every way.
4. Unlike my huge mistake with Gtalk, I'll be getting a titanium backup of my Gvoice before updating to the version that integrates Gvoice.  Damn I want to kick myself in the ass for not doing that. :( :( :(
5. One last, very important point (to me).  Please stop making all of your apps look like I'm using a windows phone.  If I wanted a windows phone with a giant ass picture for every single item then I would buy a windows phone.  I like Android... or did.  You guys are turning your apps into Windows phone looking apps.  Huge mistake.  Much like Windows trying to turn themselves into Apple.  In case you didnt notice, everyone hates windows 8 because tiles are HORRIBLE! 
Any Google voice user receiving complaints of receiving calls that was not dialed by a human. My phone no is dialing random numbers in area code 302. I have noticed I've been receiving more unwanted solicitation calls recently. Wonder if there is a connection? 
+Bill Vick Your mistake was relying on a product that you didn't pay for. Your best interests are not what Google is after. 
I really confused by a lot of these comments. It IS possible to tell if a contact is available for hangout or not. When a contact is not available their picture is grayed out (on mobile). On the desktop/laptop hangouts actually tells you that a particular contact is not available for chat once you select them. I've had no problem deciphering whether someone was online or not. I must say that I've been using the service a lot more since the new hangouts came out. I love what it does, but I also love it's potential. Since most of my contacts are android users, there was no need for me to convince them to download the app in order for us to hangout... It just converted from the "talk" app that came pre-installed on most devices. I'm happy with it so far. I'll be ecstatic once GV integration is complete.
+Dawnetta Charmaine The problem is you can't sort your contact list by who is online or even by people who are even on G+. As someone with thousands of contacts in my contact list, it is a huge pain to go alphabetically and now only start conversations by searching instead of just seeing who is online.
I know this is probably not the correct place to ask, but so far searching everywhere else has gotten me nowhere. When i miss a call on my phone or ignore it to send it to voice mail, if I am signed into Hangouts on my gmail/google+ page i will recieve the call rather than it go to my google voice. Is there any way to disable this feature? Ignoring the call on Hangouts does not send it to a voicemail on google voice.
+PJ Anderson I'm looking for a solution to the same issue. If I figure something out, I'll let you know.
not being able to see who is online is just annoying. I immediately reverted back to old gtalk lol
+Dan O'Reilly
Great to know it's not supposed to be a feature like that. I'll survive till they fix it then.
+Shilpa J XMPP server-to-server support is not in hangouts, however client-to-server is, which is all most of us are interested in anyhow.  3rd party IM clients will still work.  
My PC rang when I got a phone call twice today!  Thank you Google Voice!

Edit:  ehrm... I mean thank you Google+ Hangouts!
Got any comments for those who use it in Asterisk with chan_motif? Will that still be usable in the future?
+Nikhyl Singhal Hello, I cannot understand one thing.  In the Hangouts help Google said:
Photos sent when the Hangout history is turned off will be temporarily visible in the shared album, but after a short period of time it will be deleted from the album
I've turned the history off but after days pictures are still in there. 
is there any Tos or how do I know how many hours days weeks months pictures are stored online?
MMS for Google Voice from all carriers or you are skipping the biggest issue that exists with the product.
An interesting addition but in the absence of the outbound calling mechanism a bit useless for me until that is integrated so I am back to the old chat
Please please please make it possible for us to mark ourselves as "busy" or "invisible" in the hangout box. I am going crazy, having random people pop up to chat!!! Thank you.
+Nikhyl Singhal another +1 for MMS support on the GV integration!!  What is the roadmap / timeline for features in hangouts?
One thing I would love to see is GV finally supporting SMS Shortcodes and an SMS Email gateway,. Given that GV is integrated into Gmail already it seems that receiving text via email should be rather straightforward.
Just tried the new Hangouts integrated with Gmail, and reverted back to "old chat" when I realized there was no work around for the lack of an outbound call feature. I'll give it another chance when you do "support outbound calls on the web and in the Chrome extension." See you when you get there.
+Jim Lai you can go off the record, you just can't enable it to be that way by default, it needs to be a per-convo change that you make
I agree with +Jeff Jones on this - chat is a distinctive form of communication that is separate from SMS or email. It has ways of supporting what famous HCI scholars Erickson and Kellogg called "social translucence". Knowing what my friend is up to at the moment, whether or not they are available, gave me the social clues to know whether or not I can interrupt them with a message. It provided the socially-sensitive information needed to know what channel of communication I might use (if any) to speak to my friend at that moment. Google has now removed that sense of being able to be immediate or socially sensitive to my contacts' current context. 
indeed, had to revert to old chat for phone call service
...and while we are at it, why is it I have to go through three new steps now just to see a person's address? or their phone number? I know G+ wants to challenge Facebook, but don't do it by replicating Facebook's mistakes. Google knows we use the contacts as our main repository of the information ABOUT a person, not just about a person's actions online. Therefore,  If I click on a person, show me information ABOUT that person, don't default to POSTS, thereby showing me their online activities and their social circles and that crap, then making me click . If I want to find my doctor's street address quickly, whyd o I need to draw an entire page that has nothing to do with that? I could care less what they had for supper and who else is in their personal and doctoral networks. One final gripe for now - word to the wise Google? the entire world does not have unlimited Internet access. Stop being so USA-centric! Whether accessing on mobile devices or in the case of Canada, no longer able to use unlimited bandwidth without paying hefty premiums (Canada now has metered access), we care deeply about how much crap we have to download before getting to what we want. It's both a money & a time issue. At the very least, put in a page of preferences that lets me choose what the default action is when I click on someone in my contacts list, and let me choose what type of socially-aware information I get about that person (and green was a bad choice for all the colour blind people out there, btw). 
+jimmy Zehner Within Gmail, Click your name above the list of contacts and select "Revert to old chat" (at the bottom)
Can't wait to see what Google has to offer next. With Voice, SMS, Messaging & Video all in one great app; I'll soon (hopefully) be saying "Bye Bye" to my over priced cellphone contract.

Now if only Google was to come out with a $40 Unlimited Data Cellphone service - with Voice service through Google Hangouts/Voice.. Life would be straight  peachy!
Yet, I am unable to make calls via Google Talk in Gmail.  What has become of the credit I purchased to make said calls?  
How do I get a Google Voice number?  
The new Hangouts in Gmail is a HUGE step back.  Following are the features that are either completely missing or now several additional clicks to get to:
1. You can no longer see if the person has a camera, is on an Android, etc. Those icons are missing.
2. You no longer have the option to set your status as busy with custom messages which was very helpful in a Google Apps business environment.
3. Voice and ability to mouse over a contact in the chat window and then go directly to their contact info and make a call is missing. 
4. You can no longer click on the 'call' button to dial the person. 
5. Send SMS text is gone.
etc., etc., etc.

A horrible "UPGRADE". 

any apologist for Google who begins by writing, "1) Today's version of Hangouts doesn't yet support outbound calls on the web and in the Chrome extension" may as well write, "This is not ready for prime time."
Let us know when Google gets it.
What a mistake to accept the change to Hangout! Now not only can I not make calls from inside my Gmail inbox, but Google Voice doesn't work. It's "Calling you..." but there's no phone in Gmail now to receive the connecting call from Google Voice, so no outgoing calls at all now. Am I missing something in settings? Her post says "In the meantime, you can continue using Google Talk in Gmail." As far as I can tell Google Talk is gone from Gmail.
+Bhagwad Park You again? About the same online/offline issue? HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU.. LOOK FOR THE GREEN (thats a color in case you color blind and stupid) LINE under the Users Picture. Green means Go (Send a message)... just imagine what no green line would mean? Maybe the user isn't there? So don't send a message?

If the user is going to bed; they should Snooze the notifications so they won't be disturbed. This still lets you send your (annoying) messages, but it won't wake your "friend." - HEY JUST SO YOU KNOW when you SNOOZE THE NOTIFICATION... IT REMOVES THE GREEN LINE UNDER YOUR NAME... (offline = not available = stfu).

I think you just want an Online/Offline status.. so when your internet girlfriend doesn't respond to you in chat you can be line "B*tch you was online, why you not reply to my message. You no love me no more? I have small penis? Why you no talk to me? WHY?..."

In a previous comments of yours (yes I read them all) "you don't always know who you want to talk to with online chat."  WHAT THE FUCK does that mean? Are you that lonely that you add random people your contact list just so you have some to talk to? The people on my list are those people that I would talk to EVERYDAY; if they only send me a message than so be it... I always know who I want to talk to whether it be Online or Offline = It's always the person I have something to say to.

You need to give it a bloody rest already; Google Hangouts is here to stay; It Works and looks Great... If you want to know who is willing to chat with you; Call 'em and ask. (Just don't do it at 2am 'cause common sense would tell you they are probably sleeping)
Looks like Google has created a product that a lot of people are not looking for.
+Marshall Baer Let's keep this thread polite and not go off on rants shall we? This is not a moral or ethical issue to get so outraged over.
Next time, an obvious warning and an explanation about how to still make outbound calls would be appreciated, because the change was a surprise without seemingly any way to revert to the old version (I had to search for it).

And nowhere did it said anything about outbound calls being 'in development'. That should have been a priority in the announcement. Bad move for PR.
Is there some sort if interference between the iOS apps (hangout and google voice) I have noticed that I am no longer able to receive calls, the notifications show up in voicemail but the phone never rings on my end (it is ringing on the callers end however)?
They are showing up in the missed log...looks like the last call I received through my phone was on the 22nd...then again I had talktone on then. I will turn it back on and see if calls will right through.
So... When I placed my talktone back online I am able to get the calls to ring through to my phone. There is something wonky specifically within the google voice app.
I know there are already hundreds and hundreds of comments on this post, but let me just add my voice to the choir of people looking for a way to make outbound calls. I've switched back to Google Talk in GMail for now. Hopefully the outbound calls feature is added before the ability to continue to use GTalk in GMail is removed.
Hope the change will not break the integration of Google Voice with Obihai adapter.  the adapter has been a great tool and  was able to replace the old POTS phone with all the features of Goolge Voice. 
Was "Google dont be evil", not "Google dont, be evil"
Jenny A
I had to go back to the Talkatone app myself as the Gmail web version has something wrong with receiving calls. Google voice is great that you can move numbers to spam or other categories as you see fit and not have to be bothered giving out your cell number and having people waste your minutes.
+Robert Abe I've stopped using my cell phone altogether and use Talkatone app on my tablet (iPad mini, in my case but available on Android tabs too). Talkatone works through your GV number to initiate and receive voice calls and sms. Makes the tablet an great speakerphone, or I can use headphones or a bluetooth headset. Now I just have one device to do everything mobile.
Hi, could you please make it easier to spot contacts who are online and who are not. the thin bar underneath the name isn't very helpful. thanks!
I hate that phonecalls to my Google Voice number trigger a notification on my Chrome Hangouts extension. I want Google Voice calls to only go to my actual phone. There is no option in my Google Voice settings to toggle receiving calls through Hangouts--only Talk and my attached phone(s).
My computer does not have a mic, nor do I care to use it as a telephone.
To all those saying that it's easy to tell who's online and who isn't, let's be clear that there's no way to tell the online status of people on mobile right now as per Google's own statement: "Currently, you can tell if a contact is online on a desktop computer by a green line indicator under their profile picture. However, we do not show any indication of presence when users are on a mobile device."

Still defending this incomplete product?
I switched to hangouts in gmail over the weekend, and was very perplexed and disappointed to see the missing google voice / phone functionality. Glad to hear that it's coming!
+Bhagwad Park Yup, I don't see any status indicator in the Hangouts iOS app.  Interestingly, under the Messages tab of Talkatone there's a box in the bottom right corner of Google contact icons that changes from at least gray/yellow/green to indicate status.  And text messages sent to those contacts from Talkatone will also appear in Hangouts, while Talkatone won't display any I've sent from Hangouts.
Any word yet on getting MMS support with all US carriers?  This is the one drawback of Google Voice that still isn't supported.
+Cliff Porter: So far I've found that when MetroPCS customers send me picture messages, I get a text, and the picture goes in my Gmail inbox. 100% of the time. And AT&T picture messages disappear in the ether 100% of the time.
What's been your experience with Google Voice's spotty MMS support?
Can it be changed when creating a new text via the Chrome extension, that pressing TAB when in the 'Number to Text' field moves the focus to the body of the text?  Right now pressing tab puts the focus into limbo.
I use the word 'hate' quite discriminately & I hate that my Google Voice Calls have been disrupted while using Chrome. It took me a week of going through Windows audio, Google VC, & basic browser settings to finally understand what the problem is... NOT cool.
+Carolyn Fine: Yeah, it's a pain in the crack. I get Hangout popups every time someone calls me. A couple seconds later my phone rings. I use my phone as a phone. I use my computer as a computer.
The inability to tell if a person is online or not on the mobile hangouts app has led my wife to start using email to chat with her friends instead. I was shocked when I saw this yesterday and I was saddened and angry at Google for making her do this. What were you guys thinking?

People use chat to start conversations, not send static messages to each other that the other person may not read. Chat is real time. Email is not. And when you're real time, you need a solid presence indicator - either available, online, or offline. Most of the time you're not interested in messaging a person if there's a chance they won't see it immediately. You ONLY message them when you know for a fact if they're online. And the mobile version of hangouts simply doesn't have this presence indication.

Why Google, why? How could you mess up something so basic? I'm flabbergasted. I just can't understand it. Who was responsible for finalizing the feature set, and what possessed you guys to do this? My wife loves Google and she's using it out of loyalty. This is just a terrible reflection on your ability to understand how people use their devices.

It's not too late. Fix it.
Thanks a lot for the update. Please get Outbound calls working asap.
Your Help section on GV should explain this - I shouldn't have to go to blog to find it.   Searching on Google to find why I could no longer use a GV feature brought up nothing.  Pretty poor dissemination of information about your own products, I say.  
+jimmy Zehner Thanks for posting the fix to this so I can go back to old version and still make calls from w/in GMail - yay!!!  
Can't add much to the comments of other annoyed, frustrated people, but dear Google, did it ever occur to you that people use Google Voice to make actual phone calls to people on their actual phones? Not to "Hangout" or "message" or whatever.  We use it to call actual phones.
Please be very, very careful about this integration, and about Hangouts in general. Hangouts so far has tried to simplify the messaging system to the point that it reduces its functionality. Yes, some people want to send messages regardless of offline/online status, but not everyone. If I want to see who to invite to lunch today, I want to contact people I know are online, not send a giant Hangout to everyone I know and see what happens. There are times when status matters. Give people the option to keep this functionality if they want. Don't simplify your products to death.
+Aaron Feickert: I submitted exactly this issue as a feedback message this morning. Please use the Send Feedback option and let Google know that this oversight is just plain silly!
+Keith Jones Online status is irrelevant. People reply when they can anyway. Most people don't update status messages nor do they respect others statuses.

iMessage is popular because of the simplicity. In reality, iMessage is just like Google Talk but you don't need to worry about signing in, online statuses, usernames, etc.

Traditional IM services are dying. I haven't used Google Talk for IMing in a long time. Only time I IM now is facebook (<- dying too, you'll see), steam, and xbox.
+Robert Baker Your post is wholly incorrect. Online status is very relevant to a great many people. Hangouts is not a micro-email system. It's just as much for live, interactive chat--to include video chat. That doesn't exactly work very well with offline contacts.
+Aaron Feickert No you are just associating an old system. I'm sure you send txt messages no problem right? But you have no idea what they are doing.

Messages and notifications are easy to ignore on smartphones. No need for statuses. Nobody sets them, nobody follows them.

iMessage is just an XMPP (Gtalk) protocol that has simplified registration and removed the clutter of status messages. People love it. People love it because it's easy as texting.

I welcome the change.
I still want the dialer back. And allow hangouts to access your address book for an incoming/outgoing call. 
+Bhagwad Park  was saddened and angry at Google for making her do this. 

What? How is it Google's fault you and your wife are being stupid.

You send text messages to people all the time, you don't know what they are doing. You send them without a thought. They respond when they feel like it.

Nothing is different here. You're just attached the old concept of IM's and status messages.

iMessage is XMPP (Gtalk). There is no online status or registration. It's as seamless as texting someone. That's why it's so popular. it's easy to use and no bs.

Nobody sets online statuses. Nobody follows them. With notifications and smartphones, we don't need status messages anymore.

I can ignore your message without a problem or an annoyance on Android. No need for an inaccurate status message. You may set them, but 99% of others don't.

A text message is 160 characters.
A tweet is a text message
A IM can be a text message or longer.

The end result is the same, you get notified of the message.
You don't see status messages when people are on twitter or if you're texting or using iMessage (which is IM's that fool people into thinking it's txt).

So if everyone is happy with iMessage and twitter not having stupid status indicators and 99% of people wouldn't set them. Why bother having them. If they are busy they don't respond. It's simple people.
+Robert Baker Congratulations on comparing an advanced Internet chat application to outdated SMS technology. Just because we've gotten used to the limitations of SMS doesn't mean we hail it as the highest pinnacle of communication design.
I sent a feedback message letting them know it was fine as is, and that it would be a pain to deal with changing your status. With the water mark system in place you can see when someone is in the app, and you can tell if they've seen your message. Needing to set a status is a step backwards
I don't care about changing my status manually. I want to be able to sort my contacts such that online contacts are at the top.
Next step, integrate voice calling (in and outbound) into the mobile Hangouts app as well.
Google hangouts in iPhone works really bad, my friends do not get my messages, even if I write them from my computer, contacts are horrible distributed, I have lost some meetings because they don't get the messages on time, invite someone is impossible, you sent the invitation an never get be honest google this is not what I expected from you. I prefer 100 times Facebook chat! 
Events and questions inside a group conversation?? Sometimes we have a dinner with friends and is impossible to find the info when into a group conversation where everyone talks... Example: what we eat? And three answers. Could be easy to know where is the dinner what people choose to eat, what is the time...etc....
I can't use GMail for my GVoice anymore.. it is now using "Hangout" too.. I would like that feature to call my computer when making calls from GVoice please
How do I know if it makes sense to send a video hangout request, which requires the other person to be available, if status indicators have been removed?
Is there any update as to a timeframe for this? I understand that things take time, but right now there is a rather large void where functionality was actually removed, and no actual unification has taken place as of yet. 
hai to all...
 is der any way to recharge google voice from google adsense account ???

I can't wait 4 some 2 call me on my Iphone5 haha...
I can no longer make phone calls directly through Google Contacts - is this part of the changeover to Hangouts?
Outgoing calls is an awesome feature that was very handy. You need to bring it to hangouts!

Also it would be nice to be able to set a status
Statuses seem pretty pointless to me, as one can just post an update on Google+. But yeah, outgoing calls is essential, and it will be coming in later updates. So hopefully like tomorrow.
I think there is a difference between a post update on g+ and a status.. I want to tell my chat buddies that i am walking my dog, but i dont think its interesting enough to post to google + (even if I can select certain circles)
MMS is the biggest missing feature in Google Voice.  Please add it to Hangouts.
+Simon Groce Actually, SMS is. Or voice calling. Those are far more basic and important than MMS. 
Yes finally one seamless text script not multiple ones
+Simon Groce At the very least you can share picture messages between hangout users in the hangouts app.
+1 to MMS, the single most lacking thing to Google Voice. Followed by group texts (iPhone MMS style). least with group texts I usually get a few texts from the group, whereas with MMS, no one is notified that the message didn't go through.

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming developments. I found out about this update a few minutes ago when I received a call through Gmail which went straight to a hangout. Sweet. I wish Google would directly address MMS so that my mind could be at ease, but I'm quite hopeful. :)
I had google voice on my 3gs and it worked great when i switched to the 4 i had problems i may need to update to a 5 now.
Presence state is important. I think the idea of not showing it as some pavlovian approach to condition users to not consider it is misguided.

In our GAFE environment at a statewide university presence state was extremely useful to let people know "My door is open and I am here,"  Since the change I receive dramatically fewer calls through Hangout. They have just gone back to the phone.

I also think your assumption that people only use Hangouts if they know the person is online is incorrect. What do you base this on?

Bring back presence indicators. Its a valuable ux affordance.
Can we please receive an update on anticipated features of this integration?  I've missed several important MMS messages from friends with iPhones and am reluctant to change back to my carrier based on the comment that Hangouts will be the future of GV.

Please give us some crumbs to nibble on while we wait!
+Nikhyl Singhal Hi, any updates as to when the call to phone feature or Google Voice integration is coming to Hangouts? It's somewhat crippling without said feature. Thanks!
+Karolis Morkūnas 1. Add SMS sending and receiving possibility.
2. Ordinary SMS and online texting SHOULD BE IN THE SAME THREAD of the contact (NO multiple threads (like in Facebook Messenger with enabled SMS sending/receiving which seperates Facebook messages and SMS messages to seperate threads)).
    Definitely. I really like this feature in Facetime/Messages.
3. Add SMS sending and receiving possibility through Hangouts desktop client when phone is online and has Hangouts installed (it would be great alternative to MightyText app to send SMS's through PC).
4. Ordinary SMS and online texting should sync to the cloud for the possibility to read a history of the conversations years before even when you reset or change your phone.
   Definitely. This, also, is a wonderful feature of Facetime/Messages.
5. Add dark theme - it's easier on a battery.
    How so? The backlight is what consumes the power. However, the LCD is transparent in its de-energized state (white) and opaque (black) in its energized state, so you actually consume (marginally) more power to make the screen dark than light unless you turn off the backlight.
6. Bring back online status indicator (like it was in Google Talk).
Having used this for some time now, I see a few steps forward many backward. It's clear the user and the user experience does not come first. Sad indeed.
Can you please tell me how to add a number to Google account and remove another one? I have a google number from one account but I no longer have that cell phone number,  I  need step by step on what to do. thanks.
I am trying to deactivate google voice, and when I dial the *73 it gives to deactivate, it goes to Verizon with a recording saying that the feature change was unable to be processed.
I was so thrilled to get an MMS today on my email through GV. I"ve been using GV for about 2 years now, and I have to say I don't know what I would do without it. Thank you to the Google Voice team for making this product so very completely awesome!!
Can we get a place where we can download the latest plugin. I google it and everyone wants to give me their downloader/updater software. Please just make the plugin available for download.
Mortified Google Inc has the hubris to push Gmail Hangouts and deprecate Google Voice without any warning ('beta' tag is all it takes). Sorry not professional product mgmt.
When Google Voice gets integrated into Hangouts, is that going to FINALLY allow us to send MMS messages?????? Can't believe I still can't send MMS messages after all these years....
I'm just glad to hear Google talking about Google Voice again.  It's been too long.
Just get your GV app on my Nexus4 to THREAD  the messages in that unified inbox, especially SMS+Voice+MissedCalls.  that and when the heck are you going to incorporate MMS messaging?  Truth is, I am hesitant to use GV simply because YOUR base app on YOUR phone suck so badly.
MMS is all we need, really.  Or at least not a  silent fail when someone sends us a MMS.  A little error message would go a long way.
+Eric Aboussouan All MMS I've ever received at my Google Voice number simply sends me an email with the picture and text of the MMS. That doesn't happen to you? 
+Jacob Mischka I'm guessing you are on Sprint?  Cannot send or receive MMS on every other network.
+Jake Wilson Nope. I can't send them either. But send me a picture message and it'll go straight to my gmail inbox. 
+Jacob Mischka You're the first person on the entire internet where I've heard MMS working like this. ;) What service do you have?
+Jon Yoder I had Sprint a long while ago, but have since removed it as I no longer have service with that carrier. I currently use a prepaid ATT-band-using carrier Net10, and have Google Voice forward calls to my (now extinct) Google Talk, and my Nexus 4 on the aforementioned Net10 service. I don't really think that has anything to do with it, as it goes straight from my Google Voice account to my email and has nothing to do with my forwarding phones. 

Here is an image of an email I receive.

I only receive MMS like this, SMS simply goes to and various Google Voice apps. 
For the record, the address I receive the email from is [My GV #].[# that sent me MMS].[some random string]

I don't recall ever having to do anything to enable this. 

Oh and if any text is included I receive that in the email as well. Interestingly, I've only ever gotten the "sent using SMS to email" signature in that particular one. All the rest just say MMS received and any included text. 
Oh, actually, I do have the "SMS in chat" Gmail lab enabled, though I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. 
Hey I was just wondering how to edit my phonebook from my mobile phone. My name is in the list like 8 times. I have 3 numbers and 2 emails I want to combine all the info into one.
+Jacob Mischka I would love to know how to set that up.  There isn't ANYTHING in my Google Voice settings that indicate I could do that...
Yeah I have no idea what I did to deserve it, but it's happened ever since I started using my Google Voice number as my primary phone number, about 6 months ago or so. 
+Jacob Mischka That's pretty cool. I'm quite jealous. :) I'm hoping this Hangouts transition will be just what I'm looking for.

I wounder if it had something to do with you using Sprint with GV at one time? Then maybe those features stuck onto your account? Just thinking out loud.
It's certainly possible. I really don't know. But yeah, I sure am lucky I guess. 
The recipient decide if they're available to chat rather than the sender demands attention like an infant, I'm okay with this.
I didn't read many comments but it kinda feels like google voice went away...
Is there a reason why the Google voice porting availability tool says it's down until tomorrow?  This doesn't seem right but when I put in my T-mobile account number it doesn't recognize it.  
Hey Nikhyl, a quick question about Google Voice since you mentioned it. I'm trying to find a way VIA PHP to pull my complete call history from my account so that I can track all incoming calls. I can get the voicemail okay using the url to the data ( but can't seem to find the correct directory for the history? 
It would be great to have quick reference to my history posted in an iFrame of my local intranet?
Any Idea? or do you have a contact at Google who may be able to help me?
+Nikhyl Singhal I would like to express my concern for google voice. I have used this service for years, since it was beta. Lately I have not seen major updates or new features, I am concern that voice will face the same faith reader did. I would like gladly pay a monthly subscription for voice with more features. Please do not let the ball drop on voice, this service plays an integral part of my communications and archives years and years of text messages.
How do we know a person is online in Hangout, unlike it is clearly visible in gtalk, can we still download gtalk on our android phones, google stores doen not have gtalk beta now.. want to download that, please help. 
Are we ever going to see an update to Google Voice app for Android?  It's in need of some serious work.  Some things I think need to be addressed:

1.  Can you fix the voicemail bug. Where I click play put the phone to my ear and then nothing happens.  I'm then forced to hit play again.  It seems to me hitting play the first time downloads it.  The second time plays it.  Not intuitive.  It's been like that with every Android phone I've owned (which is a lot, try a new one every 6 months).

2.  Can we thread those text messages?  My inbox is out of control.

3.  Can we get a SELECT all to delete or archive messages?

4.  Can we integrate the option where we can select who in our phone book we want to dial using GV and who we don't.  I know you all have the "ask before I dial" option but that really doesn't help for people with handsfree in their car.  I'm presently using a 3rd party app called VoiceChoice, it's great because I just put the numbers or select contacts for people I want to call using my REGULAR number otherwise all calls go through GV.  This should be a standard function.

5.  MMS, I know beggars can't be choosey being as GV is free.  But if you're not going to be able to implement MMS for us, AT LEAST send a text stating "someone attempted to send you an MMS".  Several times people are like "I never heard from you on the pic I sent" then I'm forced to give them my real number.  That doesn't always work for me.  Google is smart, and you have Picasa and Gmail can't you integrate MMS to send an email or post it to your Picasa or G+ page instead?  I know you guys can do it.  At the very least, let me know someone attempted to send an MMS to me.
Lec Maj
Switched back to GTalk till Hangouts has outbound calling. Hope it comes soon with SMS and reading my voicemail. 
would definitely like to see MMS added someday. no big rush, really, as i've gotten used to waiting for it. thought i had seen it mentioned as a feature that was being worked on/soon to be added, but that was quite a while back. perhaps it wasn't and memory just too blurred from time.
i have same like others friends problem . hope to get as soon Google talk on my gmail.
Here's a question for you Mr.Singhal!

Explain to me and everyone of us, why Google acts so irresponsible and allows new products available for download when they don't work correctly? Why is it that Google waits until they piss their entire user base off to the pint of finding other options?!!!

So do you really expect to get your users back after they tried using your products and not only did they not work as they should have, but for many of us, your product screwed up our phones etc because there are soo rampant problems and glitches?! 

Also explain what kind of sense does it make to have to open each app...Gmail, voice, etc having to go back and forth to each platform just to use a service that should be all seamless on one page???!

Google Voice has been nothing short of a real pain in the ass! How is it that Google rants and raves about Hangouts and then users upgrade only to find out they lose total functionality of other Google services they are using and have relied on?! We should NOT have to search endlessly on the net and forums to find out about all of the issues with Google!! How dare Google even release Hangouts with all of the compatibility issues! How irresponsible! Reminds me of Microsoft!

Goggle Voice has been nothing but problematic and still does not work as it should! Read the forums and read all of the complaints about all of these issues! So, Google couldn't have made a public statement sooner, before we all downloaded your products and had so many ongoing issues?! Once again, how irresponsible!

As far as I'm concerned, Google is a little late because a lot of the damage has been done. Your reputation I'm sure has suffered as well. Google has a long way to go to win back the many supporters that had and to keep the ones the currently have. I think Google is just out of touch with real people!

We are the end users and your irresponsible behavior costs us time, money and aggravation! You people at Google need to get your heads out of your ass and get back in touch with what it's like to be an end user...Real People! Maybe there's still time left for you to salvage your user base by being more responsible and not putting money before people. Only time will tell.
Future versions of Hangouts will integrate Google Voice more seamlessly.

I hope this means that Hangouts will also take over text messages that the Google Voice app handles too!
Please just tell us whether or not MMS will be supported. I would pay for it monthly if it was but the fact that you keep on ignoring it is the most frustrating, just tell us what you're going to do about MMS and when we can expect it. That's all we ask! Stop saying so quiet about it!!
I can't advocate for +Kyle Weller's post hard enough. Cross-functionality across products is great, BUT IF YOU BREAK MY GOOGLE VOICE, oh man, it'll be a bad day.
+Dan Knapp thanks for the mention, hope they dont limit the functionality, time will tell though, if they do merge them, I can see google voice web going bye bye ;\
+Nikhyl Singhal   "In the meantime, you can continue using Google Talk in Gmail." - This would be great, if it were true.

Presently there is no Google Talk as far as I can tell.  The old version doesn't work anymore and redirects you to the same "Install" page as all of the other links associated with Google Talk, which link you back to your main Gmail page.  Should you be REALLY persistent and dig deep enough, you will find a downloader that when downloaded and run attempts to download Google Talk, then encounters an unspecified error and closes.

I've used Google Talk for a long time, and have put money on it to use... Money I would like to get back so I can give it to Skype who is still offering the service they purportedly offer.
+Jason Newman Could you or someone explain what you mean by:
"With the water mark system in place you can see when someone is in the app, and you can tell if they've seen your message." ?

I've tried googling for "google hangouts watermark" with no success. TIA.
My experience in last 24 hours after upgrading to Google Hangouts has been awful.  For one thing it somehow affected all incoming calls on Google voice and kept throwing all calls into a hangout!  The second big negative is that all my calls would ring ONCE and go immediately to voicemail no matter how fast I was to catch the call.  The third bad effect is that I followed online directions to remove or negate Google Hangouts and it has no effect. I am now stuck trying turning my forwarded calls in Voice on and off, turning the phone on and off and just hoping that this works out in the next day or so.  Recently I feel as if every new thing adversely affects how Google Voice works and I am beginning to lose my commitment to keeping Voice as my one and only contact number. 
In Google's Play Store, there is an app called GrooVe IP Lite that is one of those things that others would say is the best thing since sliced bread.

It logs into Google Voice and turns a device without service into a full fledged VoIP client to your Google Voice service.

I use it with much success and I plan to never spend another cent on cellular service, EVER!
In Google's Play Store, there is an app called GrooVe IP Lite that is one of those things that others would say is the best thing since sliced bread.

It logs into Google Voice and turns a device without service into a full fledged VoIP client to your Google Voice service.

I use it with much success and I plan to never spend another cent on cellular service, EVER!
I have a google voice # but I am having trouble making calls on my Android, please help
Is there any way to allow Hangouts access to your contacts? Every incoming call I get is just numbers? Then I need to look at my phone to see who is calling, then answer on my pc. And that's if I get to it in time since the Answer button disappears after 3 seconds... 
so will we have free calling/texting to and from any Us and canadian number forever
How come it wont let me get any ringtones (if you even can) ?
Is there really still no way to stop calls from "ringing" in my Chrome browser just because I'm signed in to Hangouts?  The help page says you have to revert to Google Talk and sign out of Hangouts... which means I can't use Hangouts for other things if I don't want my cell phone calls ringing my desktop browser?  Why isn't there an option to disable this on my Google Voice "Phones" page like there is for google talk and each of my registered phones?  :-(
Interesting +Alex Soriano I didn't know that Hangouts would override that. I guess that's what I get for assuming. 
Whom ever is responsible for Hangouts should of been quietly let go, because the whole thing is broken and rubbish.   I don't use Chrome, but hangouts insists on opening it and tabs for every little thing done in the PC desktop (Win7) app. There are almost no settings.   I un-installed it and have re-installed my PC stand alone Google Talk software.  I'll just voice and IM chat from that which is solid and has settings right at my finger tips, not off via my Google account or in 'Chat' in gmail settings, or where ever you supposed to set things.  Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish.  It's like Google has done it's own version of MS forsaking PC desktop users with Win8 metro UI.  Hangouts Chrome PC app is terrible, opening up Chrome browser tabs every few minutes.  Always running in the background with no quick access to settings for audio/video and what is on offer with Talk PC app.  Crashes all the time.     No, I'm happy using my good old simple but effective Google Talk PC app, and then Skype for video if needed.    And I do hope very much, because I am a Goggle fan, they will please take another look at the PC app version.    Not to force Chrome browser on me and not have it open tabs all the time to log in and out...  Talk has a log in vis its own window, easy done.  But this hangouts PC thing forces Chrome web browser on me.    I wouldn't mind Chrome if it handled 100-200-300+ tabs better, just like FF does, and only open tab's when clicked not all tabs at once flooding one's connection.   Google talk PC app will do me, and I'll revisit this again in 12 months or so.   That's my 5 cents worth.  :)  as a big PC desktop user.
+Thomas Burrows this was just listed as a 4.3 feature: "The added ability for apps to tap into the Android 4.x-level Quick Response feature. This means when you reject a call and opt to send the caller a predefined text message, you'll be able to use any app that supports the function instead of being stuck only with the stock Messaging application." 
Happy it is finally being implemented.
How can I send a receive phone calls on my Android with Google Talk/Hangouts?
I do have a number but all of the calls go straight to my email.
Thanks in advance
You could never "Make a phone call" natively through Google Talk/Hangouts. You would need a 3rd party app such as Groove IP
I have no idea what hang out is. Please don't screw up Voice! Its fine the way it is.
Why hasn't Google added support for sending/receiving International SMS messages yet?!? Also, when I'm travelling, I would love to be able to forward my GV number to an International number. Why can't I do any of these things? Of course I would have to pay whatever international rates you charge to that country - but that's fine!
impossible d'utiliser google voice depuis quelques jours,alors que tout fonctionnait sans problèmes, le message télécharger le plug in voix s'affiche en permanence et j'ai tout essayé, impossible de rétablir le service? What I have to do?
impossible to use google voice for a few days while it worked without problems, the message download the voice plugin displays the time and I have tried everything possible to restore service? What I have to do?
OSX ML, latest chrome, can't answer incoming calls.
1) The notification is delayed (respect to the phone ringing). Most callers would have already hanged or it goes to voicemail.
2) Calls are never answered. When clicking on answer it will open a hangouts window (more delay) and it will show a message saying "Answering..." but will never really connect.
Leon M
+Jeppe Øland and +Thomas Burrows, I agree.  International texting is starting to be possible now they can send me verification texts for login (they couldn't do this until 2011-2012), so it wouldn't surprise me if they get that connection soon.  I'm all for global texting/calling, but mobile and phone companies are going to fight it to the bitter end.
+WhatsApp works okay, but requires both to have an account (nice for them, since it costs money after the first year) and Internet and smartphones.
GrooVeIP works well on my end to contact dumbphone users while I have WiFi, so I hope the new integration with Hangouts doesn't destroy that ability. International calling/texting fees should be a thing of the past.
+Nikhyl Singhal are you going to post comments now that phone calls are enabled via Hangouts? It seems to be working great and I have now re enabled the new Hangouts because I can make phone calls straight from Gmail again. Will this feature remain in tact and continue to improve? Thank you for your insight.
So given the fact that when people leave voice mails to my GV #, the fact that I"m not getting these (thank goodness i have it linked to my phone) is why this is happening I take it? What's the timeframe on when GV will essentially be functional again?
+Steve Soper What kind of Google Voice account do you have? Do you still not see your messages when you log into your Google Voice account on your computer? There are definitely workarounds to accomplish your Google voice mail messages on your computer and/or your phone.
lost my cell yesterday.....added a new phone but cannot transfer my credit of $47 from GVoice.  Also cannot make calls on GVoice as it will not let me add credit.  Please help... i need an option
Download the Google Voice app from the Play Store and log in to the app.
Also log in to GV on pc with your Google account and switch numbers if needed. Logging into you phone app should do it though.
I stand corrected. I switched prepaid phones (kept the same number). Since that switch, my GV voicemail wasn't working. I simply unconnected my prepaid phone from my GV account and relinked it. Voicemail back to working. Strange but good to be back.
Yes.  Newest hangouts must include GV + MMS.  My iphone using group chat friends are killing me.
I have a brand new HTC One, via T-Mobile. A remarkably fine implementation of Android 4.1.2! So far, it is not possible to setup Google Voice voicemail, on it. Though second-level support at T-M inputs my GV number into their voicemail system, the phone itself continues to report: 'Failed to retrieve and save current forwarding number settings.' (In Settings, in the Phone app.) Even after uninstalling, then re-installing Voice. (My old HTC Sensation, on T-M of course, also stopped using Voice, some months back, inexplicably.)

Certainly would like to know how to fix this. I quite depend on that G Voice voicemail.

Thanks in advance.  David Allen
Color me ignorant, but I've tried repeatedly to follow the Google install proc for some fashion of voice over internet carrier via Google, but the install always crashes or never completes.  If anyone can verify that Google's claim is honest, and that they have been able to use a Google app/tool to carry on a conversation with someone--at no cost, then please let me know so that I can find a solution to this problem I'm having.

I've used gmail for a long time, used the video chat (not working now though), and thought that the VOIC tool would be a piece of cake.  Apparently not.

I'm trying to set this up on my home computer (easy, right?), and I am using IE10.  Just some confirmation that it can work is all I need right now.
Just a follow-up.  I managed to do a video chat yesterday finally, but only after installing Chrome.  I've installed it before but there were some issues with it and Chrome was using serious amounts of processor resources.  So far this time it is working better.

However, I have tried to place a call using the Google Voice app and it is still dead in the water.  The best I can accomplish is to have someone call my GV number and it will apparently forward the call to my home number.  Big deal.  That's not exactly what I'd call "free" calling in the U.S.

Any suggestions might be helpful.  Also, take my comments for what they honest feedback from a Google user regarding the real-life experiences of attempting to use these online tools.
I have the Google voice. Now when I try to text my nephew after a few comments I start getting someone telling me to remove him from my contacts. I have 2 people under 1 number the odd person shows as " me "
when they type. How can I get this person off my nephews Verizon phone number? All 3 of us can see the text of the others
Suddenly this morning, I am unable to make phone calls from within GMail.  The phone logo is displayed, the calling pox pops up, but it displays the notice that I must download Google Voice before I can make a call.  Both Chrome and the appropriate extensions appear properly installed and working.  What's going on?  
MMS and group text are must haves! Please enable these features!
Hey Nikhyl-

Is there any update regarding replacing Google Voice on mobile with Hangouts? The Google Voice app is not only getting stale on both Android and iOS but also appears to be slowly breaking on iOS 7. Would be nice to finally be rid of it and use Google's one-stop messaging app in its stead sooner than later since I, as well as many others, cannot use a mobile device without a seamless and up to date Google Voice experience for texting and voice calls.
Regarding Google Voice, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it";  everyone will be better off if it is left alone.
Needs MMS and support for international characters like Japanese text.
How can I make Google Hangouts not ring when a Google Voice call comes in?
+Russell Tanner unfortunately Google said that you need to revert to old Google Talk and uninstall the Hangouts mobile app/Chrome extension in order to avoid that situation. Until Hangouts replaces Google Voice we probably won't see a setting to turn off Hangouts ringing for Google Voice numbers on a per-app basis.
A typed chat session (based on current apparent Hangout capabilities) won't replace voice communications.
all we have done here is let scam artists from around the world feed on the weak with free unlimited anonymous
 calling..  way to make an astronomical FAIL google....

may I suggest security....
Eric Wu
You posted this on May 20 and it's mid September. Any updates?

Definitely feel that people care less about calling using Hangouts (in the browser, via Chrome extension, etc) and more about enabling group text and support for MMS, and any other new innovative features. It's becoming a serious deal breaker for me, though I will continue to wait to see what you have in store.
since google voice is taking forever to be incorporated into hangouts my expectation is that hangouts with voice will replace the phone stock app and the sms/mms stock app on android 4.4 kitkat. So the new hangouts with google voice will be released along side android 4.4.
+Nikhyl Singhal  Emoji and MMS should be incorporated into Google Voice, if MMS would take too much server space, then at least emojis!
Any updates on all this, especially MMS? The lack of communication makes it seem like Google is already informally sunsetting Google Voice. There hasn't even been a post on the Voice blog since May (same day as this post).
Help!  I can't access my account from my cell phone any more.  GoogleVoice is not recognizing my recovery phone numbers, even after googlevoice sends me a verification number via text on the same cell phone number.  It tells me that this phone number I am calling from is not associated with my account. ????  How can this be when the website tells me my information has been changed & saved.  I tried changing the recovery phone number to several different mobile numbers we use in our household, but to no avail.
WHY OH WHY did GoogleVoice have to change this?  I have used GoogleVoice for 3 years, &  always managed my greetings, etc, from my mobile phone in the past.
This is all nice and good, but the whole of Canada would like to be able to get a Google Voice number... Hello? Google? Are you listening? 
In Windows 8.1 all of a sudden nothing Google Voice, or hangouts is working. 
Sad to see yesterday's Hangouts update didn't include integration for GV along with SMS. With the lack of updates to the GV app and even web interface for so long, and so little communication from the GV team, I'm a little worried that the project is being abandoned, and all of us using the service might be left out in the cold, or even have the service cancelled and be forced to port our numbers to traditional carriers (if you axe the program and I lose the phone number I've had for ten years and paid $20 to port to Google, I will be camping on the Googleplex lawn until I get it back). I think all of us would really appreciate some sort of statement about the future of Google Voice.
+Nikhyl Singhal 
I am also Google Voice user since day it launched (Same true for Android too) and I don't remember my cellular carrier phone number but just ported Google Voice number. I been waiting for Google Voice application update on Android platform for much needed features like SMS, MMS, better incoming call handling(some sort differentiate direct call v/s GV call), Google Voice API so developers (like me) can build-up more on this. Few days back Hangout got updated for iOS which has integration of Google Voice so use can do SMS/MMS. How about Android user? Why loyal users are being left behind? Please provide some future details of Google Voice if there is any update plan. Appreciate your some kind of response, thanks. 
Nothing works on Google Voice in Windows 8.1. I have an older laptop that has Win7 on it, and everything still works on that. I hope there is a fix coming soon. 
+Nikhyl Singhal Do you have anything to announce? I think many of us are just about ready to give up on GV, but don't want to :(
I did not want to read through all 500+ comments. Once Google voice and hangouts are fully integrated, will I be able to sent/recieve MMS/SMS over wi fi? Does anyone know?
I have a Google Voice number that rings to my landline. But it's associated with a gmail account I can't recover, thus, I can't check messages or settings... much less use it to make calls. 

What's funny is, the gmail account I can't access,  automatically CC's my other gmail account.  Yet, the account recovery system is so harsh it doesn't send out anything resembling a password reset. And calling in from the associated landline doesn't help one bit.  
I must have been hacked at some point, but Google just won't let me get unhacked. I've tried everything I can think of, even paid to recover the account with Google wallet and never heard a peep. Of course I can't contact support, does Google even have support?  
Strange to have a phone number that works and an email account associated with the phone number that works, but I am left unable to work with either. Grr
I'd love to see support for the 808 area code.  Is that happening anytime soon?  Also, an easy to locate link to request support would be great.
omg people are still posting to this after a year? lol, thanks for all the upvotes.  +Google lets get phone calls working in hangouts already!
What happens to people should have call credits with Google Voice? Do they get refund or what?
PLEASE, make it so g voice can receive MMS. PLEASE. that would be the single most amazing thing that the world has ever seen. Beating out the car and the light bulb by a loooonng margin. When is this going to happen? Please, I love you 
When will Google Voice be more integrated with Hangouts? I'd really like to be able to reply to SMS message I get on my GV number on my Android Wear watch.

I have a general question: Does Google Voice Support SIP and RFC3261?

What are the requirements to gain an online account for a SIP Trunk Line?

Thank you,
Kent C.
+Kent C. I can deliver SIP accounts to all Google Apps for Work users regardless of whether they use Google Voice or not.
can anyone help me I have google voice the same as my phone and it should be different. for my adds need help in changing this. lost
What type of model is the phone, and what should the difference be you are wishing to setup?  What is "My Adds"? The desktop version of Google Voice doesn't list such an option.

This is the only thing I can associate with your post which may help:

Please advise on those Q's and someone will chime in.

Kent C.
I am new to Voice and want to know how to answer calls?
I just got my number taken anyone know how I can get it back
I am one of the earliest gv users and do not recommend hangout due to a shortage of wifi area's and still a lot of people are using the old flip phones. If you think this is outdated then you have another thing coming to you. Just look at how may people are still using the old flip phones. Unfortunately google has not done a lot of things for those who are using the old phones and no internet, due to the cost of it.

Some years ago Yahoo brought out a voice system which was great, It read out your email and was widely advertised. However since they have stop doing that there has been nothing except for google voice in the phone industry. no wonder this is the top product, there is no competition.. I might setup an on-line telephone company myself :)
can anyone confirm that Google still , after 3 years, not allowed calls from hangouts web?