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Computer Updates
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do mac updates really cost money ??
I don't hate updates on my PC. People usually having problems with updates are just being ignorant.
erm you never pay for a mac update unlike windows who charge you £80+ for a slight tweek in the GUI aka windows vista 2.0 or as most people call it windows 7
Windows 7 is far from Vista. I admit it, Vista wasn't user friendly enough but there is a big difference between the 2. Not just the UI itself.
Windows = Sad but you'll get over it, Mac = Stick in the ass that will never come out
$99 is actually quite HKD
There is like 70% of PC owners that Click any popup. Window that request anything as they don't care. But MAC owners read through the update details. 
1. Mac OS updates are free.
Upgrading your OS to a new version does however cost a little but it's not much compared to how much upgrading Windows does.

2. Mac is not Linux.
It's UNIX. A BSD version of UNIX, that is. Linux is based on UNIX but isn't really UNIX… it's a separate thing.
I just don't like that for every tiny Windows update I have to restart my computer. In linux I only need to restart after updates when the kernel is changed. Idk how mac does it. I'm too cheap to buy a mac when I can run linux and not be limited by my OS and I can run AMD!
Ok first I am a pc and if ur a mac user that's up to you .

Windows 7 to me is a greater operating system and a better company. (Sorry if u disagree)

Apple computers to me only ship with old technology compaired with pc that are shipped at the same time . They are over valued and are stealing peoples money. I'm supprised people are stuped enouth to pay that much for them (no offence) but you wouldent pay (£€$) 10 for a cookie

If you read apples term and conditions they tell you they do not own most of the software as they are taken from open source projects . By law if u ask them for the source they have to give it to you. So why pay 99 for it

Ubuntu is a good Linux distro and user friendly with free goodies don't expect to watch a film or listen to music tho as you will have to download the codek.

Windows is my choice as its uniqe and microsoft. It's installed on all pc machines shipped and will cost from 200-600 for a new machine with brand new technologys so you could buy two( or more depends on price) for the price of a mac 
Muy bueno, un comentario sobre la realidad
@Sonny:"By law if u ask them for the source they have to give it to you."

That's only true for the GPL and other similar licenses. Mac is based on BSD, which uses (strangely enough) primarily the so-called "BSD License" (or one of its variants), which is NOT viral in nature and does NOT require code disclosure (but does require a copyright disclosure, AFAIR). Linux, on the other hand, DOES have the "if i ask then you must tell" behaviour inherited from the GPL.

There are MANY Open Source/Free Software licenses, and they differ quite widely in their terms and conditions.
So darn true, being adept in all three. Windows wouldn't annoy if updates were passive, rather than intrusive

why do peeps call apple products expensive and overrated ? so by the same logic a ferrari or other sports car is overpriced and over rated?
AFTER A DECADE of using windows i switched to MAC AND i aint going back :D
because mac tell you whou you have to think
Ferraris and other sports cars ARE overpriced and overrated! They're expensive toys with no functional benefit. (And after some 17 years of using Linux i ain't going back, either!)
Ferraris and other sports cars are VERY over rated. For example: in England you might as well stick to a Ford Focus because what's the point of driving a Ferrari when most streets and highways allow only like 60 or 80 mph (100-150kph)
+Stephan Beal Ahh right thank you for that I thought all open source was under one my apologys .

+Don Felipe myself would not buy a ferrari as to me it is over rated I also don't like them. Also I live in Wales (uk) and it would cost to much to run as we pay £5.20 ($ 8.04 ) GALLON
Sports cars all in all are overrated because they serve the same purpose as cheap cars does -to get to your destination.
sad but truth...
+sonny lloyd ubuntu has an open source and flash branded flash player you can enable from the repositories and vlc can play just about every file format with open source codecs from either the ubuntu repositories or the medibuntu repositories which are the official unofficial media repository.
Macfags, pcfags, and unixfags everywhere. I'm all three in one :D
+sonny Lloyd Damn gas is high over there
+Joe Baker Yes everything here is expensive as we pay a lot of tax its crazy how much is gas there
Ha its true cuz windows get updates like everyday
+Sonny Lloyd i live in texas and its about $3.00 goes up and down everyday tho
+Joe Baker WoW thats really cheap id love to be paying that much for a gallon
Actually the updates for Mac (like from Snow Leopard to Lion) only cost $30.
I built my PC and run Windows7 and Ubuntu. Its a win win and I can upgrade what I want when I want however I want to.
@Don Felipe... A Nissan GT-R cost half of what it's competiton from ferrari cost, and you get better performance. A ferrari is something you buy to use once in a while and it spends more time being serviced than actually on the road. A GT-R can be driven daily, will last for years, is better built and performs better. So if you buy a MAC to impress girls the way middle aged men buy Ferrari's, I assume you're having a lonely weekend...
I buy mac to use daily,i have yet to meet any female that is impressed by a computer.....
As for ferrari, it too can be used on a daily basis presuming the owner can afford to run it daily ...
I got my lion update for free xD legally might I add.
I even had a stab at android on net book, looked interesting, shame it was only 1.6 :/
Sorry, but I never paid for an update since I started apple products Long time ago. Upgrades are usually paid, and they are usually the cheapest among all "real" OSs 
Old. But nice effort. Thanks.
This is the really real truth... i have a windows
Zach W.
It's ironic because when I was reading this, by computer said I had an update.
If linux could run games I would stick with it untill then one pc for window another for linux........mac are tooo fucking expensive with the price to get a new mac I can build a cooler pc
mac updates don't cost money
You are whatever computer you are, if you have linux youits because you like free stuff, you have windows you like simple yet effective os's, if you have mac you can afford to buy a compter that lasts.

I for one am one that has all 3 os's and i find them all to be good in diferent things, i can rely on batery efficiency on my mac, but i cant run games on it, i can run games on my pc but i cant produce music as well as my mac does, and my linux can outperform in coding better than both mac and pc. After all i say it again, mac, pc and linux are good in their own way.
since when do mac updates cost money?!?!?!?!? the only time i had to pay was when i updated the OS. but u do that with other OS too!!! WTF
Aparently people forget that too..

Linux OS: $0 unless you put in on a cd or usb, then it'll cost whatever those costed

Mac OS: $30 Lion

Windows OS: $199 (cheapest) $500 the most expensive...

Technicaly you might pay $1000 for a mac but its fruits are better, the hardware lasts longer than a pc.

A pc you have to upgrade its hardware if you want to make it a good pc. Thats why many ppl resort into making one instead of buying one
Android: Damn, I've had that for 5 months already...
A Mac is a pc! Lol! hence "personal computer" 
I think with Mac they are just pointing out that you have to pay for every ridiculous thiing.
+Abdiel Santiago Your comment about afford a computer to last remind me of a Worker at a Electric store (Comet: they work on commission). He was trying to get me to buy a Mac (1000 pound) and i was saying no i don't like them as they are out of date and rubbish (My opinion), after saying that he was very rude and said its because i couldn't afford it (This annoyed me) so i took the p#ss and bought 2 500 pound Laptops (Windows) with a different employee at the store . The look on his face was priceless as he had No Commission. and i love my new laptops . i bet that buy wont be rude again hahah
Is unix base and is a nice piece of hardware
+Samuel Escobar I disagree with you, i find they are too slow and the rotating circle annoys me, plus it took me like 5 mins of using one to actually kill one using the terminal it would turn back on but would take ages( don't know why it took so long) . i find there's not a lot you can do on them you are very limited . of course this is my own opinion.
True :-) open source all the wayyyyyy.....
Well lets not speak about open source cuz many of the people who are speaking like linux cuz it is freeware not opensource cuz I dont think all of u are programmers. Speaking about a mac, it is the best piece of hardware I ever taste, Of course I think linux is the best OS but it is just the OS, they dont have hardware along with it. Besides I am a fulltime computer science student and I also have to deal with classes that are not related to computers, like physics, and just because I can use office on my mac and I find it better than libre office I prefer to buy a mac than stay with my hp running Linux, when I program is the same shit that linux and also using the terminal, in my opinion it is more actractive also, so that is why Im using Mac OS. And it has never been slow to me, even when Im running heavy programs or doing heavy processing.
True :-) Linux all the wayyy...
$99 is VERY expensive in SAR..... I'm not getting a Mac.
PC btw I think the Mac guy is very happy that's it's only $99 and wats linex?
Yeah. I hate Windows updates.
My Mac updates have never cost me money and if this is referring to 10.7 lion, it was $30 but the others are about right
You do know that £500 to SAR is about 4-5x as much? So it's better for me to get windows since if will be cheaper in comparison.....
I love it how a simple cartoon can bring so much controversy...

Job well done Skinny Ray!
What!? Apple hasn't charged for updates in years! And macs work a heck of a lot better than windows and especially linux! 
All operating platforms have their issues. I get paid to fix computers. I have nux and windows and have used osx. They are all shit. No one PC platform is the best. 
+zak stamps i disagree with you macs are out of date computer systems as soon as they are shipped . Windows/Linux computer systems are produced by many companys and are always newer systems
if only macs were just cheaper period i would probably buy one...
Tbh, if buy an apple product then ur paying for the name more than the technologies they provide. U might aswell get a granny smith and stick white headphones in it.
Haha, this is a great photo and describe what people think about the three different platforms
All of u shutup and move to qatar life insureance is free eletric no taxes once so every and its paradice ;)

lol 99$ for an update...and never had linux just android pc's
Windows a bitch i swear i would wait five minutes to be able to finally watch ray on youtube!
so true but I still wish I had mac :/ me=using windows :/
Linux works well for me :) free updates, free upgrades :-D, access to all major codecs ;)
lol.... accidental strikethrough strikes again!
Mac updates never cost
Lola I have a Mac and that is soooo true!
chiel b
not treu at all you all ways have troble with you windows and never with mac
+Luis Duran
Brave soul,   oh no you didn't    LOL
did you actually speak the words that were forbidden to be spoken for all time.
You didn't just call a Mac , a PC did you ?

You've got guts mate.

mate, i was recently on another forum whereby "Stairway to Heaven" was being played
and a guy comes on and comments and says
"Can anyone tell me what that tune is ?"

he's been copping shit for the last 7 Months on you tube  LOL
i think you'll suffer the same fate as he has.
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