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Been meaning to reboot my Google + circles, taken it down to a smaller number of people. More manageable. If by  mistake i deleted you, feel free to ping me - :). 

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Well done Google India and the marketing team. Made my eyes glaze for sure. 

Thank you googlers for a great set of results. Makes our jobs easier :). 

Whats the nicest hotel to stay in Cape Town in? Nicest - as comfortable, well located and fun. 

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Had a very special weekend in Boston. Northeastern University went all out to make me feel special. Was a humbling experience. Note to self - dont land at 11 am after 20 hours of travelling and give a speech to 6000 people. Only i know how i pulled it off with cancelled flights, and daredevil airport transfers. 

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Getting ready to give my first ever commencement speech, excited, honored and a bit anxious. Streaming live at starting 330 pm EST

+Larry Page Thanks for the shout out to the business team - great job done by one and all - couldnt have done it without all the product and engg collaboration. Thanks +Susan Wojcicki +Sridhar Ramaswamy.

looking forward to the q1 2013 earnings call :) +Patrick Pichette +Susan Wojcicki +Larry Page 

Ok - finished my big task in April w.r.t a speech, was a bit anxious - glad it worked out. Preparing the next step with a commencement speech at Northeastern Univ - my alma mater. Anxious again, ideas and thoughts? 

She was always cheerful, did the right thing by everyone around, great asset to us - intelligent, insightful, and compassionate. Will be missed. Heart wrenching for something like this to happen to her at this young age. Prayers to her family.
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