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Hey guys, I just joined the community as an Ethereum and DAO enthusiasts. Also after what happened last week, the idea behind smart contract is (in my opinion) something really powerful and able to have a hard impact on the borders between b2b and b2c.

As a Linux fetishist on the other hand, I created a small nodejs based script to track the current ETH exchange on kraken. You can find out more here:

Maybe someone finds that helpful. Cheers!

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I'm currently working on a JSF based project and also I'm not a big fan one really nice feature in JSF is it's inclusions structure. You can simply write the header or footer once and include it everywhere.

I wonder if there is something similar for plain HTML5/CSS3/JS projects,
best case would be a brackets extension in addition.

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+WOGUE  is there some kind of list/news about how and how much gnome 3.18 gained performance in comparison to gnome 3.16?
thanks ;) 

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"Der Rechtsstaat war „“ und anderen Schwarmintelligenten aber ohnehin immer egal. Siehe Kinderpornografie, siehe Vorratsdatenspeicherung, siehe Urheberrecht."

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Sehr sehr amüsant, das nenn ich mal iOS Phishing 

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