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Nik Sargent
Photographer, Artist, Scientist, Innovator, Analyser, Fixer. User/Customer Experience Evangelist. Bumblebee fanatic.
Photographer, Artist, Scientist, Innovator, Analyser, Fixer. User/Customer Experience Evangelist. Bumblebee fanatic.

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Can you imagine saying to your phone "where are my keys?" and it knows?

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image from a studio shoot this week with local togs..  
lit with the GL1 Hotlight... 

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Thanks to everyone who voted for our "connected bumblebees" in this year's "Internet of Things Awards" - we won the environmental category! :-D 

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Could I please ask my lovely G+ followers (well, beg actually) to cast a vote for my "internet enabled bumblebees" in this year's Internet of Things awards? :)
(just follow the link and click the vote button by the bumblebee project) 

The whole purpose of this project was to explore how to connect and co-ordinate live activity and real-time environmental data, so that the bumblebees can be studied in their natural habit & understand effects such as climate change. My technology solution allowed the bumblebees to tweet by the themselves based on activity. 

Please share as well if you like this use of technology :) 

A poem I've written to my unborn baby: 

"Some things you’ll never see"

Alas my darling little bump,
Some things you’ll never see;
Despite your newly-opened eyes,
Such things weren’t meant to be.

Your perfect face on sonic scans, 
Your outstretched feet and curled-up hands
That tell me that you’re there.
Ideas I have for favourite toys,
The lists of names for girls and boys,
Are things I can’t yet share.

Some things you’ll never see my babe,
Locked within your mama's womb.
While I’m out here and you’re inside
Your incubation room.

Each time I play a scottish tune,
The fiddle jigs throughout the air;
And there inside your dark cocoon,
You kick your little dance.

I'd hold you tight,
Angelic delight,
Just given half a chance.

But you’ll never see my stricken face
The day we thought you’d gone.
A terror tore my heart in two;
Thank God, you just held on.

And you’ll never see the tears that flow,
Each time your fragile heartbeat slows 
To listen to the lullaby
I make and sing for you.

You twist and clout,
And squirm about,
As if you're breaking through.

The kicks I've felt,
Just make me melt, 
With rampant joy inside.
The plans I've made,
The prayers I've prayed,
With overwhelming pride. 

But time will come - 
And not too long - 
When all  these things you’ll feel,
The depths of love 
Your father holds, 
Unfathomed and so real; 

An inch away, yet worlds apart,
Our bond is growing strong.
And through the rocky road of life,
I’ll harmonise your song.  

The day I clasp you to my chest,
That ache inside at last will rest,
Our hearts will chime in tune,
And beat a perfect melody;
That day can't come too soon.

The world is here, your life awaits,
But haste not, little one!
These moments do not want to wait,
A blink and they are gone.  

I press my lips unto the flesh
That keeps your world from mine.
And whisper now in softest breath,
"I love you for all time".

© 2012 Nik Sargent

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Portrait of Fredau (try and view with the lights off if possible ;-) )
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