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Sitting here all grumpy-like, decided to do some Circle Clearance.

If there's anyone who hasn't already blocked my flood of posts who wants to be removed from my Circles, lemme know and I'll un-Circle you. :)

If you're getting posts from me that you aren't interested in, lemme know and I'll reorganise my Circles into finer categories. :)
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Standard circle is ok for now.
I also wish to be in the super model appreciation circle
Nik May
Does that over lap with the giggidy circle? Because I should totally have a giggidy circle...
Every guy should have such a circle. When posting links, remove the image/video preview and nsfw tag where needed, just so your fellows can safely use G+ at work without having to block you.

This is exactly what circles is for. The work sphere is very different from the high-school party animal sphere which is again different from "here-are-naked-pictures-of-my-new-born-child" sphere.
Nik May
Maybe where you work...


meh... too much like hard work.
put ALL the friends in 1 circle.
Nik May
That does have a certain simplicity to it...
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