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My most recent work & my new Google+ account :)
Happy to announce the release of Belle 1.0.0 :)

Belle is a set of easy to style React components with great UX built-in.
All of them are optimised to work on mobile & desktop.

Thanks to everyone who contributed: +Jyoti Puri +Martin Wessely +Gianluca Cinellu +Christian Sna +Sebastian Sastre 

‪#‪‎UX‬ ‪#‎ReactJS‬ ‪#‎JavaScript‬ ‪#‎UI‬

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With Dart 1.5.8 the Editor get's some major performance improvements.
Dart 1.5.8 is now available on the Stable Channel. This is a maintenance release. Fixes include:

Editor: reduce memory usage
Editor: fix resolver to return immediately if pub is not running
Editor: move updating files on changes off the ui thread
Editor: fix for pubspec write
Analyzer: Avoid infinite loops in analysis when a file can't be read
Dart2js: Fix over-aggressive tree-shaking

You can also download the update on the Dart download page. Thanks for all the feedback and reports!

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AngularDart is dramatically faster than before after the last release yesterday.


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Digging down the Rabbit hole: How to identify if a Polymer component is still the active element.

#polymerdart   #dartlang   #polymer

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I had the pleasure to attend Y Combinator's Startup School in Europe and just published the stories & lessons learned from Partners & Founders at +YCombinator.

#entrepreneurship   #startupschool   #ycombinator  

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Must see! (build with #dartlang )
I’m excited to announce the public launch of Montage! Using intelligent image analysis algorithms and a sleek HTML5 interface, we think Montage is one of the easiest to use photo book creation experiences on the web.

When we started this project, we were looking for a platform to help manage the complexity of a large HTML5 application. We decided on using Dart and Web Components for building Montage’s book editor. Dart has definitely delivered on its promise of being a productive platform for the web.

We’ve put a lot of thought and time into building a polished product. I hope you guys enjoy it.

#dartlang   #html5   #javascript   #css3   #photobook  

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#TIL: A space or newline character within the opening and closing textarea-tag will break the placeholder attribute

#html   #html5  

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Happy to share that we're looking for talent to grow the team 

Please help us spread the word & send us all the awesome people you know — or apply yourself. This would really mean a lot to us.

We're mainly looking for various engineering positions as well as someone to join as product marketeer / growth engineer.

If there ever was a great time to join us it is now. Stay tuned for some imminent announcements.

Also happy to answer any questions.

#dartlang   #appengine #kanban   #agile   #developertools  
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