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I heart Board games ,. and wish I had more space and friends and time to enjoy them. This list is for those with kids and big kids and so on.
My daughter, Poesy, is coming up on four years old and she's starting to enjoy rolling dice and counting the pips, so we figured it was time to start thinking about board games. My wife, being the games professional in the family, asked on Twitter for recommendations and did a monster roundup of what all the game-type people in her social circle recommend. I'm dubious about some of these choices (if my kid falls in love with Monopoly or Candyland...
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Nik, one of the best games for younger players on your list is called Enchanted Forest.

Leisure Games in North London should have a copy

If you don't know it, Enchanted Forest is basically a bit of a memory game in that small fairy tale treasures are placed under trees and have to be found. The great thing about the game is that it's fun for grown ups as well as you don't just shake dice to move in a single direction but can move around the forest looking under the fir trees.

The board and bits are absolutely gorgeous as well.

It says that the game is for 6 and up but we found it best to start playing a simple version ie shake dice, move around and find things hidden under trees which when found, results in giggles of delight. Then as your daughter gets older, bring more of the rules in.

As an aside, again you probably know the site but Boardgame Geek is "the" website for Boardgames and has hundreds of threads and recommendations for younger games and family games. There are loads of others I can recommend which you'll find on Boardgame Geek but we found this one a winner every time we played it and still do.

I didn't know you and your wife are fans of boardgames as well. As you say if there was more time to play them, that would be good.
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