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Improving the health and wealth of the nation through research
Improving the health and wealth of the nation through research


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The British Library, eLife and Europe PMC have just launched the Access to Understanding 2015 science-writing competition. 

This is the third year of the competition where entrants are invited to write a plain English summary of one of our pre-selected research articles spanning basic through to clinical research. The competition seeks to increase public understanding of science, and to encourage researchers to consider public engagement and translation of complex cutting-edge contemporary research as an integral part of the research process. In essence, we want to raise awareness of the importance of bridging the gap between open access and broader understanding of the fruits of research.
The competition is open to all current biomedical and life sciences PhD students and post-doctoral researchers with a maximum of six years experience following completion of their first PhD, worldwide. The winner gets their entry published by eLife. For more information about the competition, please do get in touch, or see the competition details at .

The deadline for entries is 9 December 2014

The Access to Understanding writing competition aims to make scientific knowledge truly accessible by encouraging early-career scientists to write clear, concise and balanced summaries of research findings making them understandable to non-specialists. First prize is an iPad and the entry to be published in eLife.

The awards ceremony for the competition will be held during the evening of 27 March 2015.
Competition opening this year also coincides with the launch of the Access to Understanding web resource - a collaboration led by the British Library promoting wider understanding of biomedical research findings.
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The NIHR Researchfish data submission period is open until 12 December 2014. NIHR funded researchers and trainees will provide details about their research activities during 2014. The information will be used to show our impact on the health research landscape. 

NIHR funded researchers and trainees will be contacted individually to request their submission, anyone who does not receive an email who thinks they should be submitting can contact
for help.
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“The new EU Clinical Trials Regulation: how NHS research and patients will benefit” outlines the key issues for NHS organisations arising from the new EU Regulation on clinical trials, which will replace the existing Directive from July 2016. The Regulation is directly applicable and the UK Clinical Trials Regulation 2004 will therefore be repealed. The European Commission's own figures show that from 2007 to 2011 the number of applications to carry out clinical trials in the EU fell by 25 per cent, while costs increased significantly and the delays for launching a clinical trial rose by around 90 per cent. Given the increasing importance of clinical research to the NHS, the NHS Confed worked closely with a range of stakeholders to bring about the changes, and believes these new rules are an important step in enabling the NHS to increase the delivery of high-quality research and bring clear benefits for patients.

The publication will be highlighted on the NHS European Office’s Clinical Trials webpage.
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The new NIHR website is now live at   
The site now features a completely new look and feel based on our stakeholders requirements rather than the structure. The main navigation areas are:

· Funding – for research and for career development opportunities, including how to apply, how we can help and how stakeholders can help us by being on panels/boards or suggesting topics for research

· Research – a completely new section where readers will be able to find current / ongoing and completed studies through the links to our databases

· Policy and standards – with sections on the ‘faster easier’ research agenda, and lots of information about the policy landscape, the Government’s support for research and NIHR protocols and guidance

· Get involved – how people can participate and get involved and engaged with research generally, including a section for charities

· Industry – especially geared to industry needs with tailored information about our experimental research infrastructure, NOCRI, the CRN and tools for industry

· Our Faculty - with information about the types of Membership, and the benefits and opportunities available, such as the leadership programme

· About us - with our structure, NIHR Director’s profiles, a history, publications and briefing documents

· And much more in terms of content – go see!

In addition:
o there is completely new ‘Newsroom’ stuffed full of NIHR news

o For the first time we are advertising NIHR vacancies

o The images on the site are from the new ‘NIHR Photo Library’. This fabulous new resource was developed by running a national competition, with a shortlisting panel made up from patient, NIHR and DH representatives. Professor Dame Sally C Davies FRS FMedSci chose the final ‘Overall winner’.  The winning entries can be accessed from the new ‘feature panel’ on the home page

o   There is a highly effective search function

o   It is platform independent – you can view the site from desk top, laptop or tablets and the screen resizes accordingly.
This new site fully incorporates the websites of TCC, CCF, NOCRI and the Horizon Scanning Centre thereby reducing running costs, meets the Government’s digital policy expectations and improves the corporate integration of the NIHR. Hope you like it! 
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Changing diet, exercise, men-only groups & humour may help tackle male obesity, finds #NIHR HTA-funded study,-exercise,-men-only-groups-and-humour-may-be-recipe-for-tackling-male-obesity
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