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We have just a "few" types of massage on offer at #nigglesandknots...
If you are after one today, Shae has a 10:30am appointment available :-)
Give us a call on 3366 5267 to book in!
#brisbanemassage #ineedamassagenow

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Just a few more reasons a regular #remedialmassage is good for you!
And if you're after one today, you're in luck - Ann has spots tonight at 5:45pm and 8:15pm! And Cale has one last spot today at 12:45pm.
Call us on 3366 5267 to book, or book online at :-)
#FridayFact #nigglesandknots #massagebrisbane #ineedamassagenow

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"Join the Dark Side, we have massage"
#massage available tomorrow at 8:15am with Merryn or 6:15pm with Shae, call us on 33665267 or book online at
#starwarsday #brisbanemassage #nigglesandknots

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Feeling the mid-week slump? We've heard a massage might help..
Evening spots available today (woohoo!) with Cale at 4:30 or 5pm.
First in best dressed - book online now at, or give us a call on 336 65267 :-)

#ineedamassagenow #nigglesandknots #massagebrisbane #midweekmassage
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One for the multi-child slightly-frazzled mothers and fathers on school holidays!
Love this - "Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right. You simply don't need to attned every argument you are invited to".
Thanks to our favourite acupuncturist, Shanelle Hutchinson of Acupuncture Brisbane, for sharing this on her altar - brilliant msg!
#inspiration #beinthemoment #peace #nigglesandknots

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Is your body crying out for a massage today? If so, you are in luck! With Shae returning from holidays we are back in on Sundays and Shae has two spots left today! 1pm and 2:30pm, grab them while they are still there - book online at :-)
#nigglesandknots #Sundaymassage #Sundayfunday #massagebrisbane #ilovemassage #ineedamassagenow

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To give is to receive...
"Elderly people who massage surrogate grandchildren report higher esteem and better moods"
(see? we TOLD you that to give is to receive - we get almost as much out of giving you a great massage as you do receiving one.... mind you, we put 150% effort in every time we give a massage, so we still like getting our own regular massages too :-D )
#ilovemassage #massagetherapistslife #nigglesandknots #massagebrisbane

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Sorry folks, we are booked out this week end!

But don't be like our #NandKmascot Storm, don't get angry - get organised. Pre-book online for next week or future so you don't miss out!

(don't forget, we are CLOSED Sundays through March due to therapist leave)

#Caturday #catsofinstagram #sorry #massagebrisbane #bestmassageinBrisbane #nigglesandknots


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Niggles & Knots March News - Read about our March & April going's on... The Importance of Living for Today (and why Cecilia hasn't been around much recently) _ We have a few therapists away / on leave, so bookings are limited, find out the details here...

#remedialmassage #nigglesandknots #massagetherapistslife #massagebrisbane

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A relevant thought for this time of year, when we're all a little tired and "just hanging on" til that Christmas break... this is my current mantra:

"The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on"
- Henry Havelock Ellis

When we are stressed its really easy to lose perspective, get caught up in the moment & overcommit or try to over-achieve.

What are your real true priorities - those things that you must do to live up to your values?
What are you holding on to that you can let go of?
What doesn't need to be done before the Christmas break?
What can you "let yourself off the hook" of?

#beinthemoment #mindfulliving #letitgo #nigglesandknots
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