Well a few weeks ago I had a go at a 4 layer homogenous field in my City of Lichfield. It wasn't very big but looked pretty. It got me thinking......could I do this but on a much bigger scale.
A few hours on Intel (and more than a couple of re-draws) I had my plan.
The original idea was to build the core set of fields. Then along with two other agents, one in Stonnal, one in Alton and myself at Staunton Harold Reservoir throw the links in turn from the anchors. Unfortunately one of the agent could not make it on the day planned but me being stubborn decided to go ahead anyway.
During an exploratory journey on the 6th I decided to build the outer sections of the core fields and collect all the keys needed for the op. This was taking a chance as the OP was planned for the 8th.
Other agents were aware of the OP (@40079 and @SolusDaystar) and were happy to not field into the planned area.
Agent WhiteRosey unfortunately for the OP decided to throw some links/fields from Swadlincote to Ashby on the 7th. Thanks to Tim (40079) managing to get in touch with them they were notified that some portals would be flipped and they gave the thumbs up!
First job on the 8th was for me to go to Burton and drop a green link from the train station (cheers @PinkySiss 😉) then up to Swadlincote to remove the blockers, 8 ADA later and a good soaking from a downpour I was then off to Hartshorne to kill some random little links left by iGhostDog before eventually heading to my central portal in Rangemore.
Core fields up!
Off to Sudbury then to remove the remains of SolusDaystar's fields before heading to Alton.
On the way to Alton I had to stop off in Denstone as res agents @egan706 and @diddyann69 had thrown some large fields to Great Hayward and Bakewell. After being furiously recharged on the fields were down and I was off to Alton.
Links thrown from Alton and things were starting to take shape. Quick message to Noreen (@Leia0rgana) to say 45 mins til i get to reservoir got the reply that she was heading out to Stonnall.
Arrival at Staunton Harold Reservoir. Park the car and a 5 min walk to the designated portal. Links thrown and my final link to Stonnall arrived just as the portal was fired up by agent @Leia0rgana who achieved her longest link and largest field in finishing off the OP

If I ever do this again will definitely stick to the 3 agent plan 😁

Coming soon......The Big Fat Green Onion! Watch this space
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