Nokia, You Are On A Certain Road To Death?

Back in Feb of last year, Google's own +Vic Gundotra issued the now famous 'two turkeys don't make an eagle' response to news of Microsoft and Nokia's partnership, and today just after the recent Nokia shareholder's meeting in Helsinki, it looks more than prophetic.(see

If you want to read the tragic story of this once great company's plummet from the pinnacle of being one of the world's technology leaders to a position of struggling irrelevance (it's market share has apparently slumped from 29% to 8% in just one year??) then this is the place to go. Be warned, it's not for the faint hearted, especially if you were once a Nokia fan, as I was.

I've known Tomi Ahonen for a while now, we've exchanged a fair few emails on the Nokia subject, and while he may come across as somewhat wild sometimes, at his heart he remains an absolutely passionate devotee of Nokia, his old employer. Which makes his anguish more understandable perhaps?

Required reading for those who are interested in reality soap operas.
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