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Anyone know where to buy this kindle case, for kindle paper white? Every where is sold out

Has anyone had any issues with radio interference or saturated Bluetooth causing a problem with the screen. Went to a cricket match for two days and had screen issues while I was there but since I have been away from the ground it had not happened. It's rather strange

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The beautiful Adelaide oval, on a day that England should have felt at home

I know this might be a minor complaint compared to the while Twitter token issue, but is there a way to turn of the image animations? I like them, but as they appear when I am scrolling and in the corner of my eye they seen to give me motion sickness.

So the biggest nexus 7 sold out. The biggest nexus 4 sold out. What does this tell Google.... we need more space

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So companies are all over google + now. Remind me never to fill out my profile properly, so I don't get stream spam like Facebook gave me when it signed them all up to my stream

So g+ is adding in real time search and hash tag support. Looks like I was right, its just trying to be a long form version of twitter. And with celebs and companies appearing, all I await now is the spam.

With all the ICS leaks last night, and the news of the Samsung Nexus Prime event cancellation, I reckon Google should suprise the android community and just put the ROM up on the AOSP site
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