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Looking for other perspectives / vantage points :

I've recently read a few blog pieces downplaying and dismissing LinkedIn "endorsements". The go so far as to mention that recruiters don't take them seriously and "just get 15 friends to click a few skills and you look like an expert."

While I take the above with a grain of salt, I was wondering what other member's impressions are of LinkedIn "endorsements"?

As a social media consultant, I find them valuable because "visual connections" are huge in general. Beyond that, i've seen an increase in not only connections, but also in "initial stage" consulting relationships.

What's your take on LinkedIn endorsements and have they helped you / your business?

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I consider the recommendations and endorsements of value. When I look at the profiles of potential hires, I do look at their Recommendations. I want to know what others think about their work.

One cannot dismiss them entirely just because some people are unprofessional in how they obtain recommendations.

It is a professional network and as professionals we only want recommendations and endorsements from those who can truly attest to our work and associated skills. We do have the option to reject a recommendation or endorsed skill someone may have voluntarily submitted.

I wrote an article on this topic. If you are interested, I will send it to you.
+Donna Gilliland Definitely share that article in our group. I think endorsements are important - and will play a big role in the LinkedIn algorithm for filtered searches.  I think this topic is important, so I'm going to create an endorsement and recommendation category here.
+Nigel Ohrum And thank you for adding this topic into our discussion thread. Great topic and now I'm making a category for it.
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