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The galaxy s ii nearly 17 hours on, and still 35% remaininregular 1650 mAh battery.

ki3 (2.3.5) is probably the best firmware to date.not heavy use though.power saving mode is disabled.

Still tempted by the 2000 mAh if out protects the camera more though. The mugen 3200
mAh is only for special occasions
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Wish android client allowed edits....
Be careful. Most extended batteries don't deliver capacity they promise ...
really +Nicky Colman - what did you compare it with? I've had a couple of different smartphones and they're all not especially smart on battery life.

But in particular some apps really suck juice. It's not necessarily trivial to figure out which are the bad ones without using some tools or changing configurations -- so in that respect it's a pain.

But the SGS2 itself, and with "well behaved" apps, and sensible configuration (I have push email, twitter, regularly synced contacts etc, facebook, g+, ebay etc etc all active) has, for me, pretty decent life.
+Dustin Bursley there are features missing, but the app is evolving at a decent pace. It's more usable than the facebook app too, which still has funny issues, just like the site

+Dirk Spannaus Absolutely. Some are a fraction - I've also had one catch fire. I really go for originals now, though a "well known" brand should be ok too. I did "win" a Mugen extended battery and they really do deliver (3200 mAh). Quite fancy the samsung extended battery (2000 mAh) in part because it adds a mm or two and protects the camera slightly. Need to check out some photos/vids and find a case.
Nice writeup - good explanations.

Having said that I've not seen most of these problems. I can't comment too much on gmail except to say that push seems to work perfectly. Also there is push support, but not all apps support it. Twitter added support after you got your handset. It makes a huge difference to immediacy and battery life.

Duplication/inconsistency - yes there is more of that. And duplicate "stock" email etc (both work very well for me).

Battery life is a very difficult thing to comment on as there are so many factors. Certainly some of the widgets do hit the battery quite hard. 2% an hour is about my "low use" (not zero) drain, which for me is fine. I don't know what the iphone is like. You can disable background data/sync to reduce consumption further.

Other factors may have been
- improvements in the firmware since launch -- I didn't get my handset until July by which point there'd been a fair few updates
- Three. I used to use 3. Roaming to 2G, and low signal esp when travelling seemed to hurt my battery a lot. It's been a lot better on Vodafone. I know there was also a bug with "fast dormancy" which could cause a huge hit.

Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you, but have to say I'm totally delighted with me.It's by far the best handset I've ever used
on normal settings on a normal day and 17.5hr in I have around 30% battery. display on is 2 hr 20. pretty impressed.

still tempted by the 2000 option
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