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Just back from Burning Beast 2012 with Lynn. What an amazing and well run event. Very low key, great food and a supercool, non-pretentious crowd. Outstanding! We'll try to score tix again next year.

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Sad news this weekend on the random killing of our great friend Justin. If you knew him, please drop by and share your story.
If you knew Justin, please take a few minutes of you day to share some stories about him so that his legacy can live on.

Can't add a road to Google Mapmaker - have followed the instructions and tried on multiple browsers. After adding a line to the map, double-clicking the last point, or hitting ENTER should bring up a dialog to enter the road details. I get nothing. #fail

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Now, that's "cooking on gas"!

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1) Click the link below
2) Click "Play"
3) Watch the awesomeness
4) Share ;)


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Interesting obit - both amazing pioneers of the modern industry. So much of what we use today is built from their work/contributions.

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Awesome, can't wait. The advances in technology are amazing.
#lotr #thehobbit

The Hobbit - Production Video #4

Peter Jackson brings us the 4th behind-the-scenes production video of The Hobbit. I've loved the last three videos that he did from the film set. It's an amazing experience seeing how much detail, skill and technology goes into the making of this upcoming epic!

I can't frikkin wait for the final movie.
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