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I have recently bought an IP Camera similar to the one in the photo below. I assumed it would have a web page interface but putting its ip address into a browser window gives just a blank page. The only app that is suggested in badly translated instructions is V12 which runs on Android. I can't access the camera from outside my local network. The worst thing is that it makes a chiming noise every 30 seconds and I can't find a way to silence it.

My problem is lack of knowledge or a suitable interface to find out what the camera is doing. I wonder if anybody can offer some advice.

I'd like to create a form from the column headers in an existing sheet. I think this is how the old forms worked but now you create a form and the results are put in a sheet with column headers to match the form's questions.

The other thing is that I'd like the results from the form to appear at the end of the sheet from which I got the column headers to make the form's questions.

I expect I could do this programmatically using the forms and sheets api but is there a simple way?

I took some photos with an ordinary camera with no gps or connection with the Internet. Sometimes Google will recover my locations from my phone and add "estimated locations" to the Information relating to photos stored on Google Photos.

An odd thing that I have noticed today is that the photos outside an album, i.e. in the normal chronologically ordered list of all photos, have estimated locations but when the same photos are put in a shared album they lose the estimated location. Is this a bug?

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The Telegraph: Exclusive: Green energy tycoon in eye of the storm over electric car charging prices.

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The Verge: Dutch households will use servers to heat their showers for free.

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The Independent: Record-breaking solar panel converts more than a quarter of sunlight into electricity.

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Google is shutting down Spaces. How can I save the information I have stored in Spaces? How can I "serialise" my Spaces?
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