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Nigel Cliffe
Marketing Technologist, Business Strategist - driving improved ROI on marketing spend & business performance
Marketing Technologist, Business Strategist - driving improved ROI on marketing spend & business performance

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I have a couple of questions regarding the 'Location' field on LinkedIn I wonder if I could ask your opinion about please?

I choose to default to 'United Kingdom' on my profile by simply adding 'UK' into the postcode field. The reason I do this is to not limit my findability by limiting it to an area - for example, London.

Do you agree this will provide me a likely better opportunity to be found?

A corresponding question: If I lived in France, or any other country for that matter, what would be the equivalent to 'UK' to create a country-only field entry? I have a client with multiple international locations and would like to tell them to adopt the same strategy.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

I'm not sure about you guys, but I am constantly asked what is happening to LinkedIn....etc...but a more important question:

Who is nearest to replacing them?

I'd love to see a list of contenders. Shall we start here?

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Just had to comment how simply beautiful these are :)

... and in my back yard too #luckyman

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So how does 'How You're Connected' really work?

I've long been puzzled by the value of the feature 'How You're Connected' which appears to the right of each person's profile you view.

Take this example just now, which seemed particularly interesting with only 2 connections. The 'blue' graphic takes me nowhere and the list which appears below of many of my existing connections cannot all be connected to Jessica, her having only two connections. (If I scroll to the right, it brings up many more connections....)

When I click on the 'question-head' it also reveals nothing.

I have no intention of using Inmail (I have never used that), so what is the purpose of this panel?

Am I missing something here?!

I thought if anyone could help, this group would know!

Thanks and regards,


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Useful perspectives about attribution here....

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...and here's me, thinking this is so damned obvious! Thanks again for sharing +Gary Sharpe Have a great weekend y'all.
This Quote on one my LinkedIn Publication by +Nigel Cliffe was so good I just had to capture it and save it for posterity.

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Very useful perspective and I couldn't agree more!

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Is it okay to sell on LinkedIn?

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I really like this article from Jerome Parisse-Brassens It puts Trust into 4 pillars of understanding.

I wonder if anyone knows how the figure is generated by LinkedIn that suggests the number of views you have received on a status update?

In the section on your home page that is titled 'Who’s Viewed Your Updates’, LinkedIn reports:

Nice! Your update's getting noticed.

XXXX of your connections saw your update. Keep sharing to stay top of mind in your network.

Does this mean that XXXX people actually clicked on the article, or did it just appear in their timeline?

Any feedback much appreciated!
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