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Who is engineering a coup?

a) Long term MPs elected on one platform rejecting a leader and cohort of hard lefties who don't represent the view of the party they knew most of their parliamentary career


b) A mass of new Labour supporters who suddenly join a party and demand it espouse their world view rather than the platform upon which it was elected.

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I feel cheated having subscribed to Office 365 but using a MacBook as my main device. From the user forum comments and the UserVoice votes it seems plenty agree.

How can Microsoft release a product so crippled on OSX when the iOS version copes fine.

We Mac users already lack Access and Publisher which, to be fair, Microsoft make clear on the product page. Nowhere does it warn cloud (non Exchange) users that they will be cut off from their data. Worse, Outlook without contacts is a communication tool with a major component missing.

Shame on you Redmond!

Customer service is something you can't buy through your marketing budget. It's something your customer must experience.

Two experiences recently show opposite ends of that experience:

1. Standing on a station platform at 10.30 on a cold evening I grumpily tweet about the closed waiting room. Some social media monitor informs me that the station facilities should be open until 1.35 am and have I spoken to a member of staff. Of course I bloody haven't; if I had I'd be in a warm waiting room or complaining about uncooperative staff. The intervention of the Twitter stalker was of no use to me.

2. Cleaning my bean to cup coffee machine when the steam bit started pouring water from all the wrong places. The machine is 13 months old and of course I can't find the guarantee or receipt. So, we ring John Lewis who trace the transaction and give us a reference number to take to the nearest store. At the store (at The Mall Cribbs Causeway) the customer service chap quickly dealt with the problem and completely exceeded all my expectations by replacing the machine with an identical new model. (The old one will go away for repairs but I don't have to wait three weeks while the manufacturer sources a new part.)

In case 1 I'm still unsatisfied (and will probably suffer the same cold wait next week) - in case 2 I'm very happy, tweeting and Google+ posting the happiness, and drinking fresh ground coffee.

You choose the winner.

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Definitely worth a read.
I counted 20 devices in the house currently; six more on the way with visitors this weekend. How many might be vulnerable?

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Good watch

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Occasionally I have to vent about things. In this case it's the disparate subjects of misleading press headlines and the waste encouraged by central government funds thrown at local government. 

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It would be even more informative to see this as per/thousand of population. US even worse - India better. (Although I could use the CIA Factbook to do it myself.)
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