So you want to import your Facebook friends into Google+, but don't want to do this manually? It sucks that you can't do this directly yet, but there is an easy way to do this.

You'll need a (temporary) yahoo mail account. Just create one at and go to "Contacts" and import through the Facebook Connect option your FB friends into your yahoo mail account. Now go to Circles in Google+ and connect your Yahoo account with your Google account. If for some reason this generates an error (it happened to me) there is another easy way to export your new Yahoo mail contacts.

Just go to your Yahoo mail account and click once again on "Contacts". Now click on "export" and select the Yahoo CSV file to export. Go to your Gmail account and click on "Contacts". Click on "More Actions" and then on "Import". Now select the CSV file that you've downloaded from Yahoo and import all your contacts.

When you're done with any of the above methods just you go to your Circles page and you'll see all your FB friends in all their glory and you can start adding them to your Circles.
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