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"We always knew there was something special about Green Point Urban Park. It’s beautiful, rich in biodiversity and filled with cool things to do. It’s really an awesome place. Turns out the the City of Cape Town agrees with us. They have nominated Green Point Urban Park to be a provincial heritage site. "

#greenpoint #capetown #heritagecity 

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Amazing Street Art Project in Woodstock.- Cape town

amazing street art project - Woodstock, Cape Town

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Did you know.....?
"Langa was established in 1927 in terms of the 1923 Urban Area Act and is one of the oldest townships in South Africa. Go and visit Cape Town most popular townships ..."
Find out more when you visit #CapeTown !

#Township #Langa #westernCape #CapetownTourism

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Meet us in Green Market Square everyday at 8:50a.m/11a.m/2p.m and 16:20p.m for #HistoricTour   #BoKaapTour  and #DistrictSixTour   walkers! ;)

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"Whenever you visit somewhere for the first time, it is likely that you will unwittingly have an opinion or an expectation of what you will find there. Perhaps one of the best feelings when travelling is finding out that your pre-conceived opinion was wrong; the reality is much better."

#Top10destinationsintheworld   #Top10citiesintheworld   #TraveltoSouthAFrica   #travelingdestinations   #CapeTown  

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Check out this Go Pro footage, shot around Cape Town! 
An awesome way to film while not surfing! ;)

  #SurfinCapeTown   #CapeTown   #Gopro   #surfing   #westernCape   #Goprovideos   #VisitSouthAfrica   #VisitCapeTown  

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" Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa, having been officially founded in 1652 following the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck. Since then, a lot has happened and the urban and natural environment has changed drastically."
Take a look at what our beautiful city used to look like in the 1800s and early 1900s compared to how it looks now! :)

#Capetown   #capetownPhotography   #CapeTownHistory   #MotherCity   #CapeTownImages  

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" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
#VisitSouthAfrica   #LoveSouthAfrica   #CapeTown   #LoveCapeTown   #ThingstoDoinCapeTown   #CapeTownFreeWalkingTours   #Capetowntours   #FreeToursCapetown   #MeetSouthAfrica  

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Hey walkers! Do you want to find out more about South African lexicon? Check these funny and yet so real expressions used by locals! :)

"12 Odd South African Expressions That Drive The World Crazy.
South Africa remains a unique culture with diverse origins, and is so intensely cosmopolitan, that during the time we interact with foreigners, they’re left baffled with some of the things we say. Find out which expressions South Africans find normal but are completely ludicrous to the world."
#Southafricanexpressions   #SpeakinginSouthafrica   #VisitSouthAfrica   #funnywords   #oddexpressions  

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Are you considering whether to have a chilled weekend after having taken a #freewalkingtour in Cape Town? ;) 
"If you’re planning to take a weekend off from the hustle and bustle of the Mother City, here are 26 weekend getaways near Cape Town you should consider. One of them could just be that much-needed escape you’ve been longing for."
#thingstodoinCapeTown   #DiscoverSouthAfrica   #TraveltoCapetown  
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