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Niels Mul
40 years of age. Living with my misses and 2 kids in the Netherlands. Enjoying live as much as we can. I am determined. Always taking care of friends and family. Can be sometimes hard headed I guess.
40 years of age. Living with my misses and 2 kids in the Netherlands. Enjoying live as much as we can. I am determined. Always taking care of friends and family. Can be sometimes hard headed I guess.

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We have a winner! The #OnePlus3T was named the "Best mobile phone of the year" at the 2016 Recombu Mobile awards

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I have been following the news on the Note7 and must admit, Samsung goes a great length of trying to get the Note7 completely off grid.

Interesting to see they go all the way. Seems like there is something terribly wrong with it. What reason would Samsung have besides lawn suites to be this persistent ?.

I for one start to believe there is much more going on that Samsung wants anybody to find out. This isn't about lawn suites anymore. There might be more issues with the phone and they just don't want the truth out there.

Let me be upfront. I thought it was a great phone and even I was on the fence of getting my hands on one. I am a huge lover of stock Android but the Note7 ticked all the right boxes for me.

However after seeing the first caught fire it threw me off a bit. I mean it became a hazard. But after the recall I found faith again in the Note7. Early batches went wrong sorta speak. And anyone can make a mistake off course. But it didn't take long or they start catching fire again. And from that point on, well we all know what happened.

But the persistency Samsung is putting to get all Note 7 of the streets made me think. There eager to get ride of them. Even trying to for ever silence the phone by a special OTA that will shut the phone down and won't power on. There is more to it then Samsung let's is believe. What's the true meaning behind it besides the eventual lawn suites. It just can't be the battery alone.

There is more to the story i an certain. Samsung is scared shit and is taking every precaution to get the Note7 of the field.

Now that does make you wonder

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Now let's see what this puppy brings

Google asks me " how are you doing?"
Haven't been on lately to be honest. So today I just had a peak at it again. And again it is on.

A post made by +Armando Ferreira​ took a deep dive mainly due to comments. It showed the general behaviour nowadays on any social media platform. For some reason, beyond me by the way, people have the need to defend there posts till the teeth.

This post was about the battery of a iPhone 7. It showed only how he was impressed by it. But seeing the reaction within a half hour is staggering. Honestly it was utterly disappointing to see how some reactions are.

I, as the OP said in that post, love tech. Regardless the manufacturer. I surely get that you like your piece of tech better then you're neighbors but come on respect others tech as well.

Tech is tech. Regardless it's Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and many others. They all have their own good and bad.

So to answer the question G+ asked me, enjoying the tech I own and owned but getting disappointed about the general behaviour on G+.

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It's a really good phone for the money. Nice review !

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Cane in the mail today. Was a bit worried about getting a early edition with issues with USB c connector. But it fits like a glove.

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Eerste dag op 6.0.1
Dit bied toch perspectieven.
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What a beast Nexus 6P !!!

Never thought it would be this awesome. What a fast phone. Unbelieveable !!!

After 2 months of using the S6 from Samsung I am truly fed up with it. Screen and camera is just awesome but as far as the rest goes its crap.

So I am running back to Nexus device again but which one to choose

Nexus 5X 32 gb or Nexus 6P 32 gb
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