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Anybody in Southern California with some extra colocation space want to let me put a single well-secured mid-tower Linux box on your network for open-source && non-commercial web-serving, web-services etc? Just need Port 22 80 and 443 access. As alternative for my instance hosting, I'm also checking out and setup a test instance to see how it works. Also checking out but it's very expensive and in my tests using seems like it doesn't allow public access -- only for "extranet" usage.
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Actually, if Jelastic proves as easy to use as it is currently proving, and doesn't end up costing a lot, it might be the best option. It certainly provides a beautiful and full-featured web-UI, and some pretty amazing capabilities that make full fledged java deployment incredibly easy. Almost seems too easy so far... what's the catch? :-) (that they'll jack up the pricing once i'm all settled into their fancy html5 couch that allows me to never have to edit a f'ing Tomcat XML configuration file again...

It's not exactly blazing on the upload, but that's probably my ISP's unbalanced service and xwiki-enterprise-web-3.5.war which is now quite full featured at 135M!
I guess everybody's doin' it!

I also have a free beta to HP's Cloud but given their pencheant for killing things just as soon as they begin to show promise, and management that hasn't a clue about how long development takes, or what releasing some new platform actually entails (c.f. Nokia, Intel, RIM, etc). Plus Meg Whitman, plus Marc Andreesen on their board... #fail
Well that was easy:

Comment I posted to
stating a few additional steps needed for

Thanks for making this available. Jelastic is fantastic and your description got me 99% of the way there….

However, after setting up Xwiki and starting tomcat, you also need to upload,
via ‘bin/import/XWiki/XWikiPreferences’ , xwiki-enterprise-ui-all-3.5.xar . However, uploading this large file into the “empty” Xwiki dies with an error that suggests max_allowed_packet is too small. suggests changing mysql config my.cnf file from 1M to 32M ‘max_allowed_packet’

“If an empty Xwiki starts with no errors, but you unable to upload the default set of pages (XAR file) also try to increase “max_allowed_packet” parameter as shown above. ”

So I changed my.cnf
max_allowed_packet = 32M

Then I restarted mysql while the Xwiki/tomcat instance was running.

Now I’m able to upload the XAR successfully, then import the default Xwiki environment. After changing the default Xwiki ‘Admin’ password I now have a working Xwiki instance
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