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Hi all,
I've had my Ghost Drone since the Indiegogo campaign> Unfortunately, I haven't been able to fly it yet. I managed to get the app connected to the G-Box. Then the G-Box connected to the drone (by connecting the battery). However, the unlock is not available, the satellites icon is 'empty' and the battery icon is 'empty'. Nothing. Any advice? The app starts in an odd location in Western USA, following the yellow line, I can see my location (from the app, or from the drone?).
The drone is flashing red (both) and blue (both).

Any advice?
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And this kids is how we sculpt in virtual reality. Using a headset and 2 Razer Hydra motion controllers. Check out the full video for more info here: Sculpting in Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift DK2 + Razer Hydra #VR #CardBoard #OculusRift Also check out Doodler which is a similar project:
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The future is now!
College graduate creates a man-made leaf could help us breathe in space.


Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri has created the first man-made, biologically functional leaf that takes in carbon dioxide, water, and light and releases oxygen. The leaf consists of chloroplasts -- the part of a plant cell where photosynthesis happens -- suspended in body made of silk protein.

Watch the video. It's quite amazing!

#science   #space  

Ok. Guess I'll have to try this from tablet. No 'beta signup' link to be found on the G+ app community (from my Note2).

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whoa...if these companies can make these mistakes (and verify them) they should compensate Mr Hiroshima.

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Will I finally become a maker in 2014?

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And compliments for the website too! Look at the 'how it works' page!
Lovely HTML5 example...
The SOMA Water filter is finally available for everyone. +Brynn Evans and I have been enjoying ours for over a month now and love it. Here's $10 off your order (I'll get a $10 discount too):

Here's why it's awesome: 

1. We replaced our aging Britta pitcher which, while functional, was ugly, plastic, discolored, and something to be hidden. The SOMA is beautiful.

2. The SOMA water filter is 100% compostable, made from all-natural Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk, and food-based PLA plastic. SOMA's model is based on subscriptions, so if you buy one or more carafes, you'll need a subscription to keep your water tasting good.

3. That said, the water that passes through the SOMA filter tastes amazing — much better than our Britta, way better than our tap.

So, overall, a great product. And very happy to have Kickstarted it a long time ago [1]!

Two points to consider:

1. The glass carafe has slightly less capacity than the Britta we replaced, which means filling up more frequently. Not a deal-breaker, and perhaps the price to be paid for higher aesthetic design.
2. Pouring into smaller glasses can be tricky, especially if you're used to "dumping" water into a glass. This just means that you need to pour more carefully; NBD.

So, if this sounds good to you, use this link and we'll both get $10 off our orders:


#water   #somawater   #reviews   #health   #fitness   #design   #deals  

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