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What I wanted to buy but could not ....

We were (several times) at the point where I was nearly able to buy. The first time they fetched the wrong nexus 7 despite being selecting the 3g one.

This one below (with a nexus 4 8gb only as that was being able to put in the card at that moment) was cancelled on the entering of a new credit card - the old one works fine according to amex, a test booking was done, the new one is the same which was at a later "you managed to get as far as this step" step used to buy a #nexus7 .

Now the #nexus4 - put in several times in the cart, advances several times, is sold out. I think next time I'll be doing a screencast of the unsuccessul ways to order something here. 

Really fun. I am waiting for the order to process to rate that experience on wallet with as few points as possible.  I assume I will not have to redo the reminder mail for the Nexus 4 given how many people did not get one.

Other unhappy customers at German Google PR guy +Stefan Keuchel 

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Very unfortunate, isn't it. If one isn't set on the Android/Nexus platform, this kind of thing can be really bad for sales i.e. if I really needed a new high-end phone today I could just buy something else off the shelf when the store opens in 4 hours, iPhone 5, Galaxy S III etc.

(The good old Galaxy Nexus will be okay for now.)
We suffer glitches and unrefinement in Googles UI's and processes here in the States, too. I just posted this morning about being annoyed with Contacts management. Every since G+ came around, Contacts have been a source of pain.
In your case, you are actually trying to buy an expensive product of Googles - but, you're getting a bad user experience instead.
+ron it basically was a lottery to go through. They could have just taken my sale and put me in a lottery - stretching registration and buying out over time. people would have gone for that.
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