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Nicole Leigh Shaw
Bumbling self-depricator by day; Ninja Mom . . . well, only on my blog.
Bumbling self-depricator by day; Ninja Mom . . . well, only on my blog.


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Dad are moms, too
Chris is a wonderful stay-at-home mom. He's also a man. So, when Luvs asked me to pick a dad I could honor for Father's Day, I choose Chris over my own husband or father, because, frankly, Chris has a swimming pool at his house and frequently invites my kid...

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Mother love
*This post is sponsored by Luvs. It comes as a surprise. It's happened more than once and still, it shocks me a little, pricks at the corner of my eyes. It catches in my chest the way all the best feelings do, the ones that barrel into my consciousness, exp...

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This Valentine's I'm giving my love to the preschool teachers who loved my kids
This post is sponsored by Luvs, who compensates me for my posts. The benefits of preschool aren't always obvious. I mean, how many scribbly drawings can you "save" in the "circular file"? But if you're lucky enough to have access to a play-based preschool, ...

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#WhatULuv, apparently it's the little, teeny, tiny things #spon
It's Thanksgiving. Cue the #thankful lists on social media. Everyone loves to talk about what they are grateful for, what they love, what they value in life. And that's great. Except sometimes it feels like other people are giving thanks for finally learnin...

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The Summer Family Budget (Just Burn Your Money) #spon
LUVS AND I WANT TO GIVE TWO LUCKY READERS  ALL THE THINGS PLUS A $50 AMEX GIFT CARD. BUT READ THIS FIRST. Where are you now? In your kitchen? Look around, are there grass clippings on the floor even though your swept 5 minutes ago? Have three children dirti...

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I'm a Perfect Parent
I know you're feeling low about now, what with that food stain on your shirt and a few Legos in your pocket where your lip balm used to be. You don't have enough clean laundry to clothe all your children and the stuff that is clean, what's that smell? It's ...

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Your Suffering: The Perfect, Low-Cost, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift
Yoo-hoo! Are you the spouse, adult child, or too-old-for-handprint-crafts child of a mother? Then you probably feel a tickle at the back of your mind, a whisper telling you you're about to screw up . What could it be?! Have you forgotten to flush? Is the ca...

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All I Want for Mother’s Day is a Parenting Do Over
It was 2007. My twins had just been born and I thought, What better time than now to engage in the
emotionally trying and logistically fraught act of potty training my
two-and-a-half-year-old? “You pee
in this fairy-sized potty in the middle of our kitchen ...

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The 12 Parenting Fails of Christmas
As a parent, it’s important to remember that the Christmas season isn’t the only holiday during which you’ll have the opportunity to fail your children horribly, it’s just the one with the most fail potential.  "I said Skylanders Swap Force, not Trap Team, ...

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Luvs Momojis are here and you can text easy, mothers
I text therefore I mom. That wasn't something I could say when my four kids were younger. Texting in 2005, when my oldest was born, meant tapping each number on my flip phone multiple times so that it displayed the letter I needed. If I had a screaming infa...
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