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What I learnt at Big Digital
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Thoughts on submitting blog posts to things like PR Wire???

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Question: Doing some keyword research for a client and "house cleaner newcastle" is better than "Newcastle house cleaner", but the latter flows better when understanding is Google is moving away from exact match, so am I OK writing Newcastle house cleaner? 

So I get Daily WRiting TIps email, and today's is a cracker..

"A reader questions the use of wind (rhymes with kind) in the following notation on the website of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA):

After expediting your arrival and clearing you to the ramp, ATC has one last function. They will fill out a mandatory occurrence report (MOR), which will wind its way to a flight standards district office (FSDO) where it will be assigned to an inspector."

I would have thought the use of "wend" or "wind" is the LEAST problem with those sentences.!

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So this is from an American friend of Facebook. I have put it here becau se I think it is a fine example of persuasive writing :)

Why should the United States accept Syrian refugees?
* Because this isn’t, or shouldn’t be, the country where we make decisions about whether or not to help people in desperate situations based on religion, ethnicity, or country of origin.
* Because perceived security acquired at the price of our humanity is an immoral trade-off that undermines our values as a nation.
* Because as a country with significant military, high tech, and intelligence resources, if anyone can identify a terrorist posing as refugee, it should be us.
* Because we shouldn’t let the fear-based, lizard part of our brains control us or dictate public policy.
* Because Japanese internment camps, Indian schools, and segregation were horrible, harmful public policies that debased us as a nation, and we should know better by now.
* Because if I’m going to be afraid of an entire category of people (which I am not), I am going to start with disenfranchised American white guys in their 20s who post anti-social messages on the internet and are assembling small weapons arsenals.
* Because as a first world country with enormous resources, we have a moral obligation, as all developed nations do, to welcome and provide shelter to those fleeing persecution and in desperate need.
* Because allowing a handful of assholes to dictate U.S. foreign policy gives them more power than we should be willing to relinquish.
* Because evil cannot be vanquished by closing our eyes or walking away from its victims.

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Don't do your small business a disservice with cheap content
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Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but being a business copycat is just skanky...
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