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Gonna experiment with something. Ask me questions, and I'll answer a few of them in a G+ video post tonight. Any question at all! (Keep it clean).
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For the heck of it? Oh wait, I should answer that in video.
What's the process behind getting products for reviews? You contact them, they contact you, how much time do you have with the device, etc?
I'm trying to decide on the new HTC Evo LTE or the Galaxy Nexus, which one is the better phone, really?
How do you feel about Samsung becoming the No. 1, "Phone" manufacturer in the world?
In your opinion, is the new Galaxy Tablet 2 7.0 better than Asus EE Transformer or the new Nook Color?
Do you think there is enough people that have a problem viewing a PinTile screen that they will stop using this format?
What would you consider the 3 "best-kept secret" Android apps...ones you find essential and use often, but most people don't seem to know about?
If you could create your own phone, what would it be? Like what OS, hardware, screen size/resolution, ports, etc.
Tim Box
How long do you get to test the new products. I. E when do you have to send them back?
How much would Sony have to pay you to endorse their SmartWatch?
Where's the best place to eat during CES? (I'm doing research early this year)
Where did you buy your nailpolish from a few posts ago?
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