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If I were to start a podcast, what would you want it to be about?

PS. Please don't say phones.
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But I was gonna say phones :(

Maybe you could do one about comics :D
Y'know, coffee is not a bad idea.
I'm more of a tea drinker, but have tried more coffee since getting my Keurig machine.
what are you interested in besides tech?
Ohh, Earl Grey is good. There is a good Earl Grey Creme at a place called Teavana in Columbus, Ohio.
i'm starting a news podcast network, good topics are hard to discover
I've teased a friend of mine about doing a political themed podcast about it in general. We are both left leaning, he more than I. Probably a lot of those kinds of podcasts already however.
Greg M
+Nicole Lee Re coffee there was a lot of interest of having a coffee show when during the preshow of Security Now when Leo and Steve were talking about coffee.
Talk about what your most passionate about.
Learning sites or apps, where to find them and how good or bad those are. You can try one for a week a tell us your experience and if you learned something .
You could talk about the weather for an hour and I'd be ok with that. More Nicole...more nicole!!!!! Be seriously, like Lee said, what are you passionate about? It's not worth podcasting about if you're not interested in it.
Let us know what you are interested in. It needs to be something you find fun to research and talk about.
Well I was gonna say, It's On The Phone!, a show where you just snap on bullshit apps and tech products. Lol
I would go with a coffee podcast although I'm more a tea drinker, but I wouldn't say no to a good coffee... podcast.
Maybe it can be like.. Coffee & Comics & Cats :)
Comedy. And Old analog pots phones
Coffee could run short on interesting conversation. Perhaps a show about geek distractions. Coffee is high on the list of obsessions but anything that is not "tech" but seems to be linked to the tech community interests. 
Social skills for geeks. You would be the first!
Overall tech and fun stuff, something like the404 does. As they are not strictly only tech, or only movies, tv, etc., it is always interesting to listen to them (well, most of the time)
Useful productivity apps and online services for the individual user. In depth discussion about things like Evernote, and Trello showing how they can be integrated into an everyday workflow. If fact, you can call it Tech Everyday.
Coffee & Comics & Cats, I like that. C-cubed.
Coffee can be higher tech than you might think, for example PID controllers for temp stability on espresso machines.
I'm not sure you could make an entire show of of this, but video editing, and the new technology surrounding video editing and broadcasting.
Internet in 3rd world countries. Oh and PID controllers in espresso machines...Thanks David Harrell
I vote for some kind of a food show. I miss Munchcast! Your take can be more of a Feed Your Geek, with coffee, tea, chocolate and, where they overlap, perhaps bacon! There's a surprising amount of tech around all three.
There's a lot of geekery around diets and working out too (4HB, Rosedale, the whole hack-your-body movement). Yes, sounds promising!
U can start podcast talk about just android tablet and Google TV. Maybe apple tablet and TV too.
+Nicole Lee as I would like to see and you have my vote for a diet, coffee and tea cast. Can I suggest a show about design as a reviewer  of many phones I think you have a understanding of what make for a good UI, hardware feed back, and the "Curves" that would be practical in this modern era. design as a concept, not how it went wrong. First episode: how should the Google Q been design?
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