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My date for the weekend. #htcevo4glte
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I have and love the One S. Looking forward to the review as well :)
It has a camera button and a kickstand! Sometimes it's the little things.
I really miss a physical camera key
I wish I had HTC build quality. Samsungs are nice and all, but HTCs are just amazingly built.
F. Rob
Is that what it takes to get a date. A kickstand oh and a dedicated camera button. Lol. 
Eager for the review and any news on release date.?
Can't wait as still trying to decide on HTC, Samsung, or now LG
Dam those Patten wars. I want my phone.
The no removable battery I think is the deal breaker for me. Also I just don't like the way it looks. Still waiting to see the Sprint version of GS3 and the new LG.
I just can't deal with plastic phones anymore. I'm not paying $200-$600 on a cheaply made plastic phone. We don't even get a nice box or headphones anymore. They say chivalry is dead, but really, it's quality service that is dead.
+Nolan I agree with you on the Plastic and love the HTC build quality. I think they are second to none. I don't like the shiny choice on the new EVO as the should have matted it,Textured it, or something. To me just throws the whole phone off. I don't agree on the headphone as most of the time they are just a cheap pair and I always throw them out. on the rare occasion the may do something special and include a good pair but that would be very rare.
+Michael I agree with the packaging. I see it once. It is nice that they are using the ECO friendly but to be honest if it is a good phone they could put in a plain brown box.
THE BATTERY - I have the original EVO 4G. or my daughter has it now. I have burnt 2 batteries in it. What I mean by that is the battery only holds about 75-80% charge of what it did when new. I have tried training the battery but that just doesn't work anymore. About 3 weeks ago Daughter came and said she couldn't get more than 8 hours out of her battery. This is with her in high school, and she not a talker or a txter so many hours are just sitting in her backpack. We tried the traning of the battery over acouple of days and still no good. I prdered a New OEM battery and it came in aboout a week ago now. @ days after getting it she throw her arms around me to say thank you as she now gets 13-15 hours average. this is why the new EVO 4G LTE non-removable battery is a deal breaker. I hand my phones down and if the track is correct on the Battery (same technology) they will go bad. Maybe in year maybe in 3, but I don't want to have to throw away and would be good phone because an expendable part went bad. So I'm not think of today i'm think 2 years from now.
I also love HTC but have to say shame on them. No SD card slot and a non-removal battery on the One-X. Thank goodness Sprint got their version change to include one of these. Who are they trying to be like Apple.
I have the gs2 skyrocket for the next year or so unfortunately :P
That isn't necessarily a bad thing because when my contract is up, the new era of android will have begun.
Really want this phone but how is the battery life?
Jealous! Dose it come with a twin?
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