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Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday! A big congratulations to last week’s winner of the LG V10 Giveaway: Ressi. (Germany), enjoy your new LG V10! This week we are giving away the highly sought after Nexus 6P. Nexus 6P Review Nexus 6P Second Opinion Review Nexus 6P vs Note 5 Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus Best Nexus 6P Cases Enter giveaway Nexus 6P ...
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We're thinking of you, Paris. No fees on calls to France, via Hangouts. #ParisAttacks

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Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for LastPass now!
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Here you go, fellow Whovians.
Happy saturday!

Do you have friends who haven't discovered Doctor Who: Legacy?

Are you new to the game yourself?

Here's an amazing code to unlock some highlights of Season 8 (remember, a new player would need to get their characters up to level 20 to try to unlock in the game on the Easy mode of the levels).


Code is good for two weeks!

Share this around for us -- let's get more people into Doctor Who: Legacy!!!!

- Susan
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As if I need another reason to love P!ATD
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Something shady is going on. Someone might be misusing my email/profile(s). I'm really hoping it was a singular incident and that someone is not deliberately fucking with me. I am not here for it, and I will not take it lightly.
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That's true. :| Welp. 
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Here is my interpretation of the Bourgie lamp for Kartell 
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Awaken the Force within you. Choose a side and your Google apps will follow your path.
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We are 4 years old now!!!

"Buy Me a Pie!" is starting a giveaway campaign for 1 year of PRO subscription to iOS application. To take part in our GIVEAWAY and get free subscription:

1. Add @Buy Me a Pie! App to your circles. 
2. Give +1 and share this post here.
3. Get to our blog and claim your subscription there:
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Useful as hell. #Coffee  
The best bean in the world is even better than you thought.
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I haven't had plants. I plan to use mine in the garbage disposal and to deodorize.
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Nicole “Rawrrbot” Hill

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I want this. This reminds me of that kinky/curly you was rocking a few years ago. It looks good on you. You have a face that works with the straight/european style and the natural, kinky-curly/afro hair. Yes, bitch!
This is my other profile. I play with both accounts, so feel free to circle them both.
If you play Stardom: Hollywood or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Android, you should circle me on here so we can be in-game friends. I've been playing the former for a while and I started the latter when it released, and I only have one friend (other than myself, I have multiple devices) who plays on Android. So, yeah, add me.

If you have iOS, you can also add me to GameCenter: Rawrrbot (Though I play less because, it's an iPod.)

#KardashianHollywood   #StardomHollywood  
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circle me tooo
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