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Mom, family historian, and writer at

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Some high-tech tools to help you get the most out of #RootsTech! (And some low tech tools too)

It’s time to think about what you want to bring with you to RootsTech. With only two weeks left, you’ll want to download the RootsTech app, choose your classes, download the syllabi, and decide how you’re going to take notes. Here are some suggestions to…

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Seeing the wonder of snow through children's eyes, I gained insight into my dad's memory of a big snowstorm. #familyhistory

Memories are fleeting. Why do we remember some things in vivid detail and others not at all? As I’ve been writing stories based on my dad’s memories, I’ve realized that the stories he recorded were those that made an impact on him. Enough of an impact…

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#Genealogy and #FamilyHistory coloring pages with @BeFunky website and app. is a photo editing website you can use to create coloring pages out of old family photos. The web tool is free for general photo editing but for the “sketcher” filters which you apply to photos to make them look like pencil sketches, are for…

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Steps for enlisting your family in a #genealogy letter transcription project

Do you have a letter collection or ancestor journal that you’d like to transcribe, but the task seems overwhelming? I previously shared my friend Karen’s experience with inheriting over sixty family letters from 1828 to 1921. She learned how to archive…

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Voices from the Past: A Family Letter Transcription Project

 If you unexpectedly discovered a large collection of family letters spanning almost a century, what would you do with them? How would you preserve them? What would you learn from them? How would you share them with other family members? My friend Karen…

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How stories from the presidents' childhoods inspired me to share family history in a way that kids can laugh at and connect with.

How stories from the presidents’ childhoods inspired me to share family history in a way that kids can laugh at and connect with. President elect Trump is taking office in a week and a half. My six-year-old son was extremely curious about the election and…

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Organizing genealogy, rag rugs, and children left behind in Vietnam

Scientists Say January is the Worst Month for Genea-Injuries by Kerry Scott at Clue Wagon – finger yoga!! haha. FamilySearch 2016 Year in Review by Diane Sagers at the FamilySearch Blog – How FamilySearch worked toward its objective to help people of…

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Writing family stories tips from the author of the Round Barn: A Biography of an American Farm

What would you do if you promised your grandfather at age 15 to write his story? If you were Jackie Dougan Jackson, you’d eventually gather up all 70 years worth of letters, documents, and assorted papers stored in the attic; interview hundreds of people,…

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Illustrating family stories for kids with StoryBoard That

My mom has been writing a series of short stories to share with our family about her dad. I decided to illustrate one of the scenes using StoryBoard That. Eventually I’d like to illustrate each of the scenes and short stories she is writing so I can read…

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Christmas baking, new year, genealogy heir

New Year MY 2017 GENEALOGY RESOLUTIONS by Linda Stufflebean at Empty Branches on the Family Tree Twila Van Leer: New year, new resolve at Deseret News Want to Keep a New Year’s Resolution? How to Make It Right for YOU. by Gretchen Rubin at Gretchen Rubin…
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