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Don't Yuck My Yum

This is probably one of my favorite videos on the internet:  Don't Yuck My Yum (ashow)

Not because it's flashy or has great graphics, but because +ze frank manages to express something (without blinking!) that has always grated on me.

If I like something harmless... why do people feel the need to go out of their way to get me to stop liking it?  Why do people insist on yucking my yum?

This also got me thinking about how I interact with people socially in a general sense.

I'm not particularly aggressive in my social interactions and rarely will I offer up suggestions.  I've learned that I tend to not have a strong opinion on the activity whereas other people usually have very very strong feelings on where we eat/what games we play/what beach we go to/what shows we see.  If I don't believe in my suggestions strong enough to vigorously defend them against the overriding onslaught, then they weren't worth suggesting in the first place.

So why bother speaking up, unless I really need to? I'm typically fine doing whatever the group wants to do - for me, a weekend get together isn't about WHAT you do, but WHO you're with.  Over the years, I've come to realize that a lot of people aren't like that; they'll pick and choose get-togethers based on what's going on. 

I tend to keep my hobbies and interests on the down low.  In a way, it is very liberating.  If I'm interested in something, I'll just go do it.  That's how I started snorkeling, modeling, krav maga, running (though I've since quit that), archery and surfing (not together, though that'd be a hell of a sport).  I was interested, so I went out and did it. It's sense of independence that I cherish.  It never occurred to me to solicit my friends to join me until after, when they expressed interest on their own.

But sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on opportunities to show people who I am, other than the amenable Canadian girl always up for a laugh.  

And then I think - what does it matter?  If we're all out there, doing what we love to do, isn't that the best way to live life?
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Nicole D.

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Sky on Fire
Provincetown, Massachusetts

On Monday evening, I drove down to Cape Cod in search of the super moon and this is what I found. I never did see the moon -- it came up in heavy clouds. But something more dramatic was happening in the western sky. This was my 5th hike out to Race Point Light in the last few years, but the only time I was rewarded with such a stunning scene.
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Nicole D.

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I had a happy birthday ;) 
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Woo! Happy birthday!
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