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Nicole Drum
Dystopian Fiction Specialist
Dystopian Fiction Specialist

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Oh, hey. This thing's still on. Looks like I might just have to come around here more. 

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So much going on in my life lately! I'm making an effort to be more active and present and blog more! On my blog right now? The best body pillow of life. #boppy #pillow #sleep #pregnancy  

Getting new glasses is, in many ways, like getting a new self and with that self new motivation to do the things that must be and want to be done. #girlsinglasses   #writing  

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." --George Addair


Today is a Dismemberment Plan sort of Monday.

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And for all you science folks...SciTech is BACK!

And the busiest week ever starts this morning.  It's all nonstop until Saturday.  Wheeeee!

So for today's LOL, G+ thinks I live in LA. Oh Google, not anymore. Not anymore.

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+Tania Hussain I feel like this is super smart and we need to remind ourselves of this REGULARLY. +D.A. Blankenship you, too.
Hey! No one has shared this Ira Glass quote in like, six months! So it's time to share it again. One of the hardest parts of self-publishing I've found is this: I am confident in my writing now, at least on the non-fiction side of things. But the other things you have to do to publish a book and get it out there? There is a big freaking gap between what I want and what I can do. 

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Shared my first thing on Medium.
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