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To the G+ Photo Community

What do you folks think of doing a charity auction of one our photo prints to raise money for +Charles Crawford ?

How to?
*Photographers will add a photo to our Gallery (Print size can be found in the Photo description underneath title)
(to add a photo, sign up to this post, pls add the page & tag a photo - make sure you understand that you commit to send a print to the winner)
*If you want to bid, leave a comment with the $ amount on that photo (higher than your previous bidder)
*The auction will be finished at April 11th 2012
*The winner will be notified by private message
*The winner will have to donate the amount for the print to Charles' Fundraising page publicly (you have 24h to do that. If it's not there by then, the next bidder will get notified and you have forfeit your 'win')
*The winner will send me their shipping address and I will forward it to the Photographer
Photographer will mail the print to winner
Anybody interested?

Again, wo is +Charles Crawford ?
A fellow photographer with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) who is not able to walk without a cane since a year.
He found a tool to help him walk - and shoot again, but it comes for the price of $6500. We have raised $465,- in 10 days, but it's not enough.
Check out his page:
+Bioness Project: Helping Photog to shoot again

Feel free to share this post

I am calling out a few fellow photographers who I hope might be interested, feel free to call some more:
+Ron Clifford +Mike Shaw +Jason Kowing +Jim Davis +Sumit Sen +Darren Rye +Wes Lum +Karen Shackles +Andrew Clifton-Brown +Amanda Moore +Lynda Bowyer +Kathy Binns +Gene Bowker +Gizella Nyquist +Asa Gislason +Pam Chalkley +Sandra Parlow +Cora Triton +Tim Eisler +Evelyn Lamprey +Elizabeth Lund +Eddy Rademaker +Mike Spinak (sorry, I don't know you, but maybe you would help?) +Gretchen Chappelle +Akhil Kalsh +Alan Shapiro (I know you, like most are super busy, but maybe you can help in one way or another?)

#ms #photography #helpneeded #giveadollar
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I'll do it, just let me know when and what to do when the time comes.
Mary C.
Totally spreading the word on this! Cool prints from cool photogs is a great incentive!
Very cunning +Nicole Burgoz, very cunning indeeeed! :D
Not trying to be a stick in the mud, but if this gets shared multiple times, everyone and his dad will want in, and that is just superb. However, if there are a few thousand images to pick through, people will just turn off. It could in fact be detrimental.
Just my tuppence worth, (and this thread has two of my favourite G+'ers in it +Nicole Burgoz & +Mary C. and I don't want to annoy them) and I promise you I am not trying to be a twat for the sake of it or trolling :)
Mary C.
Hmmm... no no, that's a good point. I figured that Nicole was asking for the big wig photogs to offer one of their shots as a print and the rest of us were merely spectators and prospective bidders. :)
+Mary C. I'm not expecting too much feedback.
But heck, we shall see =)
Like I said, if it gets too big, I'll place the lid =)

We did it over at flickr after Kathrina.
It was pretty big, but it still worked quite well.
I'm interested, keep me included, if there's an image of mine worth bidding for I'm willing to take recommendations, and I'll definitely re-share any posts about bidding for another photogs work if that's the way it goes.
Also...I have a zenfoli account +Nicole Burgoz. I can host the images in a specified share, base rate with no profit on, and users can order them, them selves?
+Andrew Clifton-Brown That's a cool idea too, but that would be highly complicated to organize.
But you can go for it parallel, if you want.
I mean, we have approx. 5500 Dollars to go ;)
Np +Nicole Burgoz. If anyone wants to, I can setup the share, they drop me the file, I'll up :) No particularly hard to do. Or something like Zazzle that you know quite well :)
+Andrew Clifton-Brown Fine with me, when anyone has printing problems! (Or shipping problems)
Zazzle would be out of the loop. I'll use it most likely for mine, but if anyone has a real print service close by, it's probably more cost effective.
Mary C.
Looks good! Clear, concise and to the point! Me likey!
Tagging photos is still sslllloooowww, G+ has some small issues with new pages.
If it doesn't work right away, keep trying.
Same goes for me adding you back.
It all takes forever to get the Notifs!
+Nicole Burgoz How/where will you conduct an auction? Will that be done on the page in comments or what? If so, I fail to see how Zenfolio will benefit or even if it could be used. Does Zenfolio even have an auction function?
I think this is a wonderful idea +Nicole Burgoz . I'm in ........ just let me know what's going on ...... :)
hmmm, Nicole lol just so I am understanding all this correctly......I'd be auctioning one of my prints or is it someone else's?
Oh, I see. Zenfolio isn't a printer though; it's a hosting site. Right? And they up-charge for their partner labs, don't they? It would be cheaper for people to use a lab directly rather than tack on the Zenfolio up-charges. For instance, I have direct accounts with three different labs (WHCC, Miller's and BayPhoto). Someone going through Zenfolio would have to pay more for those same labs (assuming Zenfolio even uses those labs). WHCC usually has the best prices on prints w/o mounting - by a pretty wide margin - and cheap drop ship rates.
Sounds good to me Nicole! If anyone wants one of my prints!! ;)
+Natosha Davis You (if you want) provide one of yours.
You can, if you want, also bid on someone else's of course ;)
+Pam Chalkley Sounds good, can you maybe provide a price for 6x4 prints and shipping costs (or / and maybe the link?)
okay hmmm......I've never had any of my pictures put to print! lol.....I shall see...... :)
So, +Nicole Burgoz I finally got around to contributing. I don't have an active PayPal account but saw that I could do it with my plastic money!! :)
+Natosha Davis You can still opt out, I won't hold you hostage =D
But I don't see why yours wouldn't be great =D!
I still want to be apart of this somehow :)
Not home yet so can't check prices for Zen, but they are pretty cheap. Really are. I'll confirm later.
If someone wishes to get one of my shots, that's good.
so you want us to pick a photo and a size?
I will work on figuring out which picture to post and how to do the sizing thing. :)
+Sandra Parlow You pick a photo and add the size to the Description / Caption on your photo, add and tag the page and there we go =)
+Sandra Parlow That's precisely what I was thinking! LOL Along those lines, I was wondering if it might be feasible/advisable for those wishing to contribute to put a few photos in an album for review by page owner/s. ?? Just a thought.

+Nicole Burgoz You can't see WHCC prices unless you have an account, and you have to be approved as a pro photog before they'll give you an account (website, etc). And 6x4?? Shouldn't we go higher than that? 8x10 at least?

I'll PM you WHCC prices, Nicole.
what sizes are most people doing, do you think?
+Natosha Davis I've chosen 6x4 not too expensive on printing and still big enough.
I just mention this so people know what they are bidding on.
I'm totally in! I'll have to go through my gallery and decide which one to offer.
It might be easier for people to see if they were all pictured in one place..... it might seem like more of an "event"!!
+Nicole Burgoz I asked you a question a few posts up.
I won't be able to fully commit until I understand all the details.... I like the idea though.
+Darryl Van Gaal No prob, have been multi-tasking, sorry.
You will have to provide first the photo (add the page, choose photo, add print size to the description / caption, tag page & wait for people to bid).
If someone wins it, I'll check for payment on the Fundraising page and will get the shipping address to you.
You print and ship the seize offered.
+Nicole Burgoz I think the page has to circle me back before my tagged photo will show up in the gallery. I chose one of my most popular images, and tagged it with my name and the page. Once it shows up, I'll add the details into the comment section.
Nicole - what if someone orders it from some place that's very expensive to ship to?
+Nicole Burgoz you may also need to make sure the page settings are set to allow anyone to tag the page in a photo.
+Karen Shackles Anyone can, currently things are a tad wonky. G+ has issues with new pages and with sending notifs of folks that have added the page, so I can add back,..
+Sandra Parlow Hm, that's a risk,.... =/ what would the most expensive be though?
I had stuff come from Zazzle to Hungary, wasn't too bad...
I've never sent anything over seas - but I checked into a small package to Portugal once and it was outrageous - like $40.00 or something!! ANd people have to watch what value they put on them as well - I know someone who just sent a small framed photo to Europe and said it was valued at $200.00 and they wanted to charge the people 200 us to take it from the post office..
+Nicole Burgoz OK, success! It just took a little while before it showed up. I've got all the info updated on it now. Let the bidding begin! :)
ok - so a flat envelope would be much less then!
+Pam Chalkley I never had trouble with customs or prices being outrages.
Of course, if you declare it as a unique piece of art,... not sure that would be absolutely necessary,...?
oh - so you print online and ship direct? hmm - I just get stuff pritned locally..
+Sandra Parlow Of course you can do that too. But I am sitting in Kuwait, with currently no APO address to ship from.... ;)
+Nicole Burgoz I'd love to, thanks for asking! :-) Not sure which of mine is auction-worthy though.. I'm such a noob.. any thoughts?
Looks like printing wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I'm a beginner photographer so my shots aren't auction-worthy yet, especially up against the pros. Plus it sounds like shipping could get quite pricey, especially for international. I think I will see about donating directly instead. Sounds like a cool auction though. Good luck, I hope you raise all the funds you need. :0)
+Heather Webb Thanks! Anything that helps and works is fine with me.
How about maybe sharing the posts too, maybe some of your folks want to partake (either in auctioning, bidding, donating, sharing - anything =D!)
+Andrew Clifton-Brown What where who? I have to run out in a moment, have had a quick zoom through comments but can't read em till tonight. Any chance of a shot summary? I'll help any way I can :)
Just spit balling here, and please feel free to shoot me down in flames as none of us are pro's but we could also charge for time? I.e. if someone is REALLY green and would like a little one on one and the location is good, they could donate? They could state they are in X and we ciuld see who was in the area? I have no idea how sellable that idea is, but just an idea.
I just saw
heading out the door back late today
I saw the page for the auction
I have no money to buy though!!!!
Looks like a great idea Nicole, I'm in :)
I do know +Alan Shapiro and I think hope he will help out if I promise him more BACON :) and anything else he wants!
And +Thomas Hawk . . . .do you still love my JOY (maybe I will put that up for auction) and are you willing to help with this?
Count with me, I think it's a great idea!
Heck . . . I'll just share to my circles!!!!! easier :)
+Nunzio Prenna Thanks! When you are home reading it, I'll most likely be nightnights, but I'll catch up in the morning =)
Count me in. Will sort out a pic tonight and post up either later on or first thing in morning... ok?
+Lynda Bowyer That's fine with me, I'll head under the covers in the next hour anyway =) Thanks a million!

The step after this will be to get bidders in =)
Folks, I just want to say: You are all awesome!
ok ! Thank you +Pam Chalkley I will need a smidge of help knowing who to send the photo to get it printed.
I'd be happy to be part of this, +Nicole Burgoz, if you think I actually have a photo someone would bid on.
jay j
Happy to help out ! Good idea but what charity ?
+Julian Chavez Thanks! Have you read the above post?
Below the How to is a bit of an explanation.
Feel free to ask, when things are unclear after =)
+Helena Martins Mind adding the size of the print into the Description of both photos? So bidders know what they are in for? Thanks for posting!
Folks, I'll be back in the morning for adding you to the page and answering questions! Thanks and nightnights =)
i would love to put up my photos for the auction but the printing and sending part is not easy here in India.. i did not even understand the discussion about some websites and all.. please let me know what all options i have +Nicole Burgoz , i have circled the page for a start :)
It is vary pleasent & heart touching photo
Yes, of course +Nicole Burgoz - happy to take part - I'll throw in my competition winner ;-)
Very beautiful, This is a picture of "today it will be a good day", relieving
BEAUTIFUL!! notice the all caps?? :))
+Akhil Kalsh There would be the option to send a digital copy to someone for printing (I personally don't dig this overly much, unless I know the winner).
There is also the option to print it via someone in here (me, Andrew or Pam could maybe help out on that).
My Print will cost approx. S8.50 shipping to Europe for example would be approx. $12,- Asia I haven't tried yet. US is cheaper.
I'm sure there are better options (this one is via my shop and for me hassle free since I am in your shoes, no reliable postal service)
Good morning folks!
I got a suggestion from +Robert Voight , asking if it would maybe be better to send a digital version to the winner of the auction, instead of maybe ending up with a big boast of shipping costs on top of printing fees.
Now, I don't know how you feel about giving a high res file to a stranger.
I will leave this suggestion as it it and if you are fine with it, or prefer this over a print I would say post your photo with a disclaimer that you will email the digital version for self printing.
+Akhil Kalsh The above suggestion (last comment of mine) might be interesting for you, maybe?
+Akhil Kalsh OK, I'll make an extra section on the list for the folks who want to auction a digital 'print' instead and you please add that to the photo you want to add (just in the description), ok?
I'm positively inclined toward this.

I don't have a lot of time, nor a good internet connection, to read through all of this and respond, tonight. I'll read through everything on Friday, and then do what I can to help.

Thank you.
+Mike Spinak Thanks a million. You don't have to read the comments. The above post has a rough summary of all the ideas and the 'how it goes'
Best wishes =)
April 11th, auction end, got it! I should try reading more often. :D
+Fabio Bucchieri Yes. Just add the page, tag a photo, add if you want to print - if so add print size or if you rather use digital / self printing =)
+Nicole Burgoz thank you :) I'll send my print through Redbubble and the shipping costs will be on me of course, do I need to specify this as well, apart from the print size?
I'm hereby signing up to this post, if it is not too late. This is the picture I would like to offer for auction:

I would offer it a little less than 8" x 12" on 8x12 paper, with a white border.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "add a photo to our Gallery" or by "pls add the page & tag a photo".

Please feel welcome to contact me privately, to help me through this process, +Nicole Burgoz.
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