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Nicole Buergers
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I didn't know about #autoawesome   Smile, which merges photos of a group of people to show everyone at their best. Crazy! This is Google's  +Ben Tyson with some of the +TopSpot Internet Marketing sales team at Wrigley Field yesterday. Good times.
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Nicole Buergers

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Great speakers here today! 
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Nicole Buergers

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<p>Houston has topped the nation for population growth according to 2012-2013 U.S. Census Bureau estimates released this week.</p>
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Nicole Buergers

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My breakfast is cuter than yours. 
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Nicole Buergers

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Cool. My +Houston Dairymaids class this week is on my Google Now.
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Nicole Buergers

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Guess where I'm going today?
CHICAGO—Visiting for the first time in his young life, 9-year-old Jacob Tendering was reportedly shown the field where his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, suck every home game of the year, sources confirmed Wednesday.
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Nicole Buergers

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My fave. 
How TV's outsider became TV's insider
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+OkCupid has a message for Firefox users.
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Single Life and Concious Consumer
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Marketing Manager and Cheesemonger
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Linguist who loves laughter, libations, locavores, lexicography, Lyon, LBS, L-Dubbs & cheese.
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Carl Carlton wrote "She's a Bad Mama Jama" about me.
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I used Rocket parking for the first time this week. I'm extremely thrifty: my jeans are from Goodwill and I can't tell you the last time I bought myself a handbag. I picked the cheapest service I could find and based on the reviews had low expectations. My shuttle to the airport (at 6am) only took 15 minutes or so with two other groups (one with a baby in tow). I phoned the shuttle upon landing (at 2pm) and was retrieved 8 minutes later. The driver was nice, we talked about the plentiful bluebonnets and Willie Nelson was playing. I'm glad I chose Rocket. They offer a free day of parking for leaving a review. That's definitely against Google's terms of service but I will gladly do it, because I'm a thrifty gal. I'm going to put those 5 dollars toward a cheeseburger.
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FedEx Office employees as a whole aren't very jolly, but the ones at this particular location seem extremely stressed and down-trodden. I believe they are understaffed - whenever I'm in, there's a long wait and exasperation on both sides of the counter. They scream at everyone to have their labels pre-filled, although many aren't sure what they need to fill out and need assistance. Many people mistake them for the next-door UPS store and they get a stern dismissal, "we are not UPS." There's rarely a smile. I've shipped many things from there over the years, usually without incident beyond a wait time. Once, they were unable to accommodate me, stating they did not have the correct box size in that day and gave me the option to buy one nearby. That's OK I guess. I just went to another FedEx (they recommended the Galleria during rush hour - no). However, I must write this review about their printing services. I submit job orders almost every other month (oftentimes a rush job), asking for a time and price quote each time. I have NEVER received a response on either time or price. Sometimes I get a call saying it's ready. Twice, I've called or gone to pick up the order only to find that it isn't there. Once, their online system was down and they didn't get any of their orders. I was really in a bind and almost in tears. They could not assist me further - they had a hard time naming other locations and acted as if it was my fault. Zero empathy. I promised myself I wouldn't return, but found myself there 5 months later with the same print job. This time they had another problem with their system and blamed it on my email client (Outlook 2013). They deleted my email. I pleaded, "You know me, you know my name; I'm in here all the time. I've sent you a personalized thank you!" I was blankly looked at by someone whose name I know well and was told, "We deal with a lot of companies." I went to another place (Copydotcom) and had the job done in 15 minutes and half the price. NEVER AGAIN.
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This is one of my favorite places in all of Houston. The way some women feel about shoes, I feel about glasses - and this is where I come. They have name brands, no-name brands, new stock and a TON of vintage glasses. They will even custom shape and custom dye frames (and lenses). You can find a pair (or two or three) that fit your face perfectly and have glasses like no one else in town. Oh! I didn't mention - SUPER affordable - like the online glasses sites. The service is superb and you can even bring records in while you shop. I wouldn't buy glasses anywhere else.
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I have been a client of Ruth Ane's since she was in cosmetology school and she continues to evolve and grow into one of the area's best hair stylists. She is personable, funny and relatable - but most importantly great with my hair! I normally get a cut, color and style when I see her and she knocks it out of the park. Someone you can trust with your hair and overall look. I would see her regularly if I weren't so far away! Call Arturo's and book an appointment with her, like now.
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Terrible experience at David's Bridal. I arrived at David's Bridal in January, as part of a bridesmaid group who had an appointment. I checked in at the greeting counter and said I was here for [Bride's full name]'s group appointment. The two women looked at me, not sure how to respond. With the elongated pause, I added, we have an appointment for [the current time]. I figured I wasn't the first to arrive, but they shrugged and I said I must be, so I walked around looking at dresses. When the rest of the group arrived, the bride came and found me, not the greeters. We had our established consultant, who didn't introduce herself, but I knew her name because she had doodled it on her clipboard. Perhaps Adriana? I can't quite remember. She took down all our names and pointed at a poster of the season's dresses for styles to pick out. The Maid of Honor actually pulled the ones we were interested in. We tried them on and within 10 minutes made a decision. Our consultant tried to sell us shoes but we weren't interested. I attempted to order a smaller size in my dress, but was not allowed to. Probably a policy for a reason, but I thought it should be my discretion. Although it was important that we ordered them today because the wedding was *so* close (over 100 days away). One by one we ordered our dresses, which was a lengthy process. Since I'm not a resident of Corpus, I asked if I could pick up my dress from a Houston David's Bridal location. Our consultant told me that they would ship it to me directly and it would be extra. Great. The dresses were to arrive ~March 25th, in plenty of time for the wedding and not the pressured rush we were originally told. A pretty painless experience - but it got much worse. On February 18th, I got a voicemail from David's Bridal that "my dress was available for pick up." Confused, I called back the store that evening. The person who answered the phone did not understand English very well, although I explained my situation several times clearly. I was put on hold for over 20 minutes. I hung up and called back. I got the same person. She transferred me to alterations, which didn't make sense, and I explained my situation there. She wasn't sure what to do either and asked me to hold. Another 15 minutes passed. At that point, I gave up for the day. The next day, I called back in the middle of the day and got the woman who left me the original message. She was very kind and understood my problem - that my dress was supposed to be shipped to me. She said that it was going to be shipped to me but they call every person who dress arrives anyhow. Again, that didn't make much sense. I asked when it was to arrive. She wasn't sure. I thanked her. A week passed and no dress. Since it was "ready," I had another event that I wanted to wear the dress to and called to see if it would arrive in time. I called midday to make sure I got the same person. She assured me that my dress was in transit. I asked if there was tracking or if she could tell me what day it shipped out. She put me on hold for a while and then explained that she wasn't sure but it was on it's way. I figured it couldn't take too long. Two and a half weeks later, the dress has arrived. Albeit, it's ahead of the original scheduled date, but still much later than I expected since it was "ready for pickup" so early. And I checked the tracking on the box (which came with zero paperwork) and it shipped out two days ago. What a backward store. I know you don't have much of a choice, Corpus, but shop for your dresses and accessories else where.
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Looking for affordable, delicious Tex-Mex catering for your office? LOOK NO FURTHER. Taquerias Arandas is the real deal. Ordering was easy and all the food was carefully packaged and prepared. Tasted extremely fresh - they really upgraded their vendor for higher quality skirt steak and you could really tell. So tender and flavorful. The entire experience was stellar. The entire office was blown away. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!
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My colleagues and I used Go Airport Express without a reservation to drive us from O'Hare to Schaumburg. We were promised by the booth attendant that we had the very best driver. We were presented with a short, stout Russian man, complete with chest hair and a gold chain. Basically, this guy looked the part. And looked awesome. I told him which hotel we were staying at - he recognized there were 2 of that brand in Schaumburg and asked which one (1 Bonus Point). I started the address and he finished it (2 Bonus Points). He remained quiet for the majority of the trip. My colleagues and I were discussing audiobooks and which classics we had listened to. We brought up Dostoyevsky. Our driver perked up and his thick Russian accent asked, "You know, Dostoyevsky?" He explained how easy and beautiful it was to read in Russia. It was a joy to see him so engaged. After he dropped us off, I realized I had left my eyeglasses and case in the cup holder. I called and a message was taken for the day shift manager, Rudy, to call me back. The next day, after hearing nothing, I called again and left a message (I had a 30 minute wait). The third day, I again called and got the shift manager's voicemail. On the fourth day, I called and reached Rudy. I described the driver and he immediately identified Slava. He said he would call the driver and let me know if anything turned up. Slava did have my glasses, and Go Airport Express left them for me at their terminal in baggage claim. I picked them up without issue when I left the airport. Much thanks to Rudy, Slava and the staff of Go Airport Express for finding and returning my glasses!
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