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Nicole Best

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Happy Thursday everyone :-)

Wishing you all a fantastic day!!! Be well, safe and keep that smile. :-)

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Beautiful work!
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Nicole Best

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Good morning everyone. :-)

Hope everyone is fine. I came back from the cottage last week. It was constantly raining. We would go fishing in between rainfalls. And fished some nice Trout and they were delicious. I busted one of my zoom lens. My Canon75mm-300mm is done.. But I took some sweet pictures and still had fun. This is one of them sweet pics I shot... Well, I am still on holidays until next Tuesday. Looks like a non rainy day today. I might as well jump in the truck and go shoot something with my camera..

Have fun all :-)

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Me too...   :)))
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Nicole Best

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Are you near Montreal and want a wonderful kitten as a companion??


This cat was obviously abadoned by it's owner and ended up near by my house. He is a kitten and not more than 6 months old. I named him gold until I can find him a home.

It has been 2 weeks now I have seen him and only one week that he comes near me for food and to be petted and given love. I would love to keep him but 3 cats in my house would be to much. JJ is not to keen on that idea either. He will make a great pet at home but will need a lot of attention at first to make him comfortable. It will require patience but he is worth it...

If you are interested please send me a private message or a message on this post. I am willing if times are rough for you but really want a companion. I will pay for to have him spayed and for his first vacination. What a deal, right????

He is so beautiful and all he wants is to be loved and cared for. Please give this kitten a chance at life and give him a home. :-)

Thank you everyone and I wish you a good day. :-)
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sweet, beautiful cat
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Nicole Best

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Happy #Caturday everyone!!!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend. Be well, safe and keep smiling. :-)
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so beautiful, amazing eyes
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Nicole Best

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My neighbor's dog. He is such a beauty and very playful. Wishing you all a great evening. Be well, safe and keep smiling. :-)
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sweet, very beautiful dog, 
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Nicole Best

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Dodgy- Good Enough

I love this song and I have been looking for it for a while now. Gosh I miss the 80's 90's music. Thanks for YT cause I'd be lost. I remember the first time I heard that song and it was in the birthday episode of Jamie Oliver when he started with "The Naked Chef". I had to use the VHS to record and listen to it back when!! It was not available in Canada!! If it's good enough for you it's good enough for me......Enjoy! Cheers
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beautiful song, great music!
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Nicole Best

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Goodbye Rebel T2I and Welcome 5D Mark III


Talk about being a lucky woman today. :-) I was looking for a lens on Kijiji and found a Canon 100mm-400mm at a cheap price. So I called him up and met him at his home. Then he shows me his 5D for sell as well... I grabbed everything. The camera, the 100mm Canon Macro Lens, the 100mm-400mm lens, the remote and of course the camera for less than what the Camera itself cost. Very lucky indeed...Of course now all the equipment I purchased for my T2I is no good for this camera. But I can live with that. :-)

Now I must read the Instruction manual. It definitely does not work the same as a T2I. A huge upgrade for sure. Yessssssssssss I got the camera I have wanted. :-)
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Hai Vu
Omg, I'm so jealouse 😱
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Nicole Best

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Common Loon

Good morning everyone :-) One other reason I was looking forward to go to the cottage was to capture this magnificient bird. Lucky enough I was blessed with the presence of a familly. I am still in the process of sorting out my pictures taken from my trip so be sure you will see many pics of them... Below a little bit of information about this bird. Cheers and have a good day. :-)

Adults can range from 24 to 39 inches in length with a 48–60 in wingspan. The weight can vary from 1.6 to 8 kg. On average, a great northern loon is about 32 in long, has a wingspan of 54 and weighs about 4.1 kg.

This species, like all divers, is a specialist fish-eater, catching its prey underwater, diving as deep as 60 m (200 ft). and can remain underwater for as long as 3 minutes. Freshwater diets consist of pike, perch, sunfish, trout, and bass; salt-water diets consist of rock fish, flounder, sea trout, and herring. The bird needs a long distance to gain momentum for take-off, and is ungainly on landing. Its clumsiness on land is due to the legs being positioned at the rear of the body: this is ideal for diving but not well-suited for walking. When the birds land on water, they skim along on their bellies to slow down, rather than on their feet, as these are set too far back. The loon swims gracefully on the surface, dives as well as any flying bird, and flies competently for hundreds of kilometres in migration. It flies with its neck outstretched, usually calling a particular tremolo that can be used to identify a flying loon. Its flying speed is as much as 120 km/h (75 mph) during migration. Its call has been alternately called "haunting", "beautiful", "thrilling", "mystical", and "enchanting".

Great northern loon nests are usually placed on islands, where ground-based predators cannot normally access them. However, eggs and nestlings have been taken by gulls, corvids, raccoons, skunks, minks, foxes, snapping turtles, and large fish. Adults are not regularly preyed upon, but have been taken by sea otters (when wintering) and bald eagles. Ospreys have been observed harassing divers, more likely out of kleptoparasitism than predation. When approached by a predator of either its nest or itself, divers sometimes attack the predator by rushing at it and attempting to impale it through the abdomen or the back of the head or neck.

If you care to find out more aout this magnificient bird please see
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Gorgeous picture.... Looking forward to seeing the rest of the family +Nicole Best :-)
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Nicole Best

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Well, it is that time of year again for vacation. I have been looking forward to this day for weeks.. It's here!!! YAY!!!!

Well, everyone.. I am going to the cottage for a while fishing...Yes, no phone, no computer but just a piece and quiet for 3 weeks. J.J. knows as he saw the suitcase and he knows we are leaving for a good time. :-) I am wishing you all a good time and see you all upon my return on August 4th..

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+Paul MacDonald Unfortunately, it rained everyday I was there. But went fishing in between rainfall. Got some nice Trout :-) Well, worth it. :-) 
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Nicole Best

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Brown Trasher

Finally got a decent shot of this Brown Trasher. This is the first time I see one of them up close. Quite a beautiful bird.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Wishing you a great Sunday. Be well, safe and keep smiling. :-)
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wonderful shot, beautiful
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Nicole Best

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Happy Canada Day

To all my fellow Canadians. Wishing you all a fantastic Canada Day. Be well, safe and keep smiling. :-)

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very beautiful
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Nicole Best

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Forget #Caturday  Can we just leave already!!

If this cat could drive, he would!!! A great Saturday to you all. Be well, safe and keep smiling. :-)
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so sweet , very beautiful cat and blue eyes, amazing
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