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Santa Monica 2016 is over and left great impressions, again.

Find out more about Pavemint, and why you should know about it. How about a free electric car ride with WaiveCar?
It’s hard to imagine that Alt Car Expo 2016 has been around for about a decade. Much has changed since then and while Alt Car Expo no longer brings too many local transportation oddities and geniuses, it has attracted many of the biggest players in the electric vehicle and renewable energy fields. This year was no
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Yes, I love bumping into friends and seeing the connections that developed over the years.

How was the tour?
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Nicolas Zart

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Distorted Reality Filters, or wishful thinking?

“Electrification is currently the most popular and best solution but it’s also short-term. Honda still believes hydrogen and the fuel cell technology will be the ultimate propulsion for the long-term future, but electric is very important to fill that gap until that time for the mass market.”

Honda Civic development leader Mitsuru Kariya.

Really, battery operated vehicles are a short-term solution?
Manufacturer shares its vision of motoring's future with IBTimes UK as it unveils its new Civic.
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Yes, but it's a long time in the making, always around the corner, while battery technology has advanced I feel to the point that technology won't have much to offer.

Manufacturing problems. Compression problems. Infrastructure problems. Storage problems. It seems to have more obstacles not resolved yet compared to pure battery operated vehicles.

We should spend our funds on proven technology today that show a very real progress, not something that could work in 30 years. I don't think these folks in their offices really grasp the concept of priorities, time and the present moment :)
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Nicolas Zart

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What site do you use when looking for airfares?

I use, but I'm open to better suggestions, if any.
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Nicolas Zart

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Bad joke of the day!

Cartoonist found dead in home. Details are sketchy.

Bad indeed...
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Nicolas Zart

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Reason 2 why I love my +GenZe e-101:

Let's be practical. 46 Lbs., detachable battery in front frame, about 20 mile range for $1,499. Enough said!

Anyone interested in one, or in a test ride in the Long Beach greater area, please contact me.
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Nicolas Zart

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Zen Vermilion Outhouses:

Fushan Yuan said to Daowu Zhen:

The case of those who, while their study has not yet arrived on the Way, still flash their learning and run off at the mouth with intellectual understanding, using eloquence and sharpness of tongue to gain victories, is like outhouses painted vermilion—it only increases the odor.
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Nicolas Zart

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I like this Public Bank Institute newsletter. It's always interesting to see what solutions pop up when a system desperately tries to slow down changes.
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Nicolas Zart

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Lightening batteries is crucial, but giving the same treatment to electric motors shouldn't be overlooked. Canadian NanoXplore got $3.3M from the government to commercialize lighter and more efficient components for electric motors. Once again, graphen will play a major role instead of metal shall do the trick.
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Nicolas Zart

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The Japanese government's insistence on developing hydrogen fuel cells instead of battery technology is a huge gamble not shared by other countries and carmakers.

The Korean government and industry leaders are investing 43bn won, $38.4M aiming to double EV battery energy density down to 300 Wh/kg by 2020. The goal is to reach 400 km, 250 miles on one charge.
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Expensive, difficult to create, store, deliver, use. Yeah, a lot of obstacles that haven't been answered yet.
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Nicolas Zart

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Bad joke of the day!

Velcro - what a rip off!

It's been a while.
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You got me laughing!
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Nicolas is an e-mobility futurist storyteller SME, internationally published writer who focuses on emerging and disruptive technologies supporting humankind and the environment since 2006. He is published on various outlets, such as: CleanTechnica, Teslarati, The Examiner, and much more. As a member of the Motor Press Guild (MPG), he founded with fellow journalist veteran Aaron Turpen. The connections he has made over the years and experience has given him a unique perspective on the electric transportation industry, as well a professional relations in these industries. He also hosts four radio shows. He also worked as a writer and consultant on various projects, such as with Michelin's Challenge Bibendum.

Nicolas also hosts two radio shows on 99.1 KLBP, The Future of Mobility and Architects of the Future. He hosts a further four radio shows on his internet radio stations. He covers various topics such as mobility, spirituality, social and current events. He communicates and shares his professional experience and what he has learned and how they positively effecting our society.

While his first car recollection was the tail-end of a friend's Bugatti at the age of six, he has been an Alfa Romeo collector having grown up around Ferrari and Maserati and more. Then one day he test drove an electric AC Propulsion eBox and a Tesla Roadster in 2007. It was then that the light bulb went on. The electric transportation platform is the way to go. You can find out more about his passions and interests on

Check out his YouTube channel here , as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @ElectricExaminr, Pinterest, and Instagram

Nicolas also enjoys esoteric ancient civilizations and philosophies, Ho'oponopono, as well as certain "healing" modalities, such as Kofutu, Reiki and more.  He is also a certified professionally trained Business & Life Coach with an international certification.

Bragging rights
Nursed on Mamaroneck High School, SWAS (School Within A School), American High School of Paris and then the American College of Paris, now the American University of Paris, Parsons School of Design. The toughest school I'm still attending is that of life...
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    We created CarNewsCafe to give automotive journalists the opportunity to get back to writing and reporting the way they enjoy to read news, not as dictated by simply focusing on SEO and title crafting. We offer fresh content with an editorial twist.
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    As a professionally trained coach with International experience, I've enjoyed coaching business owners on taking their companies to the next levels. This means asking the right questions for my clients to naturally find their personal answers, empowering them and raising awareness around how they function.
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I would say beyond amazing when it comes to Nuci. The story is sad but it serves to help a generation of young musicians often left to follow their passion sometimes to detrimental results. Nuci inspired me. A place where young musicians can come rehearse, buy affordable music instrument but most of all, have access to affordable healthcare and health professionals. Simply amazing and inspiration to us all. Hope to see more hubs like these around the country and worldwide.
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When you call, they quote different prices, $82 to 97 and no guaranty on the price. Close to $20 without knowing until you get there. Nice.
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