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Hello guys, do you have an analytics about how many users use Chromecast "Firmware" which doesn't handle ES6?

Basically my question is: Is it "safe" to use ES6 without ES5 transpilation for Custom Receiver development today?

Is any API or technics, to reset cache for published Chromecast Receiver?

Hello guys,

Could you assist, where can I find documentation for Chromecast button on default controls for HTML5 Video? My goal is to handle Chromecasting on Chrome (Android). Is it possible to augment metadata for HTML5 Video on Chrome (Android)?

How much does it take for device to be accessible for debugging? What actions can you recommend to speed-up this process?

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How to handle duration in Chrome Sender? Do you have any recommendations? I have HLS Live stream with DVR. When sender discovers Media, MediaInfo.duration is null. There is no .getEstimatedDuration method :)

Does Chromecast MPL support seek operations for DVR streams?

Does Chromecast support live stream via HLS? If yes, could you provide link on such live stream for testing purposes? Or share your streaming solutions for live stream HLS that you have used and have success with them. Thanks.

Did you do any changes in application management? I'm trying to update link on Custom Receiver application, but I'm getting "Uh oh. There was an error." After investigation 400-th response It says, that receiver can't be found under provided URL. It's weird. Because working app can't be updated also.

I'm developing Sender with seek and progress bar. Can you recommend best approach, how to handle current-time/progress position?

"Media.addUpdateListener" - doesn't provide progress ticker and doesn't update listener with current-time ( But from documentation it should: "Changes to the following properties will trigger the listener: currentTime, volume, metadata, playbackRate, playerState, customData")

Main idea is to synchronize progress bar in sender and receiver apps.

Smart Watches. Вот такое короткое вступление. Интересует, если у кого опыт работы в этом направлении. Интересует, в частности,  как лучше подготовится к собеседованию на эту тему. Акцент на соединение с часами, то бишь создание качественного соединения через Bluetooth? SyncAdapter?
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