Does anyone have these? Do they come with different size ear hole things and do they say Nexus 4 on them or LG or what? Please tag someone if you think they may know. Thanks!
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Jody B
Curious about these as well. 
I lose earbuds too much to pay a lot for them. $20 is probably about the most I would drop. 
I've received those with my Nexus 4, about 10 days ago. I've ordered the phone via the French Google Play and I've apparently been lucky enough to have a device from the new batch: the phone has the two small rubber "nipples" on the back (to lift it a little and avoid slippery) and the headset was in the phone box as well.

They come with 3 ear size adapters and have absolutely no brand on it or on their little plastic bag. They do have a small "CE" symbol, on the plastic around the 3.5mm jack, simply meaning that they've been approved by the European Community safety standards.

My guess is that it may be an European or French addition to comply with local laws, either to prevent exposition to radio waves (French DAS law) or to provide some safe-driving option out of the box... Anyone received those yet outside of Europe?
Actually, I've just looked closely at the Play store link: the headset in the pictures appears to be a higher quality one, a lot more well built than the free one I've received.
wow those look the same.  Ok we need a review.
I'd rather buy the LG branded one cause all I'm looking for is LG phones this year period.
+Nicolas Sincere I thought the same thing! I like that LG logo and the nexus 4 doesnt seem to show that they have one
Yea I'm gonna get the LG ones cause my next phone will def be a LG without a doubt. 
I've been an LG user all my life.. had a Sony phone changed it the next day for an LG ( LG chocolate to be exact )
Nice! I has a LG Chocolate actually my pops has it now and still uses it Lmao. I have become a big LG supporter. I honestly feel they have the potential to slide into the #2 spot behind Samsung this year (even tho I think LG is doing it better right now) but it's nice to see others supporting LG like I do.
LG is definitely doing it right!.. I still use my old LG optimus v and i think my LG chocolate would be somewhere in a box behind all the stuff i dont use.. Also had the LG vu lol 
Thinking about ordering these and doing a YouTube review on my channel
If I can get a free one I will try it but if no, I will keep my Skullcandy Ink'd 2.
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