BREAKING NEWS a anonymous source has confirmed that CM also known as Cyanogen Mod will be partnering with OPPO as their hardware partner. CM who had recently made waves all across the internet when the announced they will be partnering with a hardware OEM will be shipping on future OPPO devices as a option right from boot. Apparently their will be no money to be exchanged in the deal so we are not 100% on the details but it is confirmed to be shipping with 10.1 and not 10.2 . This is a huge leak as it seemed that everyone was expected them to team up with HTC. Steve "CyanogenMod" Klondike is flying out to Beijing tomorrow to meet with the OPPO executives. Just remember you heard it hear first! Stay tuned to for more exclusives and leaks. We get you the info the others don't want you to know. Also check this out OPPO N1 - Trailer #5

Included here is a actual screenshot from CM's private chat explaining the details of the deal a little more in depth.

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