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Apparently, the only way to get the new galaxy nexus with android 4.0 in the US is to be Steve Wozniak :-)
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first in line for the 4S AND the Galaxy Nexus -- what a power user
That's some bull shit....We don't even get a release date? And because your rich and or famous, you can just stroll over to Google and pick one up ?
Is it a Verizon Galaxy Nexus??
Microsoft must be feeling left out that Woz hasn't knocked on their door for a Lumia 800 ;-)
Is it wrong that I want to start a multi-billion-dollar electronics firm now so that maybe, in 30 or 40 years time, I can have THE LATEST NEXUS PHONE FOR FREE! Is it? No? Good ^_^
Yah, Woz is well-loved in the techie crowd. Good move.
Don't be jealous. it's the Woz. they probably gave him a few of their daughters while they were at it.
i wonder what Jobs face would look like if he could see this..
Steve Wozniak is a geek and only cares about tech... not what's good for business.

soooo..... If I go to google's headquarters, can I get one too??? ;)
Its great to see google giving away things to people with tons of money. I served honorably in the Navy until I became disabled and was medically retired. What does google do for vets nothing we still have to take the little bit of money that we dont have from the disability check that is so little and spend the $600 if we want one. Way to go google and Woz
So, Dale, by your victim perspective, do you feel big corporations owe you free stuff because you served in the Navy? How in the world is that the American way? Google pays taxes. IF your government is incompetent with those funds, that isn't google's fault.
that is not what i said, i made a point that WOZ does nothing and because he is a media icon he deserves to get something free. No that is not it at all. I am simply saying that people like woz are treated like royalty, and every one else are 3rd class citizens and me being a vet I dont even qualify as a 3rd class citizen. Like the rest of us we are at the bottom of the barrel and you just like the rest of the general population just proved that. But hey if I could go back and do it all over again I wouldnt change a thing, just so people like you and everyone else can not come right out and say it but still say it that what I and all my brothers did or do dont mean a thing to any of you and that we are lower then all of you
I'm tracking with you Jonathan. I've grown tired of those veterans who consider themselves victims of the military, or military martyrs. It is an attitude common to many welfare recipients, who also view themselves as victims. Those with this attitude expect the American public to coddle and pamper them. It is so disappointing to see. A once proud and disciplined person now complains that, someone else is receiving for free, something that they feel, they are also deserving of, solely because they once served in the military, or were injured in doing so. What a disgrace.
It's funny how I never asked for anything free but reading every one of these replies saying what yall are saying proves my point more and more. But since like a women u wish to twist my words to suit your needs just know this. A proud person like me fought for you to be able to talk bad about him. A proud vets family has one place setting that will never be filled again because some one like me died so you could put us down. I have watched many of my brothers go and many not come back, and many more come back that can no longer function because of missing nody parts and some that are so gone in there minds from seeing things that you could never image or stomach. I ask you just one thing where were you on 9/11? Sitting at home never offering to put your life on the line for a group of people who dont care for you, gone from a family that just began. No you sat on your couch watched the whole thing on tv went to bed and never thought what can I do for the thousands who died at the hands of a cowadd like your self. Dont judge me until u have walked in my boots. I never said I wanted a thing for free I made a statement of truth Woz has done nothing but take your money like every other fat cat out there. I simply asked why is he any better
Dale, I think they are giving him a free phone in recognition of his contributions to computing industry in the past. A lot of things might never happen without him around, a vital person in the forming of Apple Computers. There are also many positive stories on the internet written by a lot of different people about how nice a guy he is. I also do not think a person like him who had queued for 18 hours in front of an Apple Store to buy an iPhone 4S would beg Google for a phone. I do realize veterans like you have contributed much to the safety of your country even though I am no American nor have I ever been there. I do consider people like you being courageous for being able willingly put yourself in danger and risking your life for what you believe in. A lot of people would not have the courage to do what you and your brothers have done, so I feel you should stay proud. Everyone who has contributed for the sake of others should be awarded, be it Steve Wozniak or veterans like you. You should be sufficiently awarded for your efforts, I am sorry if that have not happened yet and I hope you will be soon. No one is really better than everyone else, because I believe everyone is equal but some people are appreciated more and some less due to media influences.
I truly think woz is an outstanding guy alot of my class in college are taken because of him and I have much respect for what woz did in the technology world and mean no disrespect to Woz. But thank you for your kind words most Americans forget that we do what we do so they have there freedoms. I do want you to know though we don't do what we do just for America we do it for the people of the world and to just here some one who didn't have to even say thank you say it makes what I and my brother's do worth it add me to your circle if you like I will be adding you
Dale, I respect the sacrifices made by those who serve in the armed forces, but you weren't drafted, were you? Isn't this a volunteer military service?

As for Woz, he invented the Apple computer with Jobs, and the two of them created a gigantic world-changing industry. If a company wants his endorsement and it only costs them a few hundred bucks, that's nothing.. Companies like this spend millions just on ads. It looks like Woz was visiting the place, and they enjoyed his visit, sent him home with a trinket. Or maybe you believe a little phone is worth a lot to a billionaire? It's a lighter. He uses it to light his cigarettes. if he misplaces it, it's not worth his time to go look for it, he'll buy another.
It's not the cost of the things its the simple principal of it.
Maybe you should look into the charities that Woz and Jobs have funded over the years? Maybe get active in veterans affairs? There was an old fellow out front of the grocery story on Veteran's day who I spoke with for about 20 minutes. He was a Korea & Vietnam vet with some great stories. He was raising money for disabled vets and their families. If you are upset about the distribution of funds to those who earn them, then one good way to counter those feelings is getting involved in veteran charities and tell people your story.
LOVE this photo. (The Woz in front of our android sculptures) NICE!
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