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Apus Launcher using the recent events in Paris to display ads.
What a lack of decency....
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I follow this community for a while now. I am always shocked nobody use Fiber Freaks as wicks. Probably because it's a French product and not available elsewhere. But now, you can get and test.

This is by far the best wicking material I tried. I also use the older version (both densities) and cringe every time my girlfriend is putting Japanese cotton in her atty. 
There is almost no flavor just after putting it in. It wicks a lot better than cotton, and it's more durable. 
The only "con" is that it has so much capillarity that the juice sediment goes on the coil (and doesn't stay in the wicking material as with cotton) and you have to dry burn it to keep your coil clean.
10mm*70mm / 20pc per pack
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+Nicolas Pomepuy​ awesome! I'm even more excited to try it out now!! You get more quantity and better quality then count me in 😎
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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Today, I want to announce that I sold Wear Mini Launcher.
It has been a hard decision to take but I made sure the people who bought it will take care of the app as well as I did in the past. 
The new team has a lot of new ideas that will make it a better app. 
That's why today I introduce you to +Nan Chen  who will be in charge of the communication around the app. Feel free to ask him about the app!
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Thanks for the launch , +Nicolas Pomepuy​​ :D

I use it as a daily launcher on my G Watch :)
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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There are a lot of pre-defined shortcuts in Android Studio, including for layout files! "lh" and "lw" will pre-fill layout_height and layout_width attributes, respectively. #AndroidDev  
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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Today, we put all the extensions on the Play Store. 
Unfortunately, you will have to uninstall the old ones to be able to install.
As they are still in beta, you will have to opt-in to get them.

Here are the links:



The Old Reader

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any android developer can add support for Feedbin using the SDK we made for Palabre
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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Are you ready?
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+Nicolas Pomepuy Yes, touch gestures were what I had on my mind, but if it's not possible please forget about it. Thanks for explanation ;-)
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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I've cooked up a small gist (based on +Francesco Pontillo's work) that will help you turn your device screencasts into GIFs that you can use into PRs, on the web, etc.

#gde   #android   #opensource   #gifpushing  
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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I have no word to describe how I am shocked today.
My thoughts go the the victims and their families.
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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Sweet, a tool for helping create 'morphable' shape animations by +Stefano Bonetta!

When animating the pathData between two shapes, AnimatedVectorDrawable requires that the start and end images use the same type and number of drawing commands, this tool helps you to create/massage shapes to be compatible.

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Nicolas Pomepuy

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Neat little tool.
Android Studio plugin: open current Activity
I made a little plugin to save you precious seconds ;)
Simply press Ctrl+F10 (⌘F10 on Mac) and the .java for the current Activity on your device will open.

If your project contains lots of Activities and you can't always quickly remember their names, this is for you.

- Plugin page (also available directly inside Android Studio):
- Github:

An action to open the class corresponding to the currently shown Activity on the attached Android device or emulator. This action can be found under Navigate / Current Activity. The default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl F10 (PC), ⌘F10 (Mac). Development ...
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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Today is the day you will put your hands on the first beta of Palabre 2.0.
There are a lot of changes in this version, so, for now, let’s focus on the main one.
You will now be able to read even more contents in Palabre!
You can add more providers by installing extension apps. We already have four that you can use:
 - Inoreader for Palabre
 - The Old Reader for Palabre
But even if our app is focused on news reading, we also introduce a new usage today. Give a try to our two others extensions:
 - Twitter for Palabre
 - Flickr for Palabre
For now, the extensions are not distributed in the Play Store but you can grab them here:
Just install them and they will be available in the app.

That's not all changes we've done. We will let you know more in the next few days!

We hope you'll like this new version!
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App crash to rotate screen on Galaxy S4 whit lollipop 
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Nicolas Pomepuy

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If you spent more than two hours on a project, you probably need this!
Your #Android  'res\layout' folder is too big? Try making sub-folders using resource merging #AndroidDev #Gradle   
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Ik ben ge trouwt
Meten vrouw 
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