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Google is selling a phone for almost the minimum wage of my country. I can't say I've thought I would say that one day.
Time to look for another brand. 
€1.009 - Yeah,I don't think so.

Ok, so it's 2016 and +Google is still unable to do a worldwide launch for their devices.

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Detect and fix deprecated Resources.getColor
#protip #androiddev

1. Preferences / Editor / Inspections / General / Structural Search Inspections
2. '+' button / Add replace template
3. Search template:
Replacement template:
ResourcesCompat.getColor($resources$, $colorResId$, null)
4. OK
5. For the name: "Replace with ResourcesCompat.getColor"

And voilà! ;) Enjoy.
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Long time no see!
We just sent Palabre 3.1 Beta. It will be available in a couple hours.

Here is what's new:

● Sort the feeds in the categories
● Auto mark as read articles based on their feed or category
● The "new content" notification now open a screen with only new content
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I just played with Android Wear 2.0. I took me less than an hour to create a full Activity following the new guidelines. I am pretty amazed how it was easy.

I will post a more complete post on what I think about this new version later.

(Sorry for the bad "it's 1h30AM" gif quality)
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Beta 2 is here with a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

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Palabre 3.0 Beta 1 is out!
For this version we wanted to add a lot of features you asked us for a while. We hope you'll enjoy them!

New features:
Custom colors (premium): you can now chose between a large amount of colors for the app primary and accent colors
Mute and notify keywords: A long waited feature. Don't be bothered by articles about these topics you don't like or be notified for the ones you like!
Text to Speech: because sometimes, you cannot read your articles but want to hear them instead
History: lets you see the articles you recently opened. Can be really useful to find back this article you want to show someone!
Widget settings: the widgets have been reworked and let you chose their color or even make them transparent
Add Roboto as a font option for the articles
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I can't wait to see apps with bottom navigation bar and top tabs and Navigation drawer. It will be fun to use.

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Palabre 2.2.0 beta is out!
A lot of additions have been done on this version.
Remove ads is now known as Palabre Premium (if you already bought it, you will get it automatically).

With Palabre Premium you will get these extra features:
► Remove all the ads from Palabre and keep it clean.
► Black theme: A theme specially made for amoled screens
► Quick actions: let you perform some tasks by tapping or long tapping the corners of an article in the list.

You can also support us further by donating the amount you want!

The free version has two more settings:
► Hide images in the list
► Article limit (to be stored in the app)

Nova unread count has also been added.

You can also invite a friend and get him a discount on the Premium version.
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