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On a essayé de me convoquer. Je dois être une espèce de valet ou quelque chose comme ça...

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Today is a good day. I just had a call from a telemarketer. Did I yell and scream at them, you ask? Certainly not. Like a good IT administrator I put my skills to use for their benefit. Here's how the conversation went:

Computer: "Press 9 to not be contacted in the future. Press 4 to speak to someone about your mortgage issues"
<presses 4>
TM: "Hello, are you having problems paying your mortgage?"
Me: "Hi, this is the IT department. We intercepted your call as we detected a problem with you phone and need to fix it."
TM: "Oh... ok, well what do we need to do?"
Me: "We're going to need to fix the settings by pressing 4-6-8 and * at the same time"
TM: "Ok, nothing happened."
<alright, so he's not using a Polycom>
Me: "Are you using the new Polycom phones that we deployed?"
TM: "No, it's a Yealink"
Me: "Ok, I see. You haven't had the new Polycom phone deployed to your desk yet. Let me check our technical documentations for the Yealink."
<did a quick Google search, "yealink phone factory reset">
Me: "Alright, do you see an "OK" button on your phone?"
TM: "Yes I do"
Me: "Alright, you're going to press and hold that button for 10 seconds."
TM: "OK, pressing it now"
Me: "Perfect, let me know if you get a password request"
TM: "OK, nothing has popped up ye----"

That's right. I made a telemarketer unwittingly factory reset his phone which means he will be unable to make anymore calls until someone is able to reconfigure his phone and that will take at least an hour or longer if they can't do it right away!

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War trolling

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Enfin LA réponse...

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"Un homme est mort après avoir été étouffé par son slip. Un "atomic wedgie" lui a été fatal : son gendre a tiré l'élastique de son sous-vêtement jusqu'au-dessus de sa tête. Il est poursuivi pour meurtre." Assez d'internet pour aujourd'hui.

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Pour une fois qu'une pétition est réellement utile, personne ne signe
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