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CompTIA A+, Network+ Certified
CompTIA A+, Network+ Certified
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Chase Sapphire Reserve: $300 Annual Travel Credit
The Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card made headlines last year by launching with the most features and benefits from a credit card released to date. The amount of benefits is staggering! I wanted to write a guide to help you get the most from your Chase Sa...

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Why are NFL ratings down 11%? Watch to find out

I don't enjoy following Google like I used to. The company has become stale and boring. Moonshots like Project Ara prove to be concepts that just die on the vine. In the last year what has Google actually launched? YouTube RED? 

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Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast (Podcast Pick)
Listening to a past episode If you like to travel you've probably thought about taking a cruise. I'm anxiously counting down the days to my next cruise. Royal Caribbean is the cruise line that I am loyal to. When I want expert cruise advice from knowledgeab...

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What a tool.
The first basketball game I watch this season. Just have to watch the Warriors go down because everyone is comparing them to the bulls. Only difference is the bulls won. 

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Not Jewish but it's important to remember that as business owners they have the right to determine their business hours. 
The fact that B&H's Jewish owners close their online ordering system every Friday night and only reopen it on Sunday is just insane and colossally stupid. I understand it's because of Sabbath, and I'd respect that if they limited it to the closures of physical stores/shipping departments/etc or went all the way and closed down the whole site.

But actually disabling just the checkout and asking to come back in 2 days is just moronic and absolutely arbitrary. The site is still up - it's not like they shut down everything. You can search, you can compare, you can browse. But, arbitrarily, you can't place an order to sit in the system until they reopen.

I can't even imagine how much revenue they're just giving up to other websites, and for what? Oh, hey, looks like and are open and also don't charge tax to CA.

Most of my family is Jewish, and I'm sure they'd find it moronic too.

Internet shopping at 2am on a Saturday morning in your underwear is a wonderful thing. B&H, get with the times.

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I'm dead 
Spoiler alert - they're going to use a cheap-a** USB-C cable to fry the entire alien mothership. 

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I fear for the children's safety
Pope Francis visits refugee camp in Lesbos, takes 3 Syrian families back to Rome

+newyorktimes: Pope Francis visited refugees in Lesbos, Greece, on Saturday during his one-day trip to the island. Pleading to ease the migrant crisis, he took 12 Muslim refugees from Syria, including six children, back to Rome aboard his plane. The refugees consisted of three families whose homes had been bombed in the Syria war.

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