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What a tool.
The first basketball game I watch this season. Just have to watch the Warriors go down because everyone is comparing them to the bulls. Only difference is the bulls won. 
Check in on's exclusive coverage of Warriors vs.Thunder on 05/28/2016
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Nicolas LaBarre

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Not Jewish but it's important to remember that as business owners they have the right to determine their business hours.
The fact that B&H's Jewish owners close their online ordering system every Friday night and only reopen it on Sunday is just insane and colossally stupid. I understand it's because of Sabbath, and I'd respect that if they limited it to the closures of physical stores/shipping departments/etc or went all the way and closed down the whole site.

But actually disabling just the checkout and asking to come back in 2 days is just moronic and absolutely arbitrary. The site is still up - it's not like they shut down everything. You can search, you can compare, you can browse. But, arbitrarily, you can't place an order to sit in the system until they reopen.

I can't even imagine how much revenue they're just giving up to other websites, and for what? Oh, hey, looks like and are open and also don't charge tax to CA.

Most of my family is Jewish, and I'm sure they'd find it moronic too.

Internet shopping at 2am on a Saturday morning in your underwear is a wonderful thing. B&H, get with the times.
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Nicolas LaBarre

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I fear for the children's safety
Pope Francis visits refugee camp in Lesbos, takes 3 Syrian families back to Rome

+newyorktimes: Pope Francis visited refugees in Lesbos, Greece, on Saturday during his one-day trip to the island. Pleading to ease the migrant crisis, he took 12 Muslim refugees from Syria, including six children, back to Rome aboard his plane. The refugees consisted of three families whose homes had been bombed in the Syria war.

Follow updates:
The pontiff visited Lesbos, the heart of Europe’s migrant crisis, asking for deeper sympathy at a moment when attitudes are hardening.
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Nicolas LaBarre

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Pretty sweet Monday development.
Android is killing it, so last year, Google expanded into the mobile space in a bigger way. The company introduced Project Fi and became a smartphone carri... by Bertel King, Jr. in News, Nexus 5X, Project Fi
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Nicolas LaBarre

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All phones should be equipped with FM radio for safety purposes.
SEE, HEAR, and INTERACT with your favorite local radio stations on NextRadi...
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Nicolas LaBarre

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Tablets are dead
Doesn't seem all that interested in selling tablets in general, either.
Google is winding down its Google Play for Education program. The company has confirmed to a news outlet or two that it will stop selling licenses to partn... by Bertel King, Jr. in Google, News
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Nicolas LaBarre

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Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code:
Acorns automatically invests your spare change. Our mobile-first investment platform enables commission free investing, portfolio management with automatic rebalancing and dividend reinvestment, and real-time account monitoring.
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Nicolas LaBarre

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I'm dead
Spoiler alert - they're going to use a cheap-a** USB-C cable to fry the entire alien mothership. 
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Nicolas LaBarre

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+Mendel Reed​ I can finally watch the +Atlanta Braves
Nice! Now if we could just get rid of this in-market blackout crap.
T-Mobile and MLB have a marketing relationship that spans back several seasons. Since the beginning of that relationship, T-Mobile subscribers have re... by Jeff Beck in Deals, News, T-Mobile
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Nicolas LaBarre

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Starting my first seeds of the year. Instead of buying expensive plants I'm starting them from seed this year. 
Herbert Arce's profile photoNicolas LaBarre's profile photo
+Herbert Arce​ Home Depot carries a 72 cell flat with a drip catching pan and a dome for $5! I bought one for the Zinnias I'm going to start tonight!
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Nicolas LaBarre

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Best show on TV
Last night’s episode of The Flash averaged a 1.5 rating among adults 18-49 and 3.87 million [...]
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Nicolas LaBarre

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Gotta hand it to the FBI. Take their proposal of a completely custom system build that would circumvent various protections that are designed to keep people away from your information, and consider it on purely technical matters. It's simple to explain to technical people, and it's simple to explain to people that are not that well-versed in technology.

But consider this. There is no such thing as a safe-guarded backdoor. Do you really believe that once one government agency gets their hands on such a system build, it will only be used to help the "good guys"? If you are, I'd love to live in the fantasy world you're inhabiting.

In the real world that the rest of us live in, this will be nothing short of a disaster. This custom build will get shared between various government agencies and branches, with an absolute guarantee of two things happening. First, it will get to an agency that is solely overseen by secret courts that rubberstamp pretty much every request. Second, it will get into the hands of general public, sooner rather than later - through social-engineered hacking or another Snowden-like act of political activism.

And then there's another absolute guarantee. Let's for a minute say that if you're a law-abiding US citizen, then the US government is good guys. Then there are other governments who are our allies, which makes them good guys by proxy, and there are other governments which are our enemies which makes them bad guys.

What is going to stop other governments from demanding access to the same special system build? How many countries can a multi-national corporation withdraw their business from before it has no more places to do business in? How do you as a supporter of lawful information "extraction" decide on which laws you agree with and which step over "the line" that separates the good guys from the bad guys?

There's not a single line in Tim Cook's letter that is a gratuitous exaggeration of the dangers that lie ahead. I've spent the first twenty years of my life living in the communist USSR, where it was pretty safe to assume that the state had the capabilities and the means to do mass surveillance of anybody and everybody.

How does the self-aggrandizing beacon of democracy turn into the omnipresent surveillance state? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly (in the mighty words of Ernest Hemingway). Just don't tell your kids that you didn't see it coming. 
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Stayed here for our honeymoon. Romantic!
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The rooms and hotel are clean and the staff is friendly.
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Family friendly fun!
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42 reviews
The hotel was clean and the continental breakfast was hot.
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reviewed a year ago