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An impressive article about tumblr's infrastructure and how they managed a growth of 30% per month, a switch from PHP to Java.

How they scale, the different technologies used and so on are explained in this article. A really interesting insight.

In addition, they already implement polyglot persistence using both redis, hbase and mysql.

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With over 15 billion page views a month Tumblr has become an insanely popular blogging platform. Users may like Tumblr for its simplicity, its beauty, its strong focus on user experience, or its frien...
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Pourquoi MySQL plutôt que PostgreSQL comme choix dans ces types de sites? J'ai lu par-ci par-là qu'en gros MySQL était plus rapide car moins regardant sur l'intégrité des données et plus "mature" quand on parle de réplication. C'est pour ça?!?
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